otp : when i saw you i fell in love

  • otp: i will love you forever
  • otp: loving you has changed my life
  • otp: we're planning a june wedding
  • otp: i'm getting married
  • otp: you're my family now
  • otp: i want you to marry me
  • otp: i won't let you lost control
  • otp: come home
  • otp: you have me
  • otp: my best friend
  • otp: you saw light in me
  • otp: you'll fall madly in love
  • otp: dance with me
  • otp: i will wait for you
  • otp: and i love you
  • otp: i don't know when it became more than friendship but it did
  • otp: please come back
  • otp: i made a list of all the things i've done since i fell for you
  • otp: all i needed was for you that you felt something
  • otp: you and i have had more history in the last 5 years, than most people have in a lifetime
  • otp: i'm thinking about you
  • otp: you make me happy
  • otp: when i'm with you, i'm happy
  • otp: i thought you were worth having a thing for
  • otp: you may not remember but i do
  • otp: i've been ready for this moment since i first saw you
  • otp: you're going to be at the end of the aisle waiting for me
  • otp: i will love her forever too

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Rules: Tell us your one favourite character from ten different fandoms and tag around 10 people.

Ok here it goes (not in specific order):

1. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)
aka my husband lol Since the beginning of tg I fell in love with his personality and he was the first character I could actually relate to. He can be the sweetest thing ever and ruthless at the same time.

2. Shirota Mahiru (Servamp)
How can you not adore him? He’s too pure for this world, he cares a lot a about his friends and always wears a smile no matter what.
Oh, when I heard his catchphrase (“I love simple things. I hate troublesome things.”) I immediately fell in love with him.

3. Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)
Best girl <3 The girl in my icon. She did awful things but you can actually understand her thinking. *sobs* She went through so much shit. 

4. Hades (Saint Seiya)
One of my fav villains of all times!!! The first time I saw him I was like HOLY JESUS THIS IS HADES AAAHHH (no joking). I mean he’s one of the most powerful deities in the whole series plus his Kamui (armor/God Cloth) looks AMAZING.

(oh in this gif you can see Alone from Saint Seiya Lost Canvas, Hades’ chosen body for his incarnation in the previous Holy War).

5. Yuuri Katsuki (Yuuri!!! on Ice)
God, this guy is so relatable lol I mean he has anxiety and low self-esteem… He’s also an amazing figure skater, kind hearted and loves Victor so much. This show has touched me on so many levels~~ 

6. Minako Aino/Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)
My favourite colour used to be orange because of her lol Everything about her is great. She’s adorable, loves playing videogames and she is the first of the Inner Senshi to awaken.  

7. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)
Well, I always thought he was OP. He is pragmatic and confident but when somebody compliments him (especially Gon) he becomes embarrassed lol I love this kid <3
Note: I’m obsessed with characters who have the ability to manipulate electricity.

Kurapika and Gon come right after him <333

8. Ginoza Nobuchika (Psycho Pass)
I remember everyone thought he was an asshole at the beginning of the anime. If you wanna see some good character development watch PP.
P.S. you’ll love him.

9. Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)
One of the best characters I’ve ever seen imo. There is nothing I don’t love about him. Every battle, arc is a lesson. Quick summary? This man spent ten years traveling in search of redemption with the vow to never kill again
This manga is beautiful and I learnt a lot from it, even the Live Action is awesome! 

10. Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)
aka Priestess of Thunder and Light aka The Ultimate Sadist (??) (Like I said before, I’m obsessed with this type of characters).
I love her <3 She seems very gentle, seductive and enjoys teasing her friend Rias but she’s still pretty innocent? Idk lol I also love how Akeno’s relationship with her father develops.

Sorry for any mistakes I made this at 5 am :’)

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Can you say some stuff abt Diavolo X doppio? I saw the post you made anout gyjo and you said this was another one of your otps. Sorry if this is bothersome to ask of you :>

Nah bothersome at all, dear! I actually like to talk a lot.
Well, when it comes to D/D, I fell in love with this pairing thanks to my friend who’s writing an amazing fanfiction (click here) and since I discovered the story, Diavolo x Doppio became one of my otps.
Well, D/D is full of headcanons I use to make this pairing as shippable as possible. 
In my head, they’re two different beings - a Boss and an underboss. As we know, Diavolo is tall mystery man with an obsession of being hidden, he wouldn’t even blink killing someone who’d be about to uncover him. Our big bondage luxury mafia daddy has only one person he trusts, and it’s a short, freckled cutie with a perky nose and soft voice - Doppio, who could do anything for his boss. This contrast and deep connection between them is what drives me into them so much. Diavolo is always rough but he changes for Doppio - he deeply loves his subordinate and treats him like he’s only and ONLY his, because passione daddy is hella possesive and he’d torture for hours anyone who would dare to lay their finger on Doppio.
Doppio only have eyes for Diavolo, he loves him to bits. A spoiled young man who was alone and unlucky all his life, and then became the right hand of the italian drug emperor. Doppio is someone Diavolo shares everything with. Young man knows the deepest secrets of his boss, and he’s ready to die for him. Looking at this pairing from this point of view, i mean - in which they’re not one being - then let’s be honest, it’ll be one of the best couples in manga ever because, holy shit
for wild shippers like me they’re like, made for doing kinky stuff
I already told about non-physical features of D/D
so i have to mention about sex
and D/D is what we try our imagination on hahah
Phone sex begs to have place here; Diavolo and his deep baritone aggressively erotic voice having a phone convo with Doppio being somewhere, shakily panting into speaker, hearing what his boss will do to him in the night (’i’ll make your cute ass red from spanking, love’ or ‘I can hear how wet you are just from the sound of my voice, my sweet Doppio’)
size difference is also important here because uhhhhh yas
big tall muscular tattooed, beautiful as hell Boss can mount Doppio in a dreamy way, make *COUGH* his vision go blur from the size of his cock *COUGH* 
Idk but everytime I think about them I have to listen to Die Antwoord (i bet half of the fandom does this, too)
And here my head goes too messy to control my galloping thoughts, I could talk about every one of my otps for hours but I’m afraid i don’t have enough life
You can ask for particular things or sth, I’m always open and ready to talk


