Crushes and Tickles

A/N: Ooomg so I couldn’t resist doing a Hinata rare pair-fic with that week going on. After asking you guys I even made it harder for myself because I liked all pairings (diehard Hina-shipper ftw), but then I got the suggestion for Iwaizumi x Hinata and ooomg I could find ZERO fanarts and stuff and I thought this is it! One of the rarest of rarepairs, so let’s give them some tickly attention:D

Summary: Hinata has had a crush on Iwaizumi for a while now, and when they share a stretching session after a practice match together, he’s taking his first step closer to him - in a most unusual and ticklish way.

Word Count: 1324

Hinata wasn’t sure how it exactly started. What had started off as a feeling of a certain fear towards the dark haired Seijoh ace, actually grew into some sort of admiration. 

Along the way, it changed into a state of a racing heart and red cheeks whenever he’d see him, and by now the Karasuno decoy was pretty sure it had developed in a huge, unhealthy and heartaching crush on him.

“Line up!” Hinata quickly tore his gaze away from Iwaizumi, and he followed the team to stand in a line across from the Seijoh players after having a practice match.

While the captains and coaches blurted out some formal words, he let his eyes glide in Iwaizumi’s direction again. How could he not like him? He looked cool, handsome, he was dedicated and a formidable player. It’s just that they never exchanged words. Hinata was that hopeless when it came to love.

“-stretching partner of the other team!” Hinata could only vaguely hear the last words that Daichi said, and he quickly shook his head to pull himself back to earth. Wait, what? He watched how Kageyama and Oikawa basically sprinted towards one another, seemingly determined to crack each other’s bones.

Kindaichi and Tsukishima made a pair too, actually looking like a match made in heaven.

Asahi and Noya, and Hanamaki and Matsukawa, the four of them were having some sort of conversation that looked like a serious, dramatic partner switch, and Seijoh’s libero Watari was in talks with Suga while Yahaba forcefully pushed Kyoutani in Tanaka’s direction.

“Shall we begin?” Turning his head, Hinata gulped when Iwaizumi stood right in front of him, and he froze while his face turned bright red. Ack! Of all people!

“Ye-yeh-yees!” he cried out. Iwaizumi smirked, this little guy was totally not being subtle.

“You can go first!” Hinata said quickly when he received a questioning look, and Iwaizumi nodded, sitting down and stretching his legs. Blushing nervously, Hinata placed his hands against his back and started to push.

“You can go harder,” Iwaizumi said, allowing unwanted thoughts to infiltrate Hinata’s usually innocent mind, and the decoy sputtered and nodded.

“Y-y-yes!” Stretching-move after move, Hinata was awarded with the opportunity of touching his crush freely, and his heart pounded against his chest.

“Why are you always so tense around me, Shou?” Iwaizumi asked. Shou?

“H-Hinata’s fine,” Hinata mumbled, subtly trying to avoid his question while he felt his ears getting just as hot as his cheeks. So he noticed after all…

“Does it make you uncomfortable if I’m being too familiar? But you’re always looking at me, I guess it must’ve created a bond.” Iwaizumi said with a playful wink that made Hinata nearly melt into a puddle.

“E-eh? No waaay y-you’re clearly mistaken!” Hinata’s voice sounded squeaky and nervous, and Iwaizumi grinned a little. He was so cute. He himself wasn’t normally like this, but seeing him getting all flustered was really entertaining somehow. 

“Alright, your turn,” he sighed as he finally got up after some minimal stretches, and Hinata quickly took a step back.

“Nonono I’m fine! R-really,” he mumbled.

“Of course not. Stretching after practice is just as important as before practice, you shouldn’t do that to your body. Come here.” Hinata squeaked when Iwaizumi grabbed him and forced him down onto the floor.

He felt how his crush took what was normally Kageyama’s task of allowing his muscles to relax, and he closed his eyes, feeling his body heat up because of nervosity. Iwaizumi had been questioning him with surprising directness. It couldn’t be that he knew…?

