otp : pink and blue

Illusions in Delusions (Bellow story)

A woman knelt beside a pedestal,
eyes filled with agony and melancholy.
Tears flowed down her tender cheeks
Just like a never-ending waterfall.

“I’m so sorry, Pink. I really am.
I should have done much more.
I’ll make it up to you, my dear.
Just wait and see…”

Silence engulfed the room.
Only the sound of her restless heartbeat
echoed the room filled with darkness and trauma. Such a tragic sight.

The door slid open.
A woman’s heels clicked on the marbled floor; such confidence in one sound.
“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”

The other woman approached her,
Wrapping her arms around the woman’s torso, resting her head on her back.
“Blue, you’ve got to stop grieving.”

The somber woman did nothing but stare
right into the other’s yellow orbs,
very elegant yet frightening.
“Why can’t you just let me grieve?”

“You’ve been grieving for the past 5000 years, Blue! Get your act together! You’re a diamond, not a filthy gem!”
the other woman scolded.

But the depressed woman was blinded by the past; she will never recover, not ever.
“I can’t, Yellow. I just can’t forget her legacy,” she softly replied.

A warm hand wraps around her cold ones as she was pulled closer by her companion.
“You know that I miss her too.”

More tears erupted from her eyes,
the pain prickling her sore eyes.
“I don’t know if I can live like this anymore.
She was my everything, Yellow!”

The other diamond shushed her gently,
Rubbing her back slowly.
“No one can ever forget her, my Blue,
but the gems need you; I need you.”

Her icy lips collided with her warm ones;
the heat felt nice. Was she a distraction to all of her monsters? Or was she an illusion?

She felt the other diamond’s hand slip down her waist, sending a chill down her spine.
Her disoriented mind seem to spin around.
Yellow or Pink? What was right?

“I love you, Blue. I can’t stand looking at you like this. Pink would have wanted you to move on; she wanted us to move on from her tragic encounter.

The woeful woman traced the other’s yellow lips, wondering if this was the right choice to make. What if this so called ‘love’ was all a lie?

The other diamond closed her eyes, feeling the tender touches of her jewel that would make her heart flutter. A radiance like her should never feel broken.

She was desperate to get out of her tormented thoughts; she would do anything to be free.
Her eyes were tired of crying, sore and broken.

Without a doubt, she emitted a sad smile,
caressing the other diamond’s face like how she does to her precious pearl.
"Just shut up and kiss me…”

And so they did, their lips in sync as they forget about the room that created those monsters in the first place.
Such illusion, such trickery.

Note: Since I can’t really draw right now, I made a narrative poem of my favorite ship during my plane ride XD