A LIST OF MY OTP’s (in no particular order): Abby Mills & Jimmy Mance, Harper’s Island.

I need to confess something…After you left, I swore if I ever saw you again I’d break your heart. I wanted to hurt you worse than you hurt me. Make you pay…But when I saw you walk off that bout, when I saw you all grown up…so beautiful…All those feelings fell away. All I felt…was love.

  • Me in 50 years: See, my grandchildren, and that's how Keith and Lance fell in love with each other
  • Grandkids: Grandma, who are Keith and Lance?
  • Me: *takes a deep breath* It's been 84 years...
  • Grandkids: Grandma, you're only 69 years old it's not pos -
  • Me: ...and I still remember the emotions I had when I saw them on screen for the first time
  • Grandkids: Grandma please stop
  • Me: It was called the ship of dreams...and it was...
  • Grandkids: Oh my God
  • Me: ...it really was

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Hello! This is my first time doing this ask me-tumblr-thingy (i don't know what you called this) but since you're one of my favorite yoonjin shipper and the reason why I ship yoonjin and now my otp. Did you watch their commentary on v app? Did you saw and heard when Jin said that he almost fell for a man. And that man is nO OTHER THAN YOONGI.! Sorry for the sudden outburst but fuc- I don't know what to feel. I'm like frozen on the outside but inside, I was screaming nonstop. Pls send help I-

I literally JUST watched the properly subbed version!!! I AM SCREAMING

I was too lazy to go back and take a good screenshot but lo and behold, Kim Seokjin everybody

(Hobi knows something, he always does)

5 Ships You'll Go Down With No Matter What

tysm for tagging me @stydiawillcanon bae hehehe

(finally found a computer where I can post from)

5. Urijima (Uryuu x NishijimaThe Future Diary) This ship was another one of my top ships for a very long time, I couldn’t not include it in this list. It would’ve been higher on the list, but since it’s been a year since I watched this show, I don’t remember much. Their relationship was literally so cute and to this day, I still ship it. I’m not gonna get into detail, but definitely one of my favorite things about this ship is that Uryuu is a terrorist (or…was) and Nishijima is a cop.

4.  Bellarke (Bellamy x Clarke, The 100) Well, there isn’t much that I’m going to say about this ship, other than I absolutely LOVE IT. They’d make an amzing couple since they’re both leaders. I really hope they can kiss AT LEAST once.

3. Gruvia (Gray x Juvia, Fairy Tail) Despite all the hate this beautiful ship gets, I will go down with this ship no matter what. For almost 2 years, this had been my otp. From where they started, they have developed so much, it’s amazing. They are so close to becoming canon, and this has me going crazy.

2.  Robcina (Robin x Lucina, Fire Emblem: Awakening) If anyone were to ask me, “Why did you start playing Fire Emblem?” I will say, “Bacause of Robin and Lucina.” I first saw them when I was watching my brother play Super Smash Bros and I fell in love. I then started playing as them. A few weeks later, I got the game, and married them. Their supports were the cutest thing I have ever seen.

1. LadyNoir (Ladybug x Chat Noir, Miraculous Ladybug) THIS SHIP TOOK OVER MY HEART. LITERALLY. I started watching this show two days ago and I’m already obsessed. Caught up to the show in one night. Been reading fanfiction like crazy. Chat is the cutest thing ever. The fact that he is in love with Ladybug and Marinette is in love with Adrien makes the ship 100 times cuter, plus it basically counts as if they’re already canon. I love both of their personalities, and the show itself is really funny. I don’t think I’ll let go of either anytime soon. I will go down with this ship no matter what.

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Jamie and Claire in “Lallybroch” on Outlander

The story of Outlander is the story of Claire trying to find her home, the place she belongs. And the moment she starts to feel that at Lallybroch, Jamie launches into a sentimental conversation about the reasons why he married her, and furthermore, the moment he first fell in love with her. It catches Claire, and the viewers, off guard in the most welcome way possible.

Best part: Jamie telling Claire, “I wanted you from the first moment I saw you, but I loved you when you wept in my arms that first night at Leoch. Now, I wake up every day and I find that I love you more than I did the day before.”


Told ya I was doing a new Bamon video :D

My Description : Bamon is all about stares. These little moments when you see their emotions going through their eyes. I never saw Damon as vulnerable with Bonnie or his Mother. Being unsure and human. Being almost a kid. Seriously. This ship is gold.

If Damon fell in love with Bonnie… or at least began to be infatuated with her, it’s episode 6x05 with “not exactly.” His tender smile was the most beautiful he ever had.