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“Across the Universe” by Adriana Gonzalez 


Hola de nuevo!

Hoy actualicé “Encuentro en Halloween”, mi fanfic sorato *w* y la talentosa artista Adriana Gonzalez me concedió el enorme honor de decorar este anuncio con su arte (★^O^★) 

Que disfruten el segundo capítulo!

“Encuentro en Halloween” by Natsumi Hyde

Capítulo 2: Repartiendo invitaciones

※ Reproducción autorizada por la artista solo para Tumblr. Por favor, no postear-resubir, editar y/o remover los créditos sin la autorización de la artista. Natsumi Hyde. 




I uploaded the 2nd chapter of my halloween-themed sorato fanfic “Encuentro en Halloween”, and the talented artist Adriana Gonzalez did me the honor of decorating my fic ad with her art! how cool is that? :DD If you know some spanish, give my fic a chance and read it! I’m sure you’ll like it :3

“Encuentro en Halloween” by Natsumi Hyde

※ Permission to upload was given by the artist. Please do not repost, edit, and/or remove credits without artist’s permission. Natsumi Hyde.

Across the Hall AU - Random Scene 1/?? [Cullen x Trevelyan]

Across The Hall is what I’ve taken to referring to the AU as, I guess it fits?

Wrote after I had this scene idea because Oh god. I hate myself apparently.

Read more-ing because is long~

As Nevena kicked the front door open, Maggie ran through Cullen’s legs and Nevena’s, almost causing them both to topple.

The dog raced straight down the hall and into the living room, to what she had adopted as her ‘spot’ on Nevena’s sofa. The squeaky rabbit toy she carried in her mouth letting out a pathetic whine with every step the dog took.

“Thank you, Maggie!” Nevena shouted after the dog, throwing her front door keys towards the hallway table.

She missed, they hit the floor.

Behind her, Cullen struggled with the heavier bags on his arms and wondered, once more why he had offered to help her with her shopping.

He also wondered why Varric hadn’t repaired the fucking lifts yet. It had been over a month. He had never known them to be out of commission so long.

Cullen managed to swing the front door back with his foot and it slammed behind him.

He followed Nevena down the hall and into the kitchen where he deposited the four - no five - bags he carried into a heap on the floor.

Nevena was more careful, placing each of her four bags on to the kitchen table and the counter tops.

“Why, may I ask, did you have to buy paint?” Cullen inquired, leaning back against the door frame and watching Nevena begin to unpack. 

She organised her different items into piles of what went where. One for food for the fridge, another for frozen food. Another pile for breads and soft things, everything neat before she would put it away.

“We’re doing an outside mural at school,” she explained tossing her hair over her shoulder.

“Don’t your school have their own paint?”

She shrugged and continued putting things away.

Deciding to leave her to it, Cullen went through into the living room and sat beside Maggie who was chewing on her new toy and had already decapitated it.

“That lasted about as long as I thought it would.” Remarked Cullen fondly, rubbing his dogs ears.

Maggie stared at him, big baleful eyes, tongue lolling out of her mouth, tail whacking the cushions as steady as a heartbeat. “Don’t get too comfortable in here, we’re not staying long.” Cullen told her.

She cocked her head at him and then returned to the job of dismembering her soggy toy.

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