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I want more FanFiction lance in my life with more oblivious Keith while pidge constantly mocks him and read passages from his fiction. Lance is embarrassed and shiro goes protective brother mode and is like don't write about Keith in that way and Keith is like but the characters name is heath?? 👽😡

thank you for this, jealous anon 💜 i didn’t add shiro yet but there will be more to this, don’t worry lmao


Okay so I had this OTP prompt idea I thought I should share. It’s kinda long but listen.

It’s one of those soulmate AUs where the first words your soulmate says to you are written on your arm.

But Person A has always been confused because the words on their arm are in a different language.

This motivates A to spend years studying and learning the language and the cultures of whatever country that language is from.

They discover that the words on their arm mean “Are you alright?”

Later on, the time has come. It’s A’s first time visiting the country thay have been studying for years.

They’re on the train/subway, and they accidentally bump into Person B, who says in their native language, “Are you alright?”

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Imagine Pidge and Shiro holding a chubby baby. The cutest, chunkiest baby you have ever seen. With a t-shirt from Smash Mouth.

this is the greatest ask i’ve ever received AND the dumbest thing i’ve ever drawn, thank u anon

This is seriously the most precious thing I have ever seen.. 😭 It’s so genuine and beautiful. And that look they share before laughing! Wooh! I seriously love Yugyeom’s laugh!! Oh my dear.. 😚❤️❤️YugBam was/is soaring!!