“You should stretch your legs more.” Gentle hands slid around the back of his knee, and Hinata’s body jerked in response. No, noooo.

“Shou? Are you okay?” Iwaizumi carefully squeezed him around the back of his knee to test if he was hurt or just sensitive, and a sweet giggle escaped Hinata’s lips.

“D-don’t! Please-” he tried to pull his leg free, and he blushed when Iwaizumi gave him this surprised look.

“I’m ticklish,” Hinata admitted when Iwaizumi’s long stare practically forced this confession out of him.

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Servamp: True Love

This is the fic I was talking to @otomiya-tickles about! I listened to the song True Love from Pink, and I just got the image of the greed pair in my head! So, I wrote a fic about it! I really hope you guys like it! 


It has been a while since Licht and Hyde began staying with Mahiru and Kuro, and truth be told, both of the greed pair were at their wits end. Kuro could not get one single quiet night because Hyde snored in his sleep, and Mahiru had to share his room with Licht since they would not share a room together. It’s been a while since Kuro got to cuddle with Mahiru, and the Eve could tell that Kuro was going to snap soon, and do something he’d regret later. So, when they were in the livingroom, playing on the xbox, and the greed pair were arguing once again, Mahiru paused the game, and put it down on the table, gaining everyone’s attention.

“Okay, that’s it!” Mahiru hissed out, pulling Kuro up with him. Kuro glanced at his Eve, and saw how furious he looked. It would be better to stay quiet, and let the brunette say what he had to say. Licht stared at Mahiru from the couch, while Hyde gotten up, and was looking at Kuro, who said nothing. “We can’t take it anymore! You two need to fix your problems! Until then, Kuro and I are going to be stay in OUR room, and you guys could share one! I don’t care if you fight!”

“But…” Hyde stammered, looking down at the glaring Licht. Mahiru felt his eye twitch, as he began to pull Kuro to their room. Hyde noticed the Servamp staying quiet, he probably didn’t want to face his Eve’s anger. When they were half way across the room, Hyde found his voice again, and complained. “How do you expect us to fix our problems!?”

“I don’t know, SING?! Just leave us alone!” Mahiru yelled, as he got to his room. The greed pair flinched when the door was slammed shut, and Hyde bit his lip. He knew now why Kuro chose to stay quiet. Swallowing, Hyde sat down, a little distance from his Eve, and sighed. Sing? Really? What would singing do and or fix?

Licht sighed as well, and spared a sideways glance at his Servamp. The blond looked troubled, which he wasn’t the only one. What did Mahiru mean by sing? Do people always sing their problems out? And if so, what song? Glancing around, Licht grabbed his phone, and looked through his playlist, and stopped when a certain song came to his attention. It wasn’t one he knew of, which means Hyde was on his phone, yet again. But he has heard it, and he knows the lyrics…maybe this will do. Taking a deep breath, Licht stood up, which made Hyde look at him, and turned to face his Servamp with a glare. It’s time.

“Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say. Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face,” Licht sung out, making Hyde’s eyes widen. He was really singing like Mahiru told him. Biting his lip, Hyde stood up, and read over what Licht said, glaring at him for saying he wanted to hit him, but Licht continued. “There’s no one quite like you, you push all my buttons down. But, I know life would suck without you.”

Raising his eyes at the last part, Hyde watched as Licht glared down at their shoes, as a slight red blush dusted over his cheeks. The Servamp glanced around, feeling awkward, but when his Eve glanced back at him head on again, he had no choice but to look him head on as well.

“At the same time, I wanna hug you. I wanna wrap my hands around your neck, you’re an asshole but I love you,” Licht sung out quietly, placing his hands into his hoodie’s pockets. Hyde swallowed back the smart remark he had, when Licht sighed out again, and looked down at their socked feet. “And you make me so mad I ask myself, why I’m still here, or where could I go. You’re the only love I’ve ever known, but I hate you, I really hate you. So much, I think it must be. True love, true love, it must be true love, and nothing else can break my heart like you.”

