Yoshi ikuzo! Otosan, Miteite Kure!
Akira Kamiya
Yoshi ikuzo! Otosan, Miteite Kure!

Yoshi, ikuzo! Otosan, Miteite Kure!
“Here goes! Daddy, watch me now!”

- Kinnikuman with his Hyuuma Hoshi of “Star of The Giants” impression, often before round 2; Kinnikuman: Muscle Fight [fangame] (Matayan)

ps: let me know if i screwed up on the transcription or translations whenever I post non-English content. thanx.

Gajevy Week 2017: Gajeel of the Shinsengumi, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction
Some reincarnations are harder than others. Left behind in Kyoto at age five, Levy is a servant-girl in late Edo Japan (1864), at a time when girls are barely taught to write. When the Kyoto police known as the Shinsengumi raid the inn where she lives and works, how will she defend herself and her adopted family? Can she trust a certain black-haired, red-eyed police officer who seems to know magic when he sees it? Words: 2050

Bonus Prompt for January 31: AU (Alternate Universe)

Available at ff.net above or below under the image.

Chapter 1—Gajeel of the Shinsengumi

She couldn’t remember having a name other than Levy, and nobody called her that anyway. The first part wasn’t especially surprising, since under the laws of the Shogun, Lord Iemochi Tokugawa, only members of the samurai class were allowed to use a surname. The second part was also simply explained: the family that housed her, and more or less fed her, found the name ‘Levy’ too foreign for either safety or convenience; instead, they called her Aoi, meaning blue, which was the colour of her hair.

Levy remembered the day that her father had brought her to the Ikedaya, a mediocre inn found in the central part of the vast city of Kyoto. She didn’t know his name, because to her he had just been otosan,(1) but she wished he hadn’t left her in this place. He was the only person she’d ever known with hair like hers. Of course, he was probably dead now. It had been a dozen years since he had gone out to meet some friends and never come back. Ikeda-san was now the master of the house, instead of merely the heir. Levy didn’t like him much, but fortunately his mother was still alive and she had been the one to insist on keeping the girl in the first place. It was assumed that Levy’s father had been swallowed up by the dangerous streets of Kyoto like so many others.

The day had started out like many others: she’d gotten up before dawn, started the cooking fire, and taken her mistress her morning tea. At this point, Ikeda Keiko-san was the one person Levy cared about in the household. Keiko-san had been kind to Levy when her father hadn’t returned, and the only member of the family to return the tentative embraces of an affectionate child. There was a lot of gray in the woman’s hair now, but otherwise she wasn’t much changed. She had been stoic when her husband had died, but Levy thought that she was rather lonely, and didn’t approve much of her son’s friends. However, apart from refusing to be parted from Levy, she had acquiesced to all of her son’s orders: after all, he was a man and the head of the family.

“We have special guests arriving today, Aoi-chan,” Keiko remarked as she sipped her tea. “At least, my son thinks they are special, so he will want to have extra food and drink on-hand.”

“Yes, Keiko-san.”

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Hanzo leaving his daughter with genji because shimada assassin reasons, and the shimada clan thinks genjis dead

“No,” you sadly said, Hanzo knelt down in front of you and his hand gently held your shoulder, “You just came back.”

“I know,” he said, Genji keeping back and out of a personal moment, “I won’t be long.”

“Otosan,” you said - eyes beginning to water - and he pressed his forehead against yours.

“Your uncle is going to take care of you,” he pulled away, you turned around to look at the cyborg, “Say hi to Genji.”

You pouted as you turned around, hand raising to wave at your uncle. You walked forward with your bag, Genji bending down to pick it up for you. the two of you ambled into the Nepalese house. Hanzo just watched your retreated figure, his heart aching as he had to send you away.

A Babies!! On Ice tidbit:

After Koichi and Kyo win their first Junior Worlds, a documentary team makes a short feature called Dynasty: A Figure Skating Story. The film team basically descends on Kyushu for a week to follow around the twins and Yuuri and Viktor.

They’re expecting a super-serious environment where Viktor and Yuuri wake their kids up before dawn and have the twins on the ice before sunrise.

