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When Keith and Lance get into a fight Shiro and Hunk sigh each pick one of them up over their shoulder and carry them away till they calm down enough to talk it out.


I am now thinking about how the calming down process might suffer between them and how Hunk and Shiro deal with it.

Lance probably talks Hunk’s ears off, he just won’t shut up about how Keith started it and how pissed he is and how much better Lance is than him, etc. Hunk just sighes, but listens to everything and nods, comforting him by rubbing a hand on his back.

Keith is not that open. He doesn’t really like talking about it, he prefers to play things over on his head by himself. He might say something like “he started it” or “he’s stupid”, but that’s it. I’ve noticed that Keith listens attentively to Shiro’s lectures, even when he’s criticizing Keith. He never really talks back or reacts negatively, because he really values Shiro’s opinions and thinks it over. So I think shiro would probably give him a soft speech about how he shouldn’t have egged Lance on, regardless of who started, and Keith just nods, albeit still upset.

Shiro knows lingering on it will just make things worse so instead he changes the subject to something else entirely, maybe even spars with Keith because Keith is better at letting out his worries and frustrations like that anyway.

And after they both have calmed down, Hunk and Shiro just exchange glances and smiles.

"Do you still remember when I've lied about my fish curse?"
No but okay guys can you imagine

- Ichigo confessing to Orihime and asking her out (totally expecting her to say “no” bc everyone always told him she was out of his league)

- Ichigo’s face when instead she says “yes” and returns his feelings 

- Orihime telling Ichigo how she loved him since they were 15 and him being totally surprised bc he had no clue of that (dense dork)

- Ichigo and Orihime going on dates together so happy and safe with each other

- Orihime telling him what happened in his room before she left for Hueco Mundo, Ichigo hugging her tightly and telling her that he would be more than happy to share even 100 lifetimes with her (”yes, Orihime, even if your cooking skills are awful”)

- Orihime spending nights at the Kurosaki’s household, with Isshin and Yuzu constantly fangirling over her and Karin teasing her brother for getting such a beautiful girl as his girlfriend ( “wow Ichi-nii, I bet you blackmailed her to date you!” )

- cough their first time probably already happened at this point cough

- Ichigo proposing to Orihime (I’m 100% sure Ishida and Chad helped him pick the ring) and Orihime crying for two hours straight before finally saying “Yes” ( “Are you sure you want to marry me? M-Maybe the aliens messed with your brain!!” “Orihime, please.”)

- Tatsuki being so proud of them but also promising to hurt Ichigo if he ever makes Orihime cry  (she cried at their wedding this is 100% canon trust me)

- Their wedding is a BIG one, bc literally everyone was invited; and Ichigo and Orihime are so so happy and Isshin cries and screams how she reminds him of Masaki on her wedding day (and Ichigo kicks him ofc)

- Orihime telling him that she’s pregnant with his child!! Ichigo hugging her and spinning her around and then they laugh together and talk about which name they should give him (Orihime suggests names from tv shows and Ichigo teases her for it)

- Ichigo taking extra care of Orihime during her pregnancy, and Orihime telling him to relax bc she’s just pregnant and not about to die (but he can’t relax, it’s his job to protect her)
- Ichigo and Orihime having their first baby together and loving Kazui with all of their hearts since they first saw him (Tatsuki often teases Ichigo about how much Kazui reminds her of him when he was a kid)

- Ichigo, Orihime and Kazui visiting Masaki’s grave together; they all pray together and Kazui leaves a sunflower on the grave because it reminds him of his grandma’s smile; and when they leave Ichigo stays a bit longer just to tell his mother that he is very happy and she doesn’t have to worry anymore (”Please keep on watching over us, mom.”)

they’re such a happy family, i know that.

"Ah, there is dirt on your face. I'll wipe it for you. There!"