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All the unofficial dates for the trailer has made me feel so disappointed but also betrayed??? But tbqh, nothing compares to the betrayal that I felt when I started watching S1 and realized that Eva and Noora weren’t girlfriends. NOTHING!!!!!  i don’t even know why I thought that they were together in the first place???!!!! But I think it all started when i watched the S3 scenes on youtube, and I don’t know why but the recommended video was a clip of the christmas episode, and Noora/Eva were there..and I was like ‘okay so they are together then’. 

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Clary Fray x Isabelle Lightwood

“Sweet mother, I cannot weave –
slender Aphrodite has overcome me
with longing for a girl.”

- Sappho (transl. Diane Rayor)

It doesn’t matter whether Bellamy was going to tell Clarke he loves her or not. What matters is that writers wanted us to THINK he was going to tell Clarke he loves her, or at least consider the possibility.

I’m seeing some debates going around and what I have to say is the following: the whole “unspoken/interrupted love confession” is a HUGE romantic trope and it’s the first thing I thought of, as did, obviously many other people.

The writers weren’t being misleading, you guys. Because it truly doesn’t matter what words were about to come out of Bellamy’s mouth because they knew exactly where our minds were going to go.