And they do get this, but instead of the almost-solemn tone they were expecting of the family, they get:

- Kyo and Koichi, age thirteen, arguing with their 20-year-old brother about the gender of the word “table” in German loudly across the tatami room;
-Mikhail, who has not slept because he has a Biology test on Monday morning, intermittently flicking sugar cubes at Koichi and Kyo as they argue with him. Every once in awhile, one of the twins will catch one in their mouth–Mikhail congratulates them genuinely on their good catch.
- Viktor spending ten minutes trying to get Yuuri out of bed. At one point, the cameras pick up Yuuri mumbling, “Why did we reproduce.”
- They finally get out the door at eight o'clock. Mikhail and Emma come with so they can get shots of the two of them on the sidelines. They have difficulty getting shots that aren’t Emma laughing at Koichi or Kyo falling–or Mikhail feverishly flipping pages in his book on the bleachers.
- “Could you maybe do part of one of your old programs for us?” the directors ask Viktor, and Viktor says something like, “Not if you want me to keep my ACL! But my husband will do one of his!”
-Every Nikiforov child in the building stopping what they’re doing to watch otosan skate.
- “Is it true that you ended your career because of your pregnancy with your eldest daughter?” They ask Yuuri, and Yuuri just tilts his head back and laughs hysterically.
- Kyo and Koichi go to a local competition where they try to play up the rivalry between Yuuri and his former home team competition Kenjiro Minami, but it’s difficult when Minami hugs Yuuri on sight and introduces him to his own students as “Japan’s Hero.”
- Kyo and Koichi are the picture of professionalism when on the ice, but immediately afterward are arguing in the kiss&cry over who gets to keep the eevee plush someone threw on the ice.
-“We make Katsudon when someone wins!” Viktor says, gleefully cutting up veg while Yuuri breads pork.
“Doesn’t that have a lot of empty calories?”
Every Nikiforov in the room gasps.
- They call Irina before bed and it mostly devolves into Yuri P. loudly demanding when his godbabies will visit him next.
-“Say hi to your sister everybody!”
“SEND ME MORE VODKA,” Mikhail screams over everyone else. “THE GOOD STUFF. YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKE.”

Editing the film is very, very hard…but hey, it goes to Sundance?

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Kakairu family dinner only a kage or some other powerful nin interups and Iruka has absolutely none of it.

“Kakashi, please, this is the first everyone’s been home all at once,” Iruka argued to the pouting Kage, dragging his feet through the apartment.

He sighed and stood straight. “You’re right. I just can’t help worrying about-”

“No, no work today,” Iruka interrupted. “We both promised.”

He nodded. With their home clean and table set it wasn’t long until there was a knock on the door.

Iruka greeted Hinata and Naruto with wide smiles and happy hellos. “Thank you for having us over, Otosan.”

Iruka nodded, still getting used to being called that. 

“Yo, Kakashi-sensei,” Naruto said loudly walking towards the table. 

Sakura wasn’t far behind Naruto and his wife and all the happy voices in one place made Iruka’s heart swell.

It had felt like ages since he’d known family like this.

There was another knock on the door well into dinner and they all looked curiously around the table.

“Did you invite someone else?” Iruka asked.

Kakashi shook his head and got up to see who it was. “O-oh, Tsuchikage-sama,” he laughed awkwardly. “You weren’t expected to arrive until tomorrow.”

“Well, that certainly explains the lack of welcome,” the old man crossed his arms.

“We’re so sorry to bother you at home, Hokage-sama,” the female advisor bowed her head. 

“I’m not,” the old man grumbled. “We came a long way to have an audience with you.”

“I- I know,” Kakashi rubbed the back of his head, he looking into the apartment at an unamused Iruka. He cringed through his smile. “N-now isn’t the best time though Tsuchikage-sama.”

The man passed the Hokage, inviting himself in. “Ah, dinner with friends. Well, I’m sure the business involving our nations is much more important than-”

“No,” Iruka said strongly, standing from the table, “no, damnit! We aren’t friends we’re family and you can’t go dragging him away from us.”

They all stared in shock at the outburst.

“’Ruka… he’s-”

“I know who he is! I know who you are! And Naruto and Sakura and all of us! This is the first time in months we have all been in the same room so sit your ass in that chair, Hatake.”

Kakashi looked back and forth between his angry lover and the Rock Village Leader.

Iruka sighed. “Tsuchikage-sama, you and your advisor are welcome to join us but we’re not talking about work today. We all promised.”

The old man looked at the Hokage and his panic, troubled, expression. He nodded. “T-thank you for your hospitality.” 

And the evening went on as planned.


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Prompt: One of the Victuuri Kids sleeps through something that should be impossible to sleep through (speaking from personal experience: a cheering crowd at a hockey game, a tent collapsing on them, parent's thunderous snoring, etc)

The thunder storm starts around five AM, which is much earlier than the weather man predicted–the foul weather wasn’t supposed to start until mid-afternoon. Yuuri is woken by a clap of thunder, conditioned by seven years of parenting to wake up at the slightest provocation. Next to him, Viktor stirs as well with a slight start, a jerk of his stomach muscles that Yuuri feels against his own person.

