otp 5eva

Marry me, Tess. Marry me and be Tessa Herondale. Or be Tessa Gray, or be whatever you wish to call yourself, but marry me and stay with me and never leave me, for I cannot bear another day of my life to go by that does not have you in it.
—  Will Herondale. Clockwork Princess.

Peter Capaldi:  The Doctor and the Master are old friends.  Just friends.

Michelle Gomez:  They really like each other, but it’s not romantic.

Steven Moffat:  The Doctor and Master are clearly, obviously, passionately, obsessively IN LOVE and they snog all day and make love across the universe because they are so very, very, very IN LOVE.  

Capaldi:  But-


Gomez:  They’re really-

Moffat:  In love. 

Moffat: With each other.  

Moffat: Romantically. 

Moffat:  Doctor/Master 5eva.  OTP. 10/10. Would ship again.

potcpoi  asked:

Shaw and Root for the meme thingy!


Otp: Shaw/Root 5eva

Brotp: Shaw/Bear or Shaw/Reese

Ot3: I have a new appreciation for Shaw/Root/Machine after the finale.

Notp: Shaw/Harold nope.


Otp: Root/Shaw ahhhh

Brotp: Root/Harold

Ot3: Shaw/Root/Machine again.

Notp:  Root and any  human that’s not Shaw, honestly. 

The highlight of the John Barrowman panel

John was asked who his best on screen kiss was. He answered unequivocally Gareth (Ianto).

The reason?

Because Gareth is very very straight and John could still get a certain *reaction* out of him.

“I may not have the parts you want but I can still turn you on.” Otherwise known as the moment where the line between character and actor becomes irreparably blurred.

showing the roommate “gargoyles.”  she has never seen it.  it’s been awhile for me.

we watched all 5 episodes of “awakenings” to start.  it made me so happy

at the end of the 4th episode she said (re: elisa) “aww, she has a little monster gargoyle crush.”

in my head i was like girl, you have no idea of the heights of their epic love.  just wait.

goliath & elisa otp 5eva.

Proof That No Ship Is Perfect

Alright since some people seem to think they’re ship is so great and loves bashing on others ships and their issues I’m just gonna point out a few things about the Top 4 Ships in the Fandom to basically show that not every ship is perfect and so that people can stop acting like a ship is too problematic and feel that theirs is not.

I am sorry if this comes off as rude. I don’t really know how it’ll come across as so I wanted to make a small notice before I go into this.


Let’s talk about how in Pluto Farkle indirectly calls Riley stupid.

Let’s talk about how he gave her an ultimatum about her own relationship.

Let’s talk about how Riley who promised not to laugh at his name poked fun at it (Unintentionally but still…).

Let’s talk about how Farkle of all people Mr. Always walked away from Riley and had the nerve to blame Riley for their first day of High School being bad (Are we forgetting he walked away from her while she was crying as well…I know some of you did).

Let’s talk about how Farkle who was also picked on for being himself is/was a part of the Riley Committee.


Let’s talk about how Lucas poked fun of Maya’s homelife

Let’s talk about how Maya pokes fun of Lucas’s home life and Family

Let’s talk about how Maya didn’t support Lucas’s decision to ride the bull. And then gave him an ultimatium. 

Let’s talk about how Maya dumped a smoothie on Lucas for just simply talking about something important to him. On their First Date which is typical awkward for most already.

Let’s talk about how Lucas walked away from Maya in GMHS


Let’s talk about how Lucas didn’t believe Riley could make the Cheerleading Team. Despite the fact that Riley who had her doubts about the bull still supported him  and had faith he could do it despite past events saying otherwise.

Let’s talk about the fact that Riley wasn’t up front with Lucas during the whole Texas-New Years Debacle (I understand why and while I support it, it was wrong to ignore his feelings)

Let’s talk about how Lucas walked out on Riley in GMHS1 for doing something he has done to her. Why is it when she doesn’t believe he can do something it’s wrong but when he does it it’s a-okay when they were both worrying about the others well being.

Let’s talk about how Lucas calls Riley a loser (And I want so badly to excuse this because I get it was a joke but Reactions are everything)

Let’s talk about how Lucas who is officially Riley’s boyfriend is a part of the Riley Committee (I blame how the episodes air. Either way it’s wrong though so…)


Let’s talk about how Riley takes jabs at Maya/Her home life/Her intelligence

Let’s talk about how Maya pokes fun at Riley’s intelligence, her personality knowing how insecure the girl is.

Let’s talk about the fact that they always think they know how the other feels and often ignore what the other is actually saying (I.E: Rileytown and Texas) 

Let’s talk about the fact that Maya didn’t support Riley’s decision to try out for the Cheerleading Team and told her she wasn’t good enough (Now I get why she did it and while I find the honesty okay the way the situation was handeled in the beginning  was not okay)

Let’s talk about how Maya is a part of the Riley committee.

Now in no way am I saying any of these ships are Toxic or severely Problematic. What I’m saying is that these pairings, the most popular pairings have their issues as many couples do and the fact that so many people act like their ship is fucking perfect pisses me off because that not only erases canon but gives off unrealistic expectations of relationships. Every couple will have their issues and that is something that can’t really be argued. It’s something that should be looked at and worked on. Instead, people ignore the fu*k out of their ships issues and attack other ships on theirs WTF. I’ll tell you now no ship is perfect, no matter how perfect you think your ship is it isn’t. So can we all just collectively put a stop to this now.