otp babies

This fanart came out of the idea of “change” the end, after the fight against mustaches in which Ichigo and Rukia fight, Rukia sacrifices himself for him, receiving the attack that was for Ichigo and dies (it hurts just to think) Ichigo later Of that decides to become stronger and renounces as a human and stays in the SS, the years go by and Ichigo is assigned to go to the human world, being there is a young girl with black hair and violet eyes, which she can see In her spiritual form, the young woman is clearly the reincarnation of Rukia (technically it is Rukia only that human) and this is where the story begins “The Death and Strawberry” of there the red son of the destiny, since even through the Time they are still united.


I don’t want to punish you.
                                                     What, then?