otp before i knew what otp meant

[Despite the fact that Barry is in the beginning stages of a romance with someone else, Patton believes that Iris and Barry are more of an endgame couple.]

“I think that the love between her and Barry will never ever go away,” she said. “It’s just dependent on what that love will look like and when. So I think it’s nice to know that at some point all of the sexual and romantic tension can kind of come to a head." 



Westallen is Iconic  True Love is Timeless 

Barry and Iris walking to the cemetery holding hands. The “Didn’t we?”

You’re everything to me, and you always have been.”

The sound of your voice will always bring me home.”

Iris’s little gasp, the cheek kiss, the beautiful hug.


  “I love you Iris.” 

“Sometimes me and Iris have these moments, when I’m looking into her eyes, it’s hard not to think she’s feeling the same way I do.” 

“It’s still beating.” 

“It’s the little things, the way you linger on her when she isn’t looking. The smile you play to fake the part. The quiet dreams you keep to yourself.” 

“I don’t think she’s the right one for you.” 

“When the Universe wants to make something happen, putting two people together… It has a way of figuring those things out.” 

“You don’t think I know how you love her.”

“She’s doing it for me.” 

“Thanks Barry. Having someone believe in me, it’s a small, really really big thing.”

“Barry will always be a part of my life.” 

“When we were kids, I loved you before I even knew what the word love meant.” 

“God, I just want to tell you. How I feel. How you make me feel.”

“What other girls?” 

“She’s his something.” 

“But then I see her smile, man, that cannot be science.” 

“Ever since the night you told me how you felt, I have not been able to stop thinking about you…and then I realized the reason I couldn’t stop thinking about you was because I didn’t want to.”

“I’ve never stopped thinking about you.” 

W E S T A L L E N  

barry x iris ❥ ❥ ❥

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Otp means "one true pairing" such as a ship. Like Hamilton and Eliza or Hamilton and Lauren's (whatever works for you) just basically a ship that you like a crapton. Idk if you knew before this explanation or if you were confused because I'm a odd child and things but yeah... ~Cheshire (?)

AHHHHH HAAA HAAAAAAH Wow….I’m dumb. That makes total sense! I always thought it was who you shipped yourself with! Like your “one true pair.” Okay, wow, I’m sorry for the ask that asked for my OTP then! I really wasn’t sure what it really meant. but this helped a lot thank you!

Iris goes home when Barry and her fight. A very random and very cliche drabble.

“Why are you here?” Wally asks dropping down next to Iris on the couch. “Are you and Barry fighting?”

“Is it so random for me to want to visit you and dad?”
“No,” he shrugs, “but Barry called and asked if you were here?”

Iris puts down the tea she had fixed for herself and turns to him, “what did you say?!?”
“I said you were.” He replies nonchalantly knowing perfectly well it wasn’t what Iris wanted to hear.
“Oh god Wal…” She didn’t even get to finish her sentence when Barry whizzed through the door.

“Iris.” He huffs standing above Iris, “are you okay?”
“Why wouldn’t I be?” She mimics Wally’s unimpressed and nonchalant attitude.

“Iris…” He sighs, “I wasn’t saying to quit your job, just not to follow meta human leads when you’re pregnant.”

“You’re pregnant?” Wally exclaims surprised. Barry shuts his mouth immediately realising what he’s done.

“Great! Wally knows before dad.”

“I swear I won’t tell,” Wally says suddenly excited, he pulls Iris in for a hug, “congratulations.”

Iris laughs at his sudden change from not caring to excited.

“You too man.” He gestures towards Barry.

The front door opens and Joe walks in, “what’s going on here?”

“You won’t believe it, Iris and Barry were arguing because…” He next to Joe ready to explain the whole situation.

“Wally!” Both Iris and Barry exclaim.