otp btw guys


It seems unnatural being born t o g e t h e r and then dying apart.

Here’s just the pic from this post


It just isn’t his forte

OTP Questions

For hitting 1000 followers I wanted to do these, and I might do them every 500 followers?? Who knows, but enjoy!!

1. Who knows the others coffee order?

2. Who agrees their whipped, who denies it?

3. Who gets up first in the morning, who has to practically drag the other out of bed?

4. Who would probably live off coffee and ramen noodles with the others away?

5. Marriage, yes or no?

6. Who knows little facts about their S/O even if they pretend not too?

7. Who would do the dishes after the other had a long day?

8. Who jokes about a threesome (+) but is kinda serious?

9. Who tries to buy all the pets they see, and has probably even stolen a few?

10. Kids, yes or no?


- A monster Mai, really?

- I-It’s not like I was scared or anything, she just startled me!


Neverland AU ♔ The First Lost Boy (500 Years Ago)
“Well, Killian, take my hand. Adventure awaits!”

headcanon that ever since the bye-bye bikinis comment in the hospital, every time Steve sees Natasha for the first time he says with a knowing smirk, “you look terrible.”

and then on their wedding day, as Nat approaches him at the altar, with tears in his eyes Steve says, “you look absolutely beautiful.”

Definitely my otp :D 

Btw guys, I’m going to be following 3-5 of you amazing people when I reach 50 followers. Doesn’t matter whether you just followed or if you have been for a while, but I thought it’d be a way to get me to interact with everyone more. Feel free to also send me messages, requests, questions, anything! I’d love it. Also, at 50 followers I’ll reveal some facts about myself if you guys would want :)


Me about Caryl at the beginning of the week:

Me after reading the new spoilers:

Maybe it’s time you went h o m e.