Having enough of keeping silent, Hyde stepped up into Licht’s face, and glared at him. Licht did the same, but gasped when the Servamp started humming the next beat to the song. Was he going to do, what he thought he was going to do. And when the blond opened his mouth, Licht snapped it shut, as his singing voice escaped his throat.

“Just once try to wrap your little brain around my feelings. Just once please try not to be so mean. Repeat after me now R-O-M-A-N-C-E-E-E,” Hyde mocked, dancing slowly around his Eve. Licht glared at him, watching him the whole entire time, but not saying anything. “Come on I’ll say it slowly, you can do it baby.”

Licht turned bright red when the words came out of Hyde’s mouth. Feeling his own face flushing, Hyde swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat, and continued circling around his Eve. Licht’s glare left his face, as he watched Hyde circle him a little faster then he did. When the Servamp stopped, Licht stared at him.

“At the same time, I wanna hug you. I wanna wrap my hands around your neck. You’re an asshole but I love you, and you make me so mad I ask myself. Why I’m still here, or where could I go. You’re the only love I’ve ever known, but I hate you, I really hate you. So much, I think it must be, true love, true love. Nothing else can break my heart like you.”

Feeling a little jealous, Licht remembered the feelings Hyde had on his one Eve. He knew that he would never be that girl, but it seemed like the Servamp was speaking his true feelings here for the first time. Biting back a scowl, Licht took his hands out of his pockets, and gently took Hyde’s in them. Flinching slightly, Hyde looked down, surprised, at their bound hands. He glanced back up at his Eve, and smiled softly.

“Why do you rub me up the wrong way? Why do you say the things that you say? Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be, but without you I’m incomplete,” Hyde whispered out, feeling a little emotion leak through his voice. Licht noticed, and frowned. He never seen the Servamp look shaken up like he did now. “I think it must be true love, true love. It must be true love, because nothing else can break my heart like…”

“True love, true love. It must be true love, and no one else can break my heart like you. No one else can break my heart like you, because no one else can break my heart like you,” the two finished the last line together, looking into each other’s eyes.

Biting his lip, Hyde tightened his grip on Licht’s hand, and glanced down at their feet. Licht did the same, but a small smile was gracing his face. Maybe Mahiru was right, maybe singing out their problems really did work. Making up his mind, Licht pulled his Servamp slightly to where Hyde was staying, making the other jolt in surprise, but smile when he figured out where they were going.

“It’s about time,” Kuro muttered from the door, once he heard the two stop singing, and a door closing. He figured the two finally solved their problems, because there was no yelling, fighting, or things breaking. Mahiru smiled from his bed, and reached for his table lamp. Kuro noticed this, and made his way back to his Eve’s bed. “How long do you think it will last?”

“Hmm…” Mahiru thought, smiling when Kuro got under the covers, and cuddled into his chest. Turning the light off, Mahiru laid down, and let the Servamp cuddle them closer together. Kuro let out a contented sigh, and closed his eyes. “Who knows, but let’s hope it’s for a while.”

Kuro smiled sleepily, but passed out, due to not being able to sleep much from his younger brother’s sleeping habit. Mahiru smiled at this, and closed his eyes too. He really hoped that they really did get along better. Combing his fingers through Kuro’s blue hair, the Eve kissed his forehead, before following his Servamp into wonderful sleep.

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Hi!!~ Could I request Kagehina with #18? :)

Haikyuu!! (Kagehina) - 18: “Call me that one more time, and see what happens.“  Today’s drabble! ^^ So, this one got a bit odd hehe, but this couple is odd in every way. 

“Hehehe, you’re so tall Kageyama!” Hinata hummed happily as he sat on Kageyama’s shoulders while he was being carried around, just randomly. They were taking a stroll around the park, and Hinata had suggested him to carry him for a bit, something he had always wanted him to do. So fine, why not.