“T’mm sit?” Viktor mumbles against Yuuri’s shoulder.

“Ehh?” Yuuri whines into his arm, trying to burrow his forehead into the curve of Viktor’s elbow.

“What time is it?” Viktor enunciates very slowly this time, and Yuuri reluctantly lifts his hand to find his phone. 

“Five o’clock,” Yuuri croaks. He drags himself up into a half-sitting position, Viktor’s arm still draped over his lap, and reaches towards his reading light. He flips the switch several times before realizing that it isn’t coming on. He croaks, “Oh shit, the power’s out.”

Viktor groans somewhere near his hip. “So this is what we pay the electric company for. To go off in the middle of a storm.”

Yuuri brushes his hand over Viktor’s hair, thinner at the top now than it was twelve years ago. Viktor is currently trying to find a style of hat that both doesn’t make him look like an old man, and also doesn’t explicitly say I have a bald spot. Yuuri, personally, thinks Viktor’s hair makes him look distinguished. There is of course no convincing Viktor of this.

“You think the kids are okay?” Yuuri mumbles. He leans across Viktor to pick the baby monitor up off his nightstand. Viktor came to bed late last night, something to do with some business he had in New York and the time difference, and he brought the baby monitor to bed with him long after Yuuri had already fallen asleep. Yuuri examines the monitor, which shows Emma’s little chest rising and falling in sleep. “Baby monitor’s still working. Emma looks like she’s okay. But Irishka–”

Like she’s been summoned by her name, Irina pokes her head around the door. Her hair, which Viktor plaits carefully before bed every night, is mused and falling out of its tie, a sure sign that she has either been tossing and turning or has woken up from a nightmare. In weather like this, it could be either one. Sometimes it feels like storms are right above their heads, on the top floor of this huge building in the middle of Saint Petersburg.

“Papa,” she says, tugging on the bottom of her nightgown. “Otosan.”

“Come here, Bunny,” Viktor says, and holds out his arms. Irina, barefoot, crosses the cold floor to their bed and crawls on from the end. She huddles into Viktor’s arms, and he pulls the blankets up to their shoulders as she bundles her freezing little feet underneath him for warmth. Yuuri takes the tie out of Irina’s hair and untwists it, so that he can run his fingers through it and soothe her. Viktor will rebraid it later, if he wants, or comb the sleep-tangles out if he doesn’t. 

“I don’t like the storm,” Irina mumbles into Viktor’s neck eventually, and Viktor rubs her back.

“I know,” Viktor murmurs. “It’s okay, Irishka. You’re safe with Papa and Otosan.”

“Music?” Irina asks hopefully, and Viktor retrieves his phone from the nightstand. Yuuri smiles when he selects Clair de Lune.

“Your papa skated to this song before you were born, Irina,” Yuuri tells her, stroking a hand down her back. “Way before you were born. I wasn’t much older than you when I saw him do it. I was watching television with Baba and Jiji, and it was past my bedtime but they let me stay up because I was so excited to watch the competition–and I remember seeing your Papa skate onto the ice. He was wearing a dark blue costume, and when it caught the light it sparkled. He looked like the stars.”

“Wow,” Irina murmurs, and presses her little hand to Viktor’s face. “Really?”

“Really.” Yuuri kisses her head. “And guess what? His hair was as long as yours.”

“Really?” Irina giggles. “Did it touch your butt like mine does, Papa?”

“It did,” Viktor chuckles. “I had to braid it every night before bed, like I do yours. Mine wasn’t as thick as yours, though. And not nearly as pretty.”

“Don’t believe him,” Yuuri murmurs into her ear, and she giggles again. “It was just as beautiful as yours. He looked like something out of a storybook. Like a prince, or a fairy.”

Viktor’s smile is hidden by Irina’s forehead. He might be blushing. 

Thunder claps again. From down the hall, someone screams.

“Mishka,” Viktor says, eyes wide and concerned.

Yuuri springs out of bed and sprints out of the bedroom, navigating his way into Mikhail’s room through sheer muscle memory. It’s so dark in the hallway that he almost can’t see his own feet moving. 

Mikhail is sitting up in bed, wailing and clutching his blankets. He shrieks when Yuuri comes into the room, and drops the blankets to hold out his flailing arms.

