otp : inevitable

No need to hide your thoughts, boi.

Your face says it all.

Queer As Folk!AU

When Credence decided to go to Babylon, the most famous gay nightclub in New York, he had only planned for it to be his one and only act of rebellion against his Ma. He had not planned to get picked up by an older, devastatingly handsome man before he even had a chance to enter the club. He definitely had not planned to lose both his virginity, and his heart, to said man in the course of a single night.

When Percival picked up a sad looking twink outside Babylon, he had only intended for the boy to be just another, fully consenting, perfectly legal, one night stand. He had not expected the boy to confess to being underage, and a fucking virgin, as they laid panting on the bed. He definitely had not expected the boy to also declare his undying love and start following him around like a lovesick puppy.

Everything in the world has an expiration date. Just because you cling to it, doesn’t mean it won’t expire. It has been decided from the start. The scent will fade.
—  One More Time

6 chronological vauseman playlists 🐠 from yours truly // i wanted to compile an immense collection of songs spanning their entire relationship, pre-litchfield and during, and so i broke them up accordingly. enjoy!!!

  1. i wanna taste what you taste like
  2. you broke my fucking heart
  3. how are you still in my brain?
  4. i love you and i fucking hate you
  5. i should have been there for her
  6. through beauty fish, forever

Okay, but Snow White AU?

  • Grindelwald asking his mirror who’s the most powerful wizard in the world and getting constantly images of this freckled idiotic guy who naps on dragons
  • or plays with nundus as with regular kittens
  • Grindelwald thinks his mirror is trolling him
  • or the wifi connection is bad? Spambot is on?
  • He manages to disguise himself
  • the bleached pineapple is fitting
  • it’s ridiculous enough so no one will ever doubt his intentions
  • He tries to poison the freckled guy
  • Feeds him with whatever poisons he has
  • It doesn’t have any fucking effect- what are you saying? You have antibodies? Well, shit.
  • He invents a poison. He feeds the guy with it. It doesn’t kill him. (Sucks. Grindelwald sucks at poisons.)
  • But it makes the guy fall in a state of deep sleep.
  • That will do, Grindelwald thinks.
  • The mirror shows his own mug when he asks again. Perfect. Marvelous.
  • Enter Percival Graves, a knight? A prince? Whatever you want him to be, seriously.
  • He finds the guy and thinks that cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth respiration will help to get the guy conscious again?
  • What are you doing, Graves, he didn’t drown in the mountains, dude! He’s just asleep, man.
  • Surprisingly, the freckled beauty blinks his eyes open when he feels hands groping at his chest and an eager tongue pushing through his parted lips.
  • He kicks Percival in the gut, screams and then slaps his face one, two, three, ah, four, five, man, uh, six, okay, Newt! That’s enough, you’ll knock him out, seven, woah, eight.
  • Grindelwald is in front of his mirror, a cocktail in hand. He asks again while sipping from his drink. Bliss.
  • He spits everything out. Bleh, gross, man. The mirror grimaces at him. “Wipe me down, asshole.”
  • It says while showing him the freckled guy beating the shit out of a handsome man, a furious blush on his face.


“you jeopardized your entire career! and for what?”

“for you.”

What about the Bartender AU though?

Percival Graves is working as a bartender for more than a decade. He’s the owner of the most chic bar in New York, but he’s so good at making drinks that his clients practically beg him to make them a drink when he’s around the bar. Cue him making people happy and drunk, and they making him more wealthy than he already is.

Years of working around drunk people made him practical. He’s a great listener and can give you a good advice if you’re in need of one. Many people come by  only to see him in his uniform, which he doesn’t really keep neat as others do: his hair is slicked back, but he doesn’t bother fixing it if some stray strands fall on his forehead; his bow tie is always undone and hanging around his neck; the first two buttons of his shirt are always undone as well; sometimes even his vest is undone and the sleeves of his shirt are rolled up, showing off his hands. Some are just staring, others are even flirting and he flirts back, because why the hell not?

One day, this awkward British redhead stumbles into his bar and his life changes.

Newt Scamander can’t drink. Drunk Newt Scamander is a walking disaster. He stumbles over his own feet, tries to hit on Percival, tries to flirt but he’s so hilarious Percival does his best to keep a straight face, but Newt manages to make him smile, chuckle and eventually laugh.

“Your laugh is beautiful.“ Newt says, and his drunk mug looks so funny “You are beautiful.“

“Alright, Mr. Scamander.” Percival says smiling politely at him “But if you really think so, I’d prefer if you tell me this with less alcohol in your system.“

Newt looks at him, serious.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.“ Newt replies, and hides his face behind his glass “Alcohol untangles my tongue, Mr. Graves. Usually, I’m too shy to even make eye-contact.”

  • Newt and Percival end up somehow playing poker?
  • Percival is keeping his emotions in control
  • Newt is an open book
  • an oblivious one on top of that
  • he keeps chewing on his bottom lip
  • running his fingers through that messy mop of ginger curls
  • his eyes glint when he’s winning
  • and he pouts when he’s losing
  • he smiles shyly in Percival’s direction from time to time
  • and makes brief eye-contact
  • But Graves isn’t the one to fool around though
  • Mr. Graves, Tina says by the end
  • why where you blushing and hiding behind your cards the whole time???