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I don't see Vassien working because it... Too much fire. She seems much like Aelin at this point, and I feel like Lucien needs someone softer and gentler and Elain as a pair, though I'm down for a Brotp. Tbh, Elriel > Vassien, but in the same vibe, I think Azriel would be better with someone who has more fire? Someone vivacious, who laughs freely and is less tame than Elain, but still kind and considerate, closer, but still different from Mor.

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BTS - When They Write Lyrics
  • Rapmon: guys we need to start writing songs again
  • Suga: let's write about big ringz
  • Rapmon: no
  • Suga: fur coatz
  • Rapmon: yoongi pls
  • Suga: the thug lyfe
  • Rapmon: already dOne NO you aren't allowed to contribute yoongi
  • Jin: what about the struggles...the struggles of living life as an underground rapper...of barely being able to afford food as you try to live life doing what you love
  • Rapmon: ok Jin WHAT are u talking about when were you an underground rapper
  • Jin: you don't know shit about me namjoon
  • Rapmon: taehyung do you have anything
  • V: any what
  • Rapmon: ideas
  • V: for what
  • Rapmon: for a SONG
  • V: ohhhh
  • Rapmon: ......
  • V: ........
  • Rapmon: ??????? So do you????
  • V: do I what
  • Rapmon: oh my GODDDD
  • J-hope: maybe it could be about all the sadness in the world
  • Rapmon: .....um
  • J-hope: and how the only thing that brings us happiness is smiles
  • Rapmon: uuuuuugH
  • J-hope: a smile full of radiance and beauty
  • Rapmon: why are u still talking
  • J-hope: my smile. it brings the most happiness. I'll be the center in the MV of course
  • Jungkook: whOA that sounds like a great idea
  • J-hope: you're learning from the master young one
  • Jungkook: oooo and let's add some butterflies
  • J-hope: wow kookie, you are learning so well, that is a wonderful idea
  • Jungkook: and maybe I can do a cool move like where I'm setting the butterfly free and-
  • Rapmon: first of all, you've aLREADY done that
  • Jungkook: yea but everyone loved it so let's do it again
  • Jimin: uhH what are we doing, a song?
  • Rapmon: yEs jimin
  • Jimin: well what about, a LOVE song
  • Suga: ooooo about who jimin ??
  • Jimin: my angel
  • Suga: omg
  • Jimin: my love
  • Suga: jimin bby
  • Jimin: you are my muse. I could write a million songs about you. how I don't want another pretty face. I don't want just anyone to hold. I don't want our love to go to waste. I want you....and your beautiful soul.
  • Suga: jimin....that...that was beautiful. *starts crying* I don't think anything has ever touched my thug heart so deeply
  • V: jimin, it must be true love if you can just come up with lyrics like that
  • Jungkook: hyung, your words are like a shining light!
  • J-hope: I think we found our new song, right leader?
  • Rapmon: I'm going solo bye

Peter Capaldi:  The Doctor and the Master are old friends.  Just friends.

Michelle Gomez:  They really like each other, but it’s not romantic.

Steven Moffat:  The Doctor and Master are clearly, obviously, passionately, obsessively IN LOVE and they snog all day and make love across the universe because they are so very, very, very IN LOVE.  

Capaldi:  But-


Gomez:  They’re really-

Moffat:  In love. 

Moffat: With each other.  

Moffat: Romantically. 

Moffat:  Doctor/Master 5eva.  OTP. 10/10. Would ship again.

not sure if anyone cares, but here are my ships so far in sense8:

1.  nomi/amanita (OTP 5eva holy shit)
2.  lito/hernando
3.  kala/wolfgang
4.  riley/will

i don’t know if any of this is going to last except for nomi/amanita, ‘cause i’m only on episode four and half of these characters have just sang with each other and nothing else, but this is what i’m feeling so far.

The highlight of the John Barrowman panel

John was asked who his best on screen kiss was. He answered unequivocally Gareth (Ianto).

The reason?

Because Gareth is very very straight and John could still get a certain *reaction* out of him.

“I may not have the parts you want but I can still turn you on.” Otherwise known as the moment where the line between character and actor becomes irreparably blurred.

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What's your favorite guilty pleasure activity to indulge in with a loved one?

I love making Ian watch Gilmore Girls and Dawson’s Creek with me on a semi regular basis and choose teams. Team Jess (though he did out me for lowkey loving Dean), Team Luke and Lorelai are OTP goals, Team Pacey 5eva. He also has to sing the theme songs with me every time.

Hannibal Re-Catch: Aperitif

This is the first installment of my Hannibal Season 1 re-watch recap (re-catch) project. This week I watched Aperitif, and let me tell ya, this one was a PIVOTAL episode.

