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Shance: Lance is a very hands on person and will grab Shiro by the hand /constantly/ and will just drag him from place to place and not even realize he's doing it. Shiro finds it confusing at first, but quite funny and adorable after a while. Sheith: Keith sings to Shiro so he can fall asleep bc pre-kerberos they used to sing together and harmonize and the sound of Keith's voice is familiar to his ears and sounds like home

I LOVE!!! I hope you don’t mind if I add to the shance one:

  • You know how Lance freezes up a bit before shaking his galra hand? After getting to know Shiro better and feeling a lot more comfortable around him, Lance sort of starts holding his galra hand all the time. Lance was very self-conscious about it at first, then it became a lot more natural. His objective was to sort of just make Shiro himself feel more like, well, himself. It’s all Shiro after all, everything is a pert of him. Lance likes him regardless.
  • Lance is also very fidgety but when he’s holding someone else’s hand, he feels more grounded and visibly relaxes. Shiro loves to intertwine their fingers together and make him relax a bit.
  • MANICURE??? Sleepover night where Lance invites Shiro, Pidge and Allura and paints their nails. He can’t paint Shiro’s galra hand, but Shiro still thanks him for the left one.
  • Shiro was so weirded out by the nail polish thing. It was so out of the blue and Pidge and Allura have perfect hands - Pidge’s still small and soft from her being young, Allura has long fingers and nails, which makes it prettier. His are… rugged, calloused, “wrong”. But after he notices everyone having fun with it, he forgets about that.

Also I love that sheith one asdfghjk; Singing for comfort is such a weakness of mine, thank you so much

Dorm au with your otp: whose the one that burns a bag of popcorn in the lounge microwave and whose the one that leads the witch hunt looking for the idiot that stunk up the entire floor

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the Guacster! <3


My most hated pairing:
All guac ships are awesome! XD (Though I haven’t seen anyone ship it yet but I really really wouldn’t like him paired up with Brenda or Teresa cause he was a sadist fuck to those poor girls… but people’d like that it’s ok, each to their own ship)
My unusual otp:
El Sauerco <3 Also Guaco x Kay, Guaco x Zinger, Guaco x ME (he’s my evil husbando)
My brotp/friendship otp:
Guac and Tequila José!! Compadres forever
Character headcanon:
He’s bi (like me, lmao) He’s actually super good at cooking fabulous mexican meals whenever he isn’t out gangstering around thanks to his mommy being a master chef. Messed up people with weak self-images actually rise up his sympathic side. He’s also got a soft spot for cuddly animals as much as he tries hiding it. AND human Guac’s got a super embarrassing tattoo somewhere near his lower back thanks to a drunk party with Tequila in Chiapas that he will forever regret

An image that shows how I feel about the character:

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"Do you still remember when I've lied about my fish curse?"