otp brah

Okay. So.

What if Max and Chloe actually went to a concert together and shit was hella hardcore and Chloe drug Max into the mosh pit because fuck yeah. 

And like a few minutes into the song set, Chloe gets laid out by some guy. And before she can even do anything Max just fucking tears across the pit and shoulder checks the dude into oblivion. And she just screams “I guess you wERN’T READY FOR THE MOSH PIT SHAKA BRAH!” 

Chloe just sits there in awe of her girlfriend 

Someone please make this a thing. 

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Name 5 OTPs from 5 different fandoms! Tag ten people at the end.

  • Percico ~ Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO, HoO, etc.)

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  • Ereri/Riren ~ Shingeki no Kyojin (AoT)

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  • Stucky ~ Captain America

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  • Johnlock ~ Sherlock (OTP forever brah can’t stop won’t stop)

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  • Destiel ~ Supernatural (I’ve watched since the beginning someone end my suffering)

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I’m going to tag my soulmate @prettyboydotexe, my wonderful Beta @makanura, a great fanfic writer @carpedm87 @thatweirdpanda because you seem cool, @leteney, @the-gaywaren-dreamt-the-magician, @reesestwilight and @ciggsigrid because you guys have been with me since the beginning and I’m super curious, and @maydeathfindyou-alive and @kelsey-king93 to annoy them with a possible notification because I’m a great friend!

Iron Bull: Oh this is gonna be fun! The old team together again to kick some ass! How about it kadan?

Dorian: Ah, we’re doing the names, are we?

Iron Bull: It’s a title of honor, kadan!

Dorian: I need a drink.

Iron Bull: Do you want your amatus to cheer you up? I could do some of those flexes you like.

Dorian: (Sighs.)