danisnotawizard asked:

Otoya x Syo

Im not sure which meme is, so I’m supposing it’s this one 

  • Leaves their dirty clothes on the floor: Probably Otoya or both. Syo can be unpredictable sometimes.
  • Forgets to run the dish washer: Definitely Otoya and of course Syo gets mad about it but then everything happy, yes.
  • Pumps gas for the car: Neither because they are underage?
  • Drives when they’re going somewhere: Neither, they can’t drive.
  • Rearranges the furniture: Otoya.
  • Falls asleep with the TV on: Otoya, and Syo hates it, he turn off the T.V and starts to pock him but Otoya doesn’t wake up, in fact he embraces Syo.
  • Gets to use the bathroom first: Syo, his look is important.
  • Decides the temperature for the ac/heater: Syo.
  • Sets up holiday decorations: Otoya, he is the enthusiastic, remembering how he used to decorate the Orphan.
  • Leaves the lights on: Both.
  • Uses the bathroom with the door open: Otoya? 
  • Fixes the plumbing (or calls the plumber): Otoya.