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Christmas Prompts: Some I made up, some I took from the internet. Feel free to do the whole challenge, or just do some randomly.

1. Mistletoe kiss

2. Pretend boyfriend/girlfriend for family Christmas party

3. You made me a Christmas playlist but it’s just Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you”. I can’t tell if you’re hitting on me or if it’s a joke

4. My car got stuck in snow you saved me

5. Last Christmas I gave you my heart and you asked me to marry you 

6. I got you for Secret Santa, but I thought it was suppose to be a gag gift, and now I wont fess up because I’m embarrassed

7. We’re both stuck at the airport for Christmas eve

8. Snowman competition, the judges are a bunch of five year old kids

9. I work at a toy store and you keep coming in but never buy anything

10. Your dad is Santa, he’s missing, and I’m helping you save Christmas

11. I’m a barista and you keep making weird faces when you drink the “Christmas cheer in a cup” coffee I make, why do you keep ordering it?

12. We’re neighbors and I just got locked out of my apartment, I was baking cookies that will burn if I don’t get in there quick

13. You made me an ugly Christmas sweater

14. I met you on Christmas but haven’t seen you since, until today on Christmas day, are you an angel? Wait, you actually are?

15. We’re stuck in different cities, so we wont be together for Christmas. We end up talking on the phone for hours, to the annoyance of our families

16. You’re robbing the bank on Christmas eve and I’m a hostage but you’re actually really nice

17. I was dressed up as an elf, because of my job. You’re drunk and think I actually know Santa

18. You hate Christmas because you’ve never had a good one. So I go all out to make this the best Christmas for you

19. I was cold, so you gave me your jacket but now you’re cold too. So I suggest we hug instead

20. I’ve never seen snow in person before, until now, what is this white stuff falling from the sky? Why are you laughing at me?

21. We got into an argument because of something stupid, but I slipped on ice on the stairs. I called you to help me, and our fight was forgotten when you got all worried

22. I was putting up Christmas lights, and I literally fell into your arms

23. There’s one Christmas cookie left, so I challenge you, winner takes the cookie

24. You keep playing Christmas music, and it’s driving me nuts, please play something else

25. Free prompt


OTP Advent Calendar 

day 19: Stephen Maturin/Jack Aubrey - Patrick O'Brian

Some days I think that these two are the best characters ever written. That’s not me being bonkers (much) - it’s the genius of Patrick O'Brian. It’s also the best justification ever for watching films because actors you fancy are in them. My Aubreyad education went: film - fanfic -  first book - more fanfic - oh shall I read another book? - urk I have finished all the books what do I do NOW? I only watched the film because of Paul Bettany, plus lots of other lovely folk (Lee Ingleby, Richard McCabe, James D'Arcy), and because of Peter Weir. Not because of Russell Crowe, or the navy, or any interest in the Napoleonic Wars. So imagine my surprise when I fell in love. 

Jack and Stephen not just interesting, complex, attractive, rounded characters in themselves; they are, but their relationship is even more interesting, complex and attractive. It’s so close to being canon; they truly love each other more than anyone else in the world. They are very different people who fit each other. Sometimes awkwardly, sometimes explosively, but god they fit together. THey have found the one person who truly gets them. All this and war, and spying, and botany, and wives, and music, and the sea, and intrigue and torture oh I could ramble on for hours. 

There are always some OTPs that you love more than others, or that stay with you. This is one of mine, because - I think - they are so believeable. I love Stephen the most, (ug, Stephen! doctor/naturalist/spy/addict/snarky bastard/deadly shot BAMF Stephen!) but god do I love Jack too. And the casting! You wouldn’t have necessarily picked PB for Maturin  (he’s too tall, too sandy, too handsome) but he is of course brilliant. I love him anyway, a lot, but he’s so great as Stephen. And my god, RC is just the perfect Jack. I was fairly indifferent to Russell before (even though I know he’s a good actor). Now I have a stupid happy grin whenever I see his face in anything, because I love Jack that much. 

The film is an excellent adaptation (I realised, once I’d started the books) but the greatest joy is reading the books again. They’re so glorious; gripping, thrilling, funny, slyly educational, truly un-put-downable; even without the slash goggles on. Time for a re-read. Again.


OTP Advent Calendar 

day 5: Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane - Dorothy L Sayers

Most of my OTPs are resolutely not heterosexual, but I can’t do OTPs without talking about these two. The Wimsey books are quite quite brilliant before Harriet shows up, but once she does they get even better. (Some days, Sayers is my favourite detective writer. Other days it’s Edmund Crispin. Mr Conan Doyle is always in third place). Gaudy Night is as much a philosophical meditation on how to live one’s life as it is a detective novel.

