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Hey Lydia, you look like… you’re gonna ignore me
i      t  h  i  n  k      i      l  o  v  e  d      h  i  m 
You said… you said, “remember I love you”


“It’s beautiful when you find someone
that is in love with your mind.
Someone that wants to undress your conscience
and make love to your thoughts.
Someone that wants to watch you, slowly take down
all the walls
you’ve built up around your mind
and let them inside.

I couldn’t find an author of this beautiful poem :(

Okay, this is brilliant. We saw Bucky every step of the way. @chrissamnee and Mark Waid are a pair of sneaky bastards :D

Black Widow #10 flashback compared to #3, page 3:

#10 flashback compared to #3, page 12 (you actually see him as a tiny silouette on page 10):

#10 flashback compared to #8, page 18:

This is amazing, I ain’t even mad. :D


leokasa wallpapers requested by anonymous!


Why is it that the thing that attracts you to a person always end up being the thing that just drives you crazy?

Happy Birthday to my beautiful potato flower @m0nsee  (•ᴗ•)♡ ✧*。

Thank you for always being the fluffy to my angst

I luv u bro (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) ༘

i just want to put my two cents in and say the only ONLY time stiles stilinski would ever need an actual anchor was during his time being possessed. this being said, the one person who he allowed void in, in order to SAVE her, was malia. so getting to my point here, remember when he was sitting in melissa’s living room, with void in complete control, and was all tied up? do you know what brought stiles back to the surface? the moment lydia said “malia”. so believe what you want, but malia is and always will be what brought stiles back, even in his darkest of days, even if the writers choose to ignore it. malia tate is, in fact, stiles stilinski’s anchor. aiight, bye ✌

My dash cracked me up this afternoon. 😂😂😂

It is becoming a thing!