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I know you’re not trying to ditch ‘my’ ship. I get this question enough, and I never really bothered (damn laziness) to fully explain I think. SO, I’ll take this opportunity and go for it. (Hope you don’t mind me posting it.) 

First of all, I want to to start off with saying I don’t ditch other people’s ships either. I might now ship them, or ship them as hard or for different reasons, but I don’t ditch them and hate anyone for shipping whatever they want. Okay, now that’s clear I can begin. 

I ship Sheriarty for a lot of different reasons. Though, the most accurate one is probably the dynamic of the entire ship. Yes, it’s a rather “dark and dangerous” one to sail, but there is so much to it, things I am not good enough of a writer for to even put in decent words. Throughout the show, I find their to be a really big attraction (from both sides!) towards each other. Intelligent attraction, admiration for one another. I found a lot of people missed the little things between Jim and Sherlock and they get the grasps of the bigger picture completely wrong. All they can think about is how much Sherlock hates Jim and how they are sworn enemies and how Jim killed Sherlock and therefor ripped them and John apart. Oh, fuck off Jim. We hate you, Sherlock hates you.

While in fact, to me, I find no hate in anything Sherlock does towards Jim. Quite the opposite. I think Sherlock silently(!) admires Jim. He is interested, more then interested in him and his actions. And I like how Jim uses it to get under Sherlock’s skin. Force him into feeling things and making decisions he’d never would otherwise. You know how Sherlock always wants to have the last word? How he (in john’s words)  “Would outsmart God.”? I’m sure you do. Now have you noticed how he is nothing like that around Jim? Jim literally has to ask him to prove himself, to tell him the things he knows. And it is not just once, it happens all of the time Jim is around. Have some examples: 

JIM: Speaking of clever, have you told your little friends yet?

SHERLOCK: Told them what?

JIM: Why I broke into all those places and never took anything.


JIM: But you understand.

SHERLOCK: Obviously.

JIM: Off you go, then.

SHERLOCK: You want me to tell you what you already know?

JIM: No; I want you to prove that you know it.

And this one too: 

JIM: Did you almost start to wonder if I was real? Did I nearly get you?

SHERLOCK: Richard Brook.

JIM: Nobody seems to get the joke, but you do.

SHERLOCK: Of course.

JIM: Attaboy.

And the best example is with Richard Brook. Sherlock doesn’t say a word, not even once throughout the whole thing. John more then once asks him what is going on. He just stares at Richard, with that weird look and smile and tongue thing going on. Richard, or Jim, even flashes Sherlock his genius at one point. 

He constantly has to “encourage” Sherlock to tell him things, Why? Might be because Sherlock is intrigued by Jim’s presence. 

Now, there’s also the fact that Jim does nothing but flirt with Sherlock. And Sherlock in his own way even returns that. I must admit, it’s more one sided from Jim, though I do feel Sherlock getting it and returning it as good as he can in his own way. For example, the first words Jim says to Sherlock (indirectly, but still) are “Hello, sexy.” Later he goes on saying things like “This is about you and me”, “we were made for each other, Sherlock” And this all before Sherlock even knows Jim’s real face. (Let’s not forget, in between Jim dressed up especially gay just for  Sherlock to notice. And Sherlock had a good look at Jim’s underwear.) 

To continue the little flirting thing they have going on, I’m just going to quote and state a few things: 

  • “Is that a browning L9A1 in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?” (In which Sherlock replies with BOTH!) 
  • “I felt we had a special something.” Sherlock
  • The way Sherlock describes Moriarty when he is in court. His little speech where Jim is a spider. It’s full of admiration and they both know it. To me, it’s a way of complimenting Jim rather then trying to ditch him. 
  • “You were the best distractions and now I don’t even have you." 
  • "You’ve got to admit, that’s sexier.”
  • “You can have me arrested; you can torture me; you can do anything you like with me”
  • “I don’t have to die … if I’ve got you.” (Can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact Sherlock is circling around Jim, nearly whispering in his ear as he does? Ignore the text on the gif, but you’ll get the idea.) 


  • “I am you." 

Also; when Jim and Sherlock are having their little tea party, Jim goes to sit in Sherlock’s chair while he clearly points to the other one. And Sherlock on purpose turns the hand of cup to the right side, clearly knowing Jim is left handed. And we see Jim annoyed turning the cup to the left hand instead. (And just the fact Sherlock made tea at all!) 

Not to mention the way he almost hugs Sherlock when he says thank you, bless you. Like, his hands come up, ready to embrace Sherlock but then he olds back and they have this handshake instead. 

Just look at that handshake too, it’s not just extending a hand, shaking the other’s and retrieving again. No it goes like, extending hand, hesitating, waiting for the other to slowly, very slowly take your hand while looking up into their eyes, pulling hand close to you and then shooting yourself because really, Jim didn’t want to do this alone. 

And well, in general there’s the fact that Jim ket that pair of shoes (Carl’s) for all these years, all these years he waited for Sherlock. Even since Carl…. 

Urgh, there’s so much more I have forgotten. Or maybe I already said too much. Thing is, I like them because of the dynamic, the intelligence they share, the attraction and tension shows throughout the show that goes beyond anything else portrayed. 

Hope this was clear enough. I am really bad at explaining things haha.


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