otona no kagaku

Otona no Kagaku Magazine Vol. 25 Twin-Lens Reflex Camera

Finally! Completed assembling this beauty, can’t wait to shoot my first roll with it++++++ S-excitement! Just wish it came with this lovely leather strap too, i mean, they included every single bit (including a tiny magnetised screw driver:) and interchangeable skins bbbbut, no love to complete the set with a simple leather strap, arg. Not to complain though, I really love how helpful + easy it was building this gizmo! I mean, shennanigans! Just looking at the number of parts + the fact that all the instructions were in japanese, I almost copped out (l-a-z-y), but they lovingly sent an english version over (not that I would’ve needed it cause honestly, these vector-drawn instructions were accurate to a teeeeeeeeeeeeee-rrific-ity), love them intensively detail-oriented japanese! ++++

Alright, all I wish is for some sun in this dreary, wet-weathered town to properly test-drive my new TLR toy. Fingers crossed, a toutte!