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Better late that never ( ̄▽ ̄*) : My entry for the @jantomweek day 2 “First date” 

For the first date (or something like that) Janna want to see the underworld and the big library with black magic of Tom. But everything goes wrong and now Tom has to protect Janna and run from and powerfull and angry demon.

I hope you like my entry, i’m gonna upload some more in the next few days if I can (´。• ᵕ •。`)


It could not miss the lesbians in SVTFOE
Seriously, Janna and Star love each other… well, Star loves her like a friend….

Meet the new queen of the underworld

Here my entry for the 6 day of jantom week: Weeding day, with somenthing more “spicy”  (*ノωノ) in the end I like the pose but I think that I can improve it I just need a model for that  (⌒▽⌒)☆

Similar things that I have with the JantomWeek and StarcoWeek:

✔️I only could do some days of the week.

✔️I have not much time to draw  and prepare somenthing (⇀‸↼‶)

✔️I had to ask to my boyfriend to pose so I could draw better the idea that I have  。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。

Welp, tomorrow is the last day and I gonna upload my last draw, I hope everyone likes it ✌️


Haha, i digitalized my jarco sketches. I fid a good job i think❤️ i still dont understand why this ship gets so much hate, but ill keep shipping it. Theyre adorable. Such supportive, happy pumpkins deserve all the love in this earth.


Finally a starco video that i like (made by me)
i don’t know why i don’t like my starco videos ):
So… here it is! the finale of the second season ruined my life, like, really, i watched the “i do have a crush on you” scene and i cry like a little baby, ugghhhhh
i need the third season, now now now now.
I don’t care if the song is not a “friendzone song” i love it and that is okay.
Enjoy :)