And these two! The relationship develops over three books, and it’s complicated and real and never easy, and you believe in it as you believe in them both as fully rounded characters; they’re fiercely equal and painfully honest at times. These two are my ideal couple, and they have ruined me for life, I think. That kiss at the end of Gaudy Night makes me do happy weeping every time, but it’s the earlier moment of Harriet’s realisation that is my favourite bit. 

And on top of that there’s brilliant detection, and wit, and Bunter, and London. Donne and Bach and murder and dope and literary policemen and Oxford and the dizzy 20s and 30s. And a tv version with two perfectly cast leads, full of deco design!porn, monocle!porn, clothes!porn and these two with their beautiful faces. 


OTP Advent Calendar 

day 3: Nigel/Geoff - Horrible Histories 

Oh, HH, how do I ship thee? Let me count the ways. It’s an embarrassment of riches, really, but these two adorable idiots are the boys for me. In all their “Sugar? Treacle?” incarnations, but most of all when they’re Victorian. Because - tapeworm and bacon and potato and sweaty sock and top hats are fabulous. And also because hello how handsy are they in that last bit? 


OTP Advent Calendar 

day 6: Remus Lupin/Sirius Black - Harry Potter 

Oh my love for these two knows no bounds. And this is an OTP which really comes into its own in fic (because, let’s face it, there’s not much in the source material, and not much in the films). Now I don’t particularly like heaps of angst and trauma and death in my fics, which is a bit tricky with these two, but it means I love Maurauders-era fic and also the work of AU genius that is Stealing Harry. Give me sixth-form Sirius; he of the flowing hair and irrepressible charm and adorkable doggy enthusiasm. And sixth-form Remus with his scruffy hair and inky fingers and quiet genius for pranks. 

I may have thanked a deity I don’t believe in when the casting for Sirius was announced, because who hasn’t been in love with Gary Oldman since they were sixteen? And thank you all the gods of film for that reunion scene. I don’t even care if the anecdote about David Thewlis thinking Remus was gay is apocryphal.

I love the two of them almost equally, but Remus has a little extra piece of my heart for so many reasons. He’s not the most popular boy in school. He loves books and chocolate and is a bit threadbare and yet somehow Sirius thinks he is the best thing ever. Remus is one of us. 


OTP Advent Calendar 

day 22: Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt - Life On Mars 

I really do have a thing for crime-fighting OTPs, I know, and really, who can blame me? You’d think it might get samey, but that’s never going to happen with these two. Because not only is it the glorious partnership of two ostensibly different/fucked up/bolshy people coming together and finding that they fit with each other like they do no-one else, it’s also one of the best ideas for a telly show ever. (disclaimer: I never watched A2A because I was wandering around with my fingers in my ears going lalalalalala Sam + Gene 4ever). 

I usually love one of the OTP more than the other, and the surprising thing for me is that despite watching because I have an unholy passion for John Simm (especially in those trousers), I actually like Gene more. Credit to the concept of the show and Johnny’s acting (The Harry Lime Syndrome again) that I love Sam, because, god, objectively, he is such a selfish, arsey whiny little prick of a fucker, he really is. Gene, underneath the bravado and the ticks-every-box-bigotry, and the casual violence is actually a good man. 

And it’s not just the concept that’s brilliant; it’s everything. Cast, design, music, script, story lines, the detail. And the ending! It’s a perfect example of an ending that falls apart if you apply too much logic to it, but it’s so emotional satisfying that I don’t care. 

But - let’s take a moment to remember the good things. Sammy’s trousers. Gene in swimming trunks. Gunpoint snark. Dancing in the club. Dartboard-rattling handsiness. Sammy handcuffed naked to his tiny bed. And did I mention the trousers? Ugh, Sammy, your thighs


OTP Advent Calendar 

day 17: Torquil MacNeil/Joan Webster - I Know Where I’m Going! 

Although I get my kicks as an enthusiastically dedicated slasher, I’m also a pretty straight hopeless romantic; something that’s more than catered for in all forms of art. I could easily choose 24 heterosexual romantic pairings that make me giddy, but somehow they occupy a different area of my brainpan. 

But these two. They’re here because (like Wimsey/Vane) not only are they canon (yay!) they also send my heart racing like few others. It’s one of my favourite ever films, for a start. It’s Roger, looking quite the most handsome he ever does (even if Frank Reeves edges Torquil, whenever I watch this I forget that and lie around happily thinking about knees and kilts). But he’s not just handsome: he’s snarky and understated and quietly confident and really quite BAMFy. He’s like Gilbert in The Lady Vanishes, which if you know me, you know that’s the height of desirability. And Wendy/Joan is just glorious, in all her wrongheadedness and increasing desperation. 

