otp aaah

 Don´t worry it was just a volleyball incident…


(◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞ ❤ Happy Valentine’s Day~!! ❤

I recently started playing Tales of Graces again and was hit by this overwhELMING URGE TO DRAW THESE TWO. (themotpfeels)

The after of this jerza doodle.

Super Quick sketch (sorry for the messy lines!) I am over the moon *_* I couln’t believe my eyes! Mashima keeps showing that Jellal is not some shy, submissive guy and Erza a dominatrix, but this, they were enjoying themselves <3 

Aaah my OTP is so beautiful <3

I promise more later!!

Oooh forgot, this is dedicated to my beloved jerza pals whom I’ve been screaming like an idiot, yay guyz!!! @ajerzaaddict @ahumanintraining also @bellagill92 @deviljp6 and Estella May