otp baby commissions


That’s it! Rukia! 
Now say it 100 to 200 more times to remember it!

Was only a matter of time until I drew an IchiRuki baby. Name? Not a clue. I’m terrible when it comes to naming things. I leave it to people more into the Japanese language. Although I’ve always had a soft spot for when people name their kids after someone who had influence in their life. (Goku naming Gohan after his grandpa for example) So I guess I’ll be going with Kaien. Yeah, predictable, right?

So, I was watching Fade to Black. And for some reason this came into my head. I just wanted to draw Ichigo teaching his and Rukia’s kid to say ‘Mama’ and being a complete dork about it. 

Renji’s just like, 'Crap! I hope he doesn’t learn shunpo any time soon.' 

Flash Crawling! Wouldn’t put it past Yoruichi to try teaching him that. XD If only to piss off Uncle Byakuya.

More to come. Maybe. Just wanted to do something cheerful. To cheer myself up a bit. What better than OTP babies?

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