“Mishka!” Yuuri coos, scooping him up. “Mishka, it’s okay. I’m here, it’s okay. The storm can’t hurt you, baby. You’re okay. Shh.” Mikhail’s hands are clawing at him like a scared cat–Yuuri hikes him further up, feels his son’s legs wrap around his waist like a vice. He presses kiss after kiss to Mikhail’s hair, and clutches him hard with his right arm, reaching towards the head of his bed with the left. “Mishka, here–do you want Miki-chan? Hold Miki-chan, sweetheart.”

Miki-chan is a teddy bear bought for him by Uncle Yuri, who apparently thought it was incredibly important for Mikhail to have a teddy bear also named Mishka. Something about ‘Mishka’ being another word for teddy bear in Russian. 

Mikhail clutches Miki-chan as Yuuri carries him into the bedroom. Viktor and Irina watch him climb into bed, and Yuuri rolls so that Mikhail is also in the middle, between him and Viktor. 

“Mishka,” says Irina, poking him in the back. “It’s okay, Mishka. Listen to the music.” She takes Viktor’s phone and holds it close to Mikhail’s ear. “See? Music.”

Mikhail wails and slaps it away.

“Hey!” Irina says. “That was mean! Papa–”

“Kids,” Viktor says, firm. “Stop it.”

They eventually settle. Yuuri can tell from the shimmering of Mikhail’s eyes that he isn’t asleep, but he’s quiet. Irina is breathing slow and deep against Viktor’s chest. Yuuri reaches over Viktor’s shoulder and examines the monitor again.

“She’s still asleep,” Yuuri mumbles, blinking away the sleep trying to tug at his eyes. “Should I go get her?”

“No reason in moving her if she’s okay,” Viktor replies. “Besides, I’m not sure she’d fit right now anyway.”

“You’re not wrong,” Yuuri sighs, and kisses Mikhail’s head as he settles against the pillows. “We can’t have anymore kids. Our bed’s too small.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Viktor chuckles, maybe a little coy. “I think I could stand to have one more.”

Yuuri doesn’t really reply, but it could be because he falls asleep.

In the morning, surprised that he was able to fall back asleep, Yuuri strikes out a hand for the baby monitor.

“I can’t believe this,” Yuuri says, and rewinds the recording to make sure. “Viktor. Viktor, look.”

Viktor startles awake. “Huh?!”

“Look.” Yuuri holds out the monitor, thumb held down on the rewind button. He’s going to have to delete so much video–the thunder storm kept the sound-activated recording running all night. “Viktor. She didn’t move. The whole night. She wasn’t even bothered.”

When Yuuri flips the monitor back to real time, Emma’s eyes are open. Her arms are wiggling in the vague direction of her mobile. She looks completely undistressed.

“She gets it from you,” they both say at the same time.


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White Family SoftBank Dog CM #038. “Aya Mistakes Otou-san” Japanese Commercial [ENG SUB]

“Aya Mistakes Otou-san” 


Ah! Father! This is just, uh, my Free Friend, Masao.
Sir, I deeply appreciate always being able to call your daughter free of charge.
You aren’t angry, are you?
You can rest assured that our relationship is completely wholesome!
Hey! You’re talking to an ordinary white dog!
For crying out loud…
Ah! So this is your father. Excuse me!
Aya, were your eyes so fixed on him that you couldn’t even recognize your own father?
Oh gosh, Mom!
Let me treat the two of you to lunch.
Ah, but…!
It’s fine! Let’s go!
Well then, shall we?
Hey, where are you going!?
Hey! Wait for me!
Don’t you come too!

Commercials are great, quick resource to brush up on your Japanese listening comprehension! Not to mention Japanese commercials are (barely) arguably the best in the world!

“I think it’s adorable how Sarada is the only one from her generation who calls her parents “Papa” and “Mama” instead of the more formal “Otosan” and “Okasan”. And then it hits me, the fearsome and legendary Sasuke Uchiha has a daughter who calls him “Papa” XD”

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hello! your softbank cms are incredibly helpful for my listening comprehension. i can actually understand some of the words or sentences they're saying here and a lot of times, the cms are really funny and made me laugh.

I wouldn’t say they are mine, I just provide a translation alongside the original Japanese script! I’m glad that they help though; the whole process is pretty time-consuming but I started doing it first as a passion project because I really love the series and more recently because a lot of others seem to enjoy it too! 

For the unengaged, here’s a compilation of most of the first 32 episodes, so ぜひ check out one of the coolest advertising campaigns ever!