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Watch Me Touch Myself

Words: 2,801

Rating: Mature (Aged-up characters)


After the Snow Ball, Eleven and Hopper are back to staying hidden, but Hop lets her see her friends once per month to keep her satisfied. A little fluff regarding those monthly meet ups plus a heated night!


Eleven is getting more powerful and one night while using her powers she stumbles upon a horny Mike ;)

Jim Hopper had everything under control, everything figured out. The rules where back and fully active and Eleven would continue to stay hidden for another year. BUT! When he saw how disciplined, and pleased at the same time, El was after seeing her friends again and going to the Snow Ball with Mike, she stopped counting days, she followed the rules, she didn’t act like a prisoner or a little brat anymore and wouldn’t make a big fuss if Jim forgot to inform her on extra busy days that he wouldn’t be home for a couple more hours, like she did the last days before running away to search for her mother, he promised her that she could go outside once every month, after dark, preferably to one of the boys’ homes, and be back before dawn, preferably brought back by one of the parents or Jonathan. And that promise was a true promise. One he would never break. Oh, and TV at all times.

Three months had passed since the Snow Ball and the year was now 1985. She missed Mike more and more as the day of their future meeting was getting closer and the day of their last meeting was getting further away. She had craved to touch him again from the moment their eyes met through his living room window that night she killed the Demogorgon, and the day she came back from Chicago she got to do it. To actually hold him and be held by him, finally, not just observe him one-sidedly without him knowing with the help of her psychic powers and then turn him into smoke every time she tried to touch him. When they pulled apart she noticed there was a height difference now, one she wasn’t used to before, but grew to love instantly, and he felt bigger, stronger in her arms making her feel protected and safe. 

At the Snow Ball they had kissed again. She had tried to do so the day they reunited, but had failed due to the circumstances that surrounded them. One of these circumstances being Jim calling her name seconds before their lips could touch. Maybe she wasn’t completely sure what kissing meant even now, but the people inside the television, “actors” said Jim’s voice in her mind, were doing it when they loved each other, and quite frankly that’s how she felt around Mike. Their first kiss might have been unexpected, but the one at the ball was definitely desired by both sides. When it was time to leave and go back to staying hidden from the world, Mike had taken her hand and hauled her away from the gym, where the dance floor was, and to the north wing of the school. At first he looked like he was struggling to find the words to express himself avoiding to meet her eyes, but El knew. She could read him like an open book.

“I’m not going away ever again, Mike.”

She reached out with her hand to cup his cheek lifting his face so he could see in her eyes that she truly meant it. Then she stood on her tip toes rising herself a little higher and he leaned closer. They kissed, but this time it was deeper. After the first peck, he came in with force, crushing their lips together, his arms coming to hug her waist, pushing her against the corridor wall. She felt the tip of his tongue asking for permission to enter her mouth causing her eyes to fly wide open at the new sensation and her mouth to shyly open up. Her body seemed to know how to react better than she thought, imitating Mike’s motions effortlessly pushing her tongue in when he took his out. Her hand, which was still placed at the side of his face, moved to the back of his neck pulling him closer. He tasted like strawberry punch and she couldn’t get enough. It was kind of sloppy and sometimes their teeth bumped, but no one seemed to care. His hand came up to hold her face tilted and he pressed their bodies together, while El’s hand smoothly made its way under his suit and ended up on top of his chest, burning a hand-like hole through his shirt with her petite palm. Suddenly, steps startled them and they glanced flushed at their direction trying to make out who it was.

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That moment you’re about to verbally drag your future ass of a father in-law through the mud because, he messed with your future husband.

“Deku, out.” -cue mic drop-


Protect Todoroki Shouto 2017, Co-Founder and President Deku

Cute OTP prompts are nice...

But what about the bad days?

  • Who loses it first in a fight? Who starts yelling first?
  • Who puts their head down and just takes it, because they know the other just needs to get it out?
  • Who slams doors and yells and stomps away?
  • Or do they sigh and their shoulders slump, as they walk away, quietly shutting the door behind them? Because sometimes the silent disappointment is worse than any yelling
  • Who sleeps on the couch?
  • And who breaks the silent treatment first, apologising and begging for a hug?
  • Who breaks down into sobs, saying they aren’t worth it and why are you still here? And who is the one that hold the other, tells them they’re beautiful and that it’s going to be okay, because at the end of the day some stupid fight shouldn’t ruin years of smiles and happiness?
  • Is the makeup sex hard and rough and loud pinned up against the wall, biting and sucking marks into each other’s necks because this person is mine dammit
  • Or is soft kisses and apologies, gentle caresses and touches? Is it telling the other they’re beautiful and amazing and deserve to be loved?

Because lets be honest, relationships aren’t perfect, but what’s perfect is putting all that aside and loving each other no matter what

NNT episode 24

When Gowther is looking for his glasses in the most casual way as possible

Look at this:

Do you see it?



My shipper heart just exploded

Joseph Joestar x Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli

Kujo Jotaro x Noriaki Kakyoin

Higashikata Josuke x Kishibe Rohan

Guido Mista x Giorno Giovanna

Narciso Annasui x Kujo Jolyne

Gyro Zeppeli x Johnny Joestar

-Kaz booking the best suite in Ketterdam for Inej’s parents

-Inej inviting him to stay over to dinner on that first night

-Kaz almost refusing (he didn’t want to intrude on such an intimate family reunion) but Inej’s grip on his own hand is so tight that he can feel her anxiety and immediately wants to be there to support her. 

- All of them sitting on the floor of the large living room after dinner whilst Inej recounts everything that happened to her. 

- Inej completely breaking down when she comes to the bit about the Menagerie   and Kaz pulling her into his chest while she takes a moment to quietly sob. 

- Inej’s parents crying as well and thanking Kaz a thousand times for what he did for her, even though he tries (and fails) to convince them of how the merits of his decision was tactical and purely logical. 

- Inej finally calming down and then recounting her time with the Dregs and the job in the Ice Court. Telling her parents about all the lives that she has taken and insisting that the Saints will never forgive her. 

- Kaz not being able to bear this and outwardly insults the Saints as he attempts to console her, telling her that she is the most kindhearted and beautiful person that he has ever known and that the Saints can go and stuff themselves. 

- Inej’s parents not knowing what to make of this, but what they do know is that this Kaz Brekker is the one for their daughter.