I believe in these two. They’re real, even if the film has a little of the fairytale about it (which makes it even better). The chemistry is amazing, but it’s not an easy, simple romance, in fact it’s the opposite. If you entrust your heart to any filmmakers, then Powell & Pressburger are the ones to choose. Except, of course, you can’t choose who you lose your heart to. It just happens, and there’s no fighting it. 


OTP Advent Calendar 

day 4: Charters/Caldicott

These two. Oh. While they’re less essential to the plot in TLV than in NTTM, it would of course be a lesser film without them. Such is the genius of L&G’s writing (as well as the acting) that they’re a stereotype and a subversion of it at the same time. They’re ex-Oxford fellows who judge a man’s character by the quality of his cricket, always dress for dinner and travel the world only ever speaking English. But in a pinch, they’re  understatedly brilliant, handy with a gun, quietly patriotic and always, always endearing. 

And then throw in pipe smoking, cricket, tweed, bow tie (if you look, Charters in TLV is dressed very similarly to Gilbert, and he’s the less dashing/swoony/downright hot version, in my mind), pyjamas and trains, and I’m ridiculously happy. 


OTP Advent Calendar

day 16: Jim & William Reid

So I’m bending the rules a bit here because these two I don’t ship in a incesty-bumming way except for that story I wrote when I was fifteen. But, you know - red ships, green ships, there’s no ship like partnership. 

It would be a bit melodramatic to say the Mary Chain changed my life, but they certainly pointed me down the alternative road, and I’ve never looked back. It’s been twenty five years (jesus fuck) and they’re still my favourite band. I don’t listen to them every day, but they’re so ingrained that I don’t need to. I don’t know why I love them more than The Pixies, or Pavement, or The Stooges, or Belle & Sebastian, but I do. Music, like art, defies logic. You can rationalise it all you want, but in the end, you love it or you don’t. 

They’re not the coolest band in the world, or the most innovative, or the most influential (though they are pretty cool, you know.) And I didn’t start liking them to be cool (if I had, I’d pretend that I got into them when Psychocandy came out, not when April Skies was in the top 10). Though I did once go out with a boy who not only had been to the North London Poly gig, but once stood next to William Reid in the bogs. It’s not the only reason I went out with him, but I fear it did increase his allure. 

The first time I saw them I nearly died: partly from excitement, mostly from being a girl in a mosh pit of six foot tall blokes in docs. I didn’t care. I got a scrap of the set list after a fight with a boy, and we had to run for the train, and it was one of the most exciting nights of my life. Actually, the last time I saw them I had a fight over the set list, and some fucker stole my shades. But I did get a drumstick. And I got to watch these two again, for an hour or so. 

So, come on, guys. Sort some UK gigs out will you? Why should America have all the fun?


OTP Advent Calendar

day 9: Antonio/Bassanio - The Merchant Of Venice 

I went to a Catholic school in the eighties, so despite the fact that I studied some of the gayest things ever written (Shakespeare’s sonnets, for one), never a hint of any actual gayness was discussed. It was all platonic, at best. I think we did Merchant when I was about 13. It’s a play I’ve seen a few times over the years, and productions vary in their interpretation of the relationship between these two, but the one that will stay with me is Rupert Goold’s Vegas-set extravaganza that I saw last year. I’m a big fan of a bold interpretation if it illuminates the play, and this was astonishing. I mean, Lancelot Gobbo was an Elvis impersonator, which sounds tacky, but it worked. I’m still thinking about it now. It’s become my headcanon for the play, as it were.

The most striking thing was how fucked up all the relationships were; a painful but realistic look at the bonds that tie people together and what it does to them. Bookish, shy Jessica, with her overbearing father, running off with the first boy who shows an interest. Portia waiting impotently for the winning gameshow contestant to claim his prize. The only true, loving, honest bond is the one between Antonio and Bassanio; tested to its limit of course, and oh, god, Antonio, never failing. And Portia, at the end, realising that Bassanio loves Antonio much more than he will ever love her. (Sorry, Portia, but oh be still my shippy little heart). 

Antonio is the unsung hero of the play, of course. He is the eponymous merchant, after all, even if all the thunder is stolen by Shylock and Portia. (Think of the famous lines from the play; chances are they’re spoken by those two.) His heart is steadfast and loyal, even to the edge of doom (if anyone ever embodied sonnet 116 it’s Antonio); and I love him dearly for it. Scott Handy in this production was truly excellent (he’s an exceptional Shakespearean actor) as Antonio. God I want to see it again. Oh for a TARDIS.