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So. *clears throat*

Apparently Chris had his name in the beginning credits, WHICH LUCKILY I DID NOT SEE, so basically the ending had me shaking,screaming, in tears (If you could not guess, I am trash for kai.)

It makes sense to me that he was back though, truly when he died I was like “That makes no sense, they would not have a character that strong, die in such a stupid way.” Because I assumed Kai would be able to sense someone coming up from behind him. And it’s Kai. He problem has Plan A all the way to Z. 

I am SO excited that he is back, he is so precious yet not at the same time and I missed his comedy and his smile :)) my heart is v happy. 

Although I did not see his name in the credit’s so I would be prepared for his arrival, I had thought of Kai during this episode when Bonnie was speaking to her mother. Her mom said something along the lines of “Something dark is coming for you” (??) and right away I was like “Kai!” (but I quickly brushed off that thought because I assumed it was just my Kai fangirl escaping from its locked cage I created to protect myself from the sadness of him ‘dying’)( ALSO I forgot to add that after thinking it was Kai, I realized it was Cade because that makes more sense LOL.) . BUT BITCH HE SHOWED UP AND AT FIRST I COULDN’T TELL WHO IT WAS BECAUSE MY SCREEN WAS DARK ASF, AND ONCE I REALIZED WHO IT WAS I LEGIT ROLLED OFF OF MY BED AND GOT CLOSER TO THE TV BECAUSE I WAS SO SHOOK (i hate using shook but it honestly describes the moment perfectly). I AM SO HAPPY.

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“Hi sleepyhead, remember me?”

SPOILER ALERT! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

Although it has not been confirmed, we might be in luck of a richonne montage of sex plus other sexy times !

“It’s a montage of separate occurrences I think? But that’s also apparently not the only sexy times that happens in the episode. So possible sexy montage + other sexy time moments or implied sexy time moments. However, anything can change in the final cut so I’m really not sure how all of it will end up playing out. The week episode 12 airs should provide more answers.” -TSDF

~Remember, we all stumble. Every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand~

I dunno, these two both start pretty lonely/misunderstood, feel the weight of their selfish choices and mistakes, face fear for the sake of others despite their own terror, and both release their pride and find real connection and support by the end of their respective storylines 

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1+ Supercat?

1. First kiss

“I’m not getting you another Bankers Box,” Cat tells her, not looking away from the night skyline.

Kara tugs at her dress in the balcony doorway, rolling her lips together to stop a smile as she watches Cat’s shoulders shift. “No need, Ms. Grant,” she says as she steps over the threshold.

It feels like she’s said goodbye already at the same time that it doesn’t. Kara wonders if it’s greedy to want two goodbyes, two moments with Cat when most people (read: people without a secret identity) would only get one. But when Cat braces her forearms on the ledge and turns to look at her, Kara can’t seem to care about shoulds. 

She’s not ready for Cat to leave.

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