otp babies

Shiro:So, top or bottom?

Keith:(blushing) Wha…What?

Shiro:I asked do you want the top or bottom bunk?

Keith:Oh uh….bottom bunk is fine.

Imagine your OTP having a baby. Imagine them picking out too many paint colors to choose from. Imagine them sitting the room, trying to figure out how to put together the crib. Imagine them going to the baby store and buying half the store because they’re first time parents and think they need absolutely everything. Imagine them buying only animal onesies. Imagine them finally bringing the baby home to the overly decorated room. Imagine it.


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago

ME : Normalize boys hugging boys, Normalize close friendship between boys.

Also Me : OMG look, they are breathing the same air as each other!! ITS GAY! NOTHING GAYER THAN THIS


this could be the start of something new.
♥ happy anniversary, troy and gabriella!


And Will, who had words for every occasion, opened his mouth and closed it on silence, and instead reached for her to pull her against him. Her wrap fell onto the stairs, but his arms were warm around her, and his mouth hot against hers as he slanted his head down to kiss her. He tasted like snowflakes and wine, like winter and Will and London.

                                                         december 25th, 1878