So I accidentally deleted an anonymous ask(I’m sorry!), but they told me that Taehyung said that he didn’t know what a fanfic was and that fanfics in Korea are usually in private blogs and have to go through a process to read their writing. So, I think we’re all safe, especially cuz he can’t read english.

The Flower Soulmate Au

What if every time something tragic happens in your soulmate’s life, a flower appears on your body somewhere, and causes the same pain. Like a rose for physical pain, an arum-lily for illness, etc.

Imagine getting into a car crash. You’re okay, but the person in the other car isn’t. Suddenly, your arm has a large rose across it. You run towards the door of the other car and see piece of glass stuck in their arm while unconscious.

Imagine knowing who your soulmate is, and being at work before someone screams after getting a glance at you. When you ask what’s wrong, they simply show you a picture with a large rose across your face.

Imagine not knowing your soulmate, but you always have a jimmy weed behind your ear. You constantly get roses on your legs and arms, but they always leave unlike the jimmy weed. Imagine being at the pharmacy and someone has scars across their arms, and when their name is called, the prescription is for antidepressants.

Imagine having a large rose across your arm. It stays there forever, and never comes off no matter what you do. One day, you volunteer for veterans and meet someone with a missing arm that’s replaced. You’re in disbelief until you get pushed by accident and a large rose appears on their knee where you just so happened to be bleeding.

Imagine having a partner at war, and flowers are appearing everywhere over your body. When they return home, they have scars while you have roses.

Imagine kids falling on the playground, and other kids have roses while other have bruises.

Imagine not knowing your soulmate, but every once in awhile, roses form on your body in random places. You leave for a small diner when you hear someone rush in and sit at the end of the booth lines. You go to comfort them when you notice they have injuries, from what looks to be an abusive relationship, that mirror your flowers.

Imagine watching your soulmate get shot, and a deadly nightshade on your chest above your heart where they were shot. Imagining spending the rest of your life with the flower on your chest.


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