“Yeah yeah, for how long do you wanna sit there anyway?” Kageyama asked, looking up at his boyfriend. Hinata didn’t reply but just smiled happily, his eyes sparkling when he saw the beautiful sight from so high.

“It’s so incredible I can be this high! You’re like a giant!” Hinata said, giggling happily.

“Stop it,” Kageyama muttered, not liking where this was going with the nicknames.

“But from up here I realize even more what a big person you are Kageyama! And with your scary personality, hehe, how about a titan from Attack on Titan? You’re totally one!” Hinata laughed, playfully tapping his hands against Kageyama’s head.

“A titan? Call me that one more time, and see what happens.” Kageyama clenched his hands around Hinata’s ankles for a brief moment, and the redhead looked down at him in wonder.

“Titan?” he said, a bit confused. Oh, he did it. Kageyama walked towards the first nearby tree and forced Hinata into the air.

“Omgwhaaat what are you doing!” The tiny guy yelped and flailed his limbs hysterically, but was soon forced to wrap his arms around the thick branch of the tree so he wouldn’t fall.

“You can stay up there,” Kageyama sighed. Passengers stopped and mumbled things at the strange sight of the weird couple. It wasn’t an every day sight: a tall guy putting a smaller guy up into a tree.

“Stupid Kageyama! Get me down now!” Hinata protested, kicking his legs and holding onto the tree for his dear life.

“Not when you’re calling me a titan,” Kageyama said with halfhearted anger.

“But you are!” Hinata was stupid enough to say that.

“Titans are evil and ugly!” Kageyama barked.

“But so are you!” Hinata barked back like the stubborn kid he was. Well, of course he didn’t mean that. Kageyama was anything but ugly.

“Well, except the ugly part then! But you are evil, here, look at what you’ve done!” Hinata cried out, still hanging in the tree.

“Evil you say? Well… maybe you are right,” Kageyama said, slowly thinking up a most evil idea. He reached up and grabbed both Hinata’s exposed sides, fingers digging in to tickle.

“Waaahahha K-Kageyamahaaa! I’m g-gonna fahahall!” Hinata hysterically swayed his legs back and forth before lifting them and wrapping them around the branch as well, causing him to hang there like a monkey.

“No you won’t, you’ll just laugh,” Kageyama said dryly, reaching up both arms so he could tickle his sides and ribs. He made sure both his hands were holding onto him firmly so he wouldn’t fall, but this didn’t keep him from wiggling his fingers against his boyfriend’s ticklish sides.

“S-stohohop it!” Hinata cried, shaking his head heavily and desperately holding onto the tree. The tree wasn’t even that high, but just high enough that could cause him an uncomfortable smack to the ground if he would let go.

“Tickle tickle! Here comes the titan!” Kageyama said with an evil voice, walking his fingers down Hinata’s sides to his hips. Hinata squealed and his legs let go of the tree in an attempt at kicking away Kageyama’s hands.

“AAhahaaha no stop p-please!” he yelled when this failed completely, causing him to hang there again with his legs kicking in the air. Kageyama noticed his shirt that had ridden up and used this chance to claw at his exposed tummy, eliciting more hysterical pleas and giggles from his teammate.

“He-hehehelp!” Hinata shrieked when a couple of playing kids stopped to watch them, but they only laughed and pointed at him. One of the boys even threw a ball at him and it bounced perfectly off his butt. Well that was humiliating.

“Tickle him! Tickle him!” they encouraged. God… Hinata laughed and squealed hysterically, his face burning because of both the embarrassment and his endless laughing fit. 

“Ahahalright y-you’re nohohot a titan! You’re an ahahangel!” Hinata forced out between gasps and giggles, and his entire body shook heavily when Kageyama’s fingers dug into the flesh right by his belly button.

“Mmmhmh p-please stop!” he gasped, his arms trembling and he almost failed to hold onto the branch.

“Tell me again? What am I?” Kageyama asked, squeezing his tiