30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 21 Cooking

L: How goes the battle?

K: No battle. I’m fine. I can read a recipe. I can make salsa. Go sit.

L: Is that how much cilantro you’re putting in it?

K: It’s how much the recipe calls for.

L: Don’t put that much in. It will taste like soap.

K: It won’t taste like soap.

L: Too much cilantro tastes like soap. How much garlic did you put in it?

K: The recipe called for two cloves. I put in two cloves.

L: You need to put in more than that.

K: What? Why?

L: Everyone knows you put in way less cilantro and way more garlic than the recipe calls for. I don’t make the rules.

K: I literally have the rules typed up in front of me. The recipe is the rules.

L: Extra garlic is an unwritten rule.

K: If you are supposed to put in more garlic, why wouldn’t it be a written rule? That makes no sense. Why would they leave out ingredients?

L: You can deviate from the recipe, Keith. Trust me.  

K: I am going to follow the recipe.

L: I’m calling Hunk…

Hunk says to put in more garlic. 

K: Argh. Fine. 

louis is just……… rly in love with harry. like nothing happened i was just thinking about it and he’s really in love with his boy & i think that’s nice i support their happiness, and their big family home with 2 dogs and a cat thank u

This is Allura exiting her cryopod during episode 1:

And this is Coran:

Allura eye’s are closed because, in this scene, she is literally ‘waking up.’ We know that Alfor knocked her out before putting her in the cryopod. But Coran’s eyes are open from the very beginning. This means that he willingly, consciously, stepped into the cryopod. Which raises a new question: Did he start the cryostasis process himself, or did he have help?

Judging by his solemn expression, controlled posture, and downward gaze- I’d wager that the last thing Coran ever saw was Alfor’s face.

also you know what else. harry rly loves louis & that’s so cute bc everything they do is for their happiness, and for each other and that’s so gross uhh i love crying over them and their love please join me i’m [snoop dogg voice] having a blast

imagine your OTP
  • i see a lot of cute otp shit like
  • person A: *rolls over in bed* you awake?
  • person B: *rolls over too* heh.. yep~ *kisses their nose*
  • *snuggles*
  • but where is the otp like
  • person A: *rolls over* are you awake?
  • person B: *violently flops over* bitch, the fuck you want?