otp 4 ever and ever


It’s my wish, that she would choose me as her warrior.


I love this so much, Noorhelm has and will always be my favorite couple on television!! 

One thing I love the most about this is that around anybody else, Williams comes off as this strong guy. But around Noora he’s this soft, lovable, romantic guy. You can see it in the way he looks, hugs, and kisses Noora. 

I just love this so much!!! I’m so happy they gave us this before the SKAM finale. 


Drake’s Deception // A Thief’s End

GTKM Meme - [5/?] favorite relationships - Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher Drake

Elena: Doing the dishes? We take turns. Don’t even think about not coming back.

Nate: I love you.

Elena: Same to you, cowboy.

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"The heavens burn for you and I." alarkling 💕

He had thought she had fallen asleep. Alina was laying on her side, and even in the pale moonlight filtering through the window, he could see the marks he had left on her neck. The sight brought a small, wry smile to his lips. In the morning she might complain about them but this night she had wanted them, welcomed them. Besides the mark he had left on Alina was far more deeper than anything that could ever be visible to anyone else. It wasn’t something that would simply fade away with time.

“The heavens aren’t for us,” he finally replied, his fingers tracing the curve of her neck. “We have no place there.” Heaven wasn’t something Aleksander had really believed in either. It seemed like the coward’s way out, to idealize something to the point where it became impossible. It seemed like an escape and Aleksander refused to run away. He was going to change the world by her at his side, he wasn’t going to look for a way out. 

“Sankta Alina-” she finally said the words. “That’s what they call me. Are you telling me there is no place for saints in heaven?” Aleksander couldn’t help but be amused by her words. After everything that had happened, everything they had seen together, did she really believe herself to be a saint? Or was she merely trying to hold onto whatever shreds of humanity he could. He had never cared much for humanity, it was a cage he had escaped long ago but it seemed it wouldn’t be that simple when it came to her. 

“You’re not a saint Alina,“ He replied dismissively, his lips curling in a sneer, amusement and contempt both equal in his tone, "You are not their martyr. You are not someone they remember only when they choose to. Only when they need you. You are not someone to be forgotten,” She didn’t reply for a long moment but he could feel some of the tension lifting from her shoulders. “Alina,” his voice was barely above a whisper as he traced the curve of her neck and hell, did he hate the slightly pleading tone in his voice, “Why would you want heaven when you can have an eternity with me?” It frustrated him, when she couldn’t see how what he was offering her. He heard the expel of breath right before she turned to face him. His fingers traced her jaw now.

“Aleksander..” for a single moment, his breath caught in his chest, moonlight illuminating her features. His name on her lips took root in a place deep within his chest. A niche he had deemed empty long ago because he had no use for it. He didn’t let her continue, only pulled her against him, expertly shutting down anything she would say. Her moans were answer enough for him.

She wanted nothing to do with heaven.