otp : it's an inevitability


So you called this meeting to say we should lie more?


made a new st. berry vid!


Tip: Rewatch season 1 Jesse and Rachel scenes. Every scene from “Hello”, “I think I kinda like her” to “I loved you.” Remember that after 8-10 years they find their way back to each other.

“Stars have a way of finding each other” yes, Mercedes, and some find each other so much they get MARRIED.

Headcanon: During their wedding, Jesse’s Vocal Adrenaline friends are on one side while Rachel’s New Directions friends on the other and they sing along in this merry wedding all-star concert starring the groom and the bride. (cr: Nisa)

Ship: St. Berry
Song: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
Artist: Daniel Padilla and Morisette Amon

Glee is over, I’m just glad that it ended with a these two together and their undying chemistry.