otp : mulan and shang


#hello i’m having mulan feels bye

List of Childhood OTPs

List of OTPs from my childhood that I still support, and in no particular order, excluding the first one

1. Taiora

2. Takari

3. Sonamy

4. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

5. SoKai

6. RokuNami

7. Mulan and Shang

8. InuKag

9. Spider-man and Mary Jane

10. Flik and Atta

11. RobStar

12. Acexi(I don’t regret this one)

So in conclusion…

Day 12- Draw your OTP genderbent. 

I wasn’t really looking forward to do this since it just felt.. boring. Mulan already sort of genderbents herself. But it was surprisingly fun in the end. I didn’t want to change Mulan too much apart from giving her an actual male body, but I changed her nose to look slightly more like Fa Zhou’s. As for Shang I pretty much used the ideas I discovered while doing fan art of Shang’s mother and I’m quite happy with the result.