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I like kacchako but nalu will always be my #1

NaLu is my ultimate OTP but Kacchako is my bnha OTP atm. I don’t compare my OTPs across series because different universe means different dynamics. Plus bnha is still in early days compared to FT, so of course, NaLu’s dynamic is more fleshed out currently. I’m looking forward to the journey though, so I’ll keep an open mind 😁

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Hi <3 Do you have any recommendations for space YA books? I've read the lunar chronicles, these broken stars and gemina and I'm going to be reading Starstruck next. I just love anything space related. Thanks :D

Oh heck yes! Favorite genre, hands down. Lunar Chronicles, Illuminae, The Starbound Trilogy… love them!

If you like couples and OTPs, you should read Across the Universe by Beth Revis! There’s also the laugh out loud Long Way to a Small Angry Planet (though it’s not YA). There’s the classic Ender’s Game, the beloved Wrinkle in Time series, Patrick Ness’s Knife of Never Letting Go (I didn’t really get into this one, but one of my BFFs adores it). 

I just started reading “No Ordinary Star” by MC Frank, and I’m loving it so far. Though I haven’t finished it yet!

Next on my TBR is Zodiac by Romina Russell and eventually Alienated by Melissa Landers. Unearthed by Amie Kaufman isn’t out yet but I’m so gonna preorder it! 

I really hope you like Starstruck! I feel weird talking about it on Tumblr, but my publisher reminds me that no one is going to read it if I don’t tell them about it. I really really hope you like it! 

Space nerds unite! 

All the incarnations of Stucky are adorable, okay?

Like, first there’s “Canon” Stucky, where they’re dudes. That’s cute for obvious reasons.

Then there’s Fem!Stucky, where they’re chicks, and really, Bucky is basically Peggy with blue eyes and Brooklyn swag and Fem!Steve is just this teeny tiny little waif that STILL GETS INTO FIGHTS AND BUCKY HAS TO WADE IN AND KICK ASS IN LIPSTICK AND HEELS.

And then there’s the half-genderbends, which come with whole new flavors of cute.

Like, first there’s Fem!Bucky/Steve, where Steve really likes Bucky but never asks her out because she’s really classy and what if it messes up our friendship and Bucky tries to hook Steve up with literally every female friend she has, and she still wades into the fray to save Steve when he gets in over his head which is most of the time. And she goes off overseas with the Women’s Auxiliary while Steve’s still trying to get in and fuck if she doesn’t realize they could have had something halfway across the Atlantic.

And then there’s Bucky/Fem!Steve, where Steve still gets into fights and Bucky’s like “omg stop; if these guys are willing to hit you, they’re willing to do other things so please stop” but Steve doesn’t because Steve is Steve. And Bucky doesn’t really even absorb the possibility that they could have been like… married until he’s shipping out and then it’s like “fuck she could have gotten money and stuff if I die over there, fuck fuck fuck” but then the images get more romantic and he realizes he loves her and kicks himself from England to Italy.

And post-serum Fem!Steve is an amazon, six feet tall and built like a brick shithouse and it doesn’t matter if Bucky’s a guy or a doll, it’s attractive as shit. Like, yeah, she was cute before but omg she could literally throw me back to Brooklyn.

And really, this holds no matter what. Bucky always love Steve and finds Steve wildly attractive. Short and skinny, or a regular Adonis/Athena, it doesn’t matter.

Stucky is cute no matter what gender or sex they are and if that doesn’t prove they’re the OTP Across the Universe, I don’t know what does.