otp before i knew what otp meant


Monica/Chandler before Mondler
You are one of my favorite people and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known in real life.
                When we’re 40, if neither one of us are married, what do you say you and I get together                   and have [a baby]?

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You have the best OTPs and I always love what you have to say about them. Any words on Cloud and Tifa?

CloTi was my OTP before I knew what shipping was. Lol. I remember playing the first time under the perception that Aerith was meant to be Cloud’s primary love interest and Tifa was just the Unlucky Childhood Friend (that I still found myself rooting for) boy did that change the further I got. Now after Advent Children and Crisis Core I go back to play the original, and it actually feels more like Aerith is more of a tease to them both than actually into Cloud seriously. Like she seems to get a kick out of making Tifa jealous and Cloud’s just clueless. But i love how much more of a role Tifa plays in Cloud’s story the further you get. Its much like NH in a way that Tifa was present in very critical moments for Cloud, and she helped him find himself.

Barry and Iris walking to the cemetery holding hands. The “Didn’t we?”

You’re everything to me, and you always have been.”

The sound of your voice will always bring me home.”

Iris’s little gasp, the cheek kiss, the beautiful hug.

[Despite the fact that Barry is in the beginning stages of a romance with someone else, Patton believes that Iris and Barry are more of an endgame couple.]

“I think that the love between her and Barry will never ever go away,” she said. “It’s just dependent on what that love will look like and when. So I think it’s nice to know that at some point all of the sexual and romantic tension can kind of come to a head." 


Iris goes home when Barry and her fight. A very random and very cliche drabble.

“Why are you here?” Wally asks dropping down next to Iris on the couch. “Are you and Barry fighting?”

“Is it so random for me to want to visit you and dad?”
“No,” he shrugs, “but Barry called and asked if you were here?”

Iris puts down the tea she had fixed for herself and turns to him, “what did you say?!?”
“I said you were.” He replies nonchalantly knowing perfectly well it wasn’t what Iris wanted to hear.
“Oh god Wal…” She didn’t even get to finish her sentence when Barry whizzed through the door.

“Iris.” He huffs standing above Iris, “are you okay?”
“Why wouldn’t I be?” She mimics Wally’s unimpressed and nonchalant attitude.

“Iris…” He sighs, “I wasn’t saying to quit your job, just not to follow meta human leads when you’re pregnant.”

“You’re pregnant?” Wally exclaims surprised. Barry shuts his mouth immediately realising what he’s done.

“Great! Wally knows before dad.”

“I swear I won’t tell,” Wally says suddenly excited, he pulls Iris in for a hug, “congratulations.”

Iris laughs at his sudden change from not caring to excited.

“You too man.” He gestures towards Barry.

The front door opens and Joe walks in, “what’s going on here?”

“You won’t believe it, Iris and Barry were arguing because…” He next to Joe ready to explain the whole situation.

“Wally!” Both Iris and Barry exclaim.


There is so much history in the way he looks at her. In the way he says her name. When they are together, there is a current that runs between them; like an electric charge on the verge of erupting into a perfect storm.

I don’t love her anymore, he says.

And it is in the way he says the word her - that tells me otherwise

-Her by Lang Leav


Westallen Appreciation Week 

day 7 - favourite Au: Odd Thomas Au

Barry has a gift, a gift to see the dead. He doesn’t just leave it alone, he uses his power for good. He may see the dead but he does something about it.

The dead never talk but he’s learnt to listen, to understand, to prevent danger and get justice.

But that all comes second to Iris, his first and last love. 

After almost losing her, Barry decides to just get away from it all. They ate food that wasn’t healthy, drank too much, slept too much. But could never kiss enough. Everything was just as they wished.

A part of him knew, from the moment he saw her. But the truth hurt too much to accept.