Will Graham had a nightmare, sweated, and GOT TOO CLOSE. It was HEAVILY IMPLIED that Hannibal is indeed a CANNIBAL. Jack made promises that HE COULDN’T KEEP. SYMBOLISM abounded. BLOOD was everywhere.

Major characters were introduced and put into IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS.


(Will x Aspirin OTP 5EVA)

I’ll re-visit the very first episode of Hannibal and view it through the lens of the entire series so far. So that means spoilers, a lot of them. Okay, here goes.

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Okay so for the ship thing I pick Spamano because they are literally my OTP

Eli, anon, Spamano is also my OTP 5eva.  Here you go, both of you! :)

1. who hogs the duvet: Antonio, without a doubt. Lovino wakes up often, freezing his butt off, and complains about Antonio being a duvet hog while Toni just laughs.

2. who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Antonio, again. He’s just the more overtly affectionate of the two.

3. who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Both, just differently. Antonio’s gifts can be elaborate and silly, Lovino’s presents tend to be smaller and more unique. Lovino will get you that antique vase you fell in love with on your third date, Antonio will get a marching band and a surprise trip to a tropical island. Both are good, just differently good.

4. who gets up first in the morning: both of them hate mornings, but Lovino actually rises earlier (it’s kinda canon tbh that the Italies wake up late, but not at late as Spain haha).

5. who suggests new things in bed: Antonio. He’s more curious anyway, and not half as shy as Romano.

6. who cries at movies: Lovino, that cry baby.

7. who gives unprompted massages: LOVINO, THAT SLY BABY ;D

8. who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Antonio is fussy about a sick Lovi, but on the rare occasion Antonio falls ill, Lovino becomes really protective because he hates seeing strong and vibrant Antonio feeling down. To him, that is just plain wrong in his head.

9. who gets jealous easiest: Lovino, because Spain is a cheerful idiot and everyone flocks to him. Sometimes Lovino’s insecurities means he feels a little left out, and also very possessive.

10. who has the most embarrassing taste in music: ANTONIO LIKES THE WORST KIND OF POP MUSIC OKAY. Lovino only listens to the classics, because he’s CLASSY, thank you very much.

11. who collects something unusual: Lovi, probably. I headcanon him as being pretty observant so he usually picks up anything he likes. Eg: shells, coins, pretty parchments, whatever. He keeps all of this in a box in his cupboard.

12. who takes the longest to get ready: Lovino, obviously. He’s a diva.

13. who is the most tidy and organised: Antonio. Lovino hates cleaning, he always has.

14. who gets most excited about the holidays: BOTH

15. who is the big spoon/little spoon: Antonio is the big spoon haha.

16. who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: OMFG Antonio. In any AU or even canon, I imagine Antonio has a lot of residual competitive spirit (because of the empire) and he gets very into any game or sport and has a fierce, terrifying desire to win. Lovino finds it really hot.

17. who starts the most arguments: Lovino starts, but when Antonio get’s annoyed, he can be just as pissy.

18. who suggests that they buy a pet: Thanks to Antonio, they already have two turtles, a kitten and a bull.

19. what couple traditions they have: Making dinner. They do it together, working like a team, moving around each other as they chop and dice and fry and stir, not needing to say a word because they KNOW what the other is doing. Their friends find it a little eerie how in-tune they are, but for them, it’s a silent and effective bonding activity that is very de-stressing.

20. what tv shows they watch together: America’s Next Top Model. They are trash. Lovino comments on the clothes and Antonio cheers at the drama.

21. what other couple they hang out with: Gerita, and Gilbert and Francis, who aren’t a couple but they’re always around and Lovino can never shake them.

22. how they spend time together as a couple: They’re very attached to each other. Even if they don’t go on fancy dates or vacations, they make sure to just spend time with each other, even if it’s something as domestic as watching TV or cuddling or shopping for furniture. When they spend too long apart they really miss each other. This doesn’t mean they’re dependent on each other or anything, because that’s lame, but they just really, really enjoy being together. 

23. who made the first move: you know it was Antonio. He tried all of Francis’s horrible flirting techniques until Lovino just burst out laughing and agreed to go out with him.

24. who brings flowers home: Antonio buys Lovino bouquets because he’s a giant romantic goof. Lovino goes to the garden sometimes when he’s alone, plucks out some tiny, pretty flowers, and makes Antonio a flower crown as a surprise. He knows his idiot likes that sort of thing.

25. who is the best cook: Lovino thinks he’s the best cook. Antonio disagrees, and thinks he is the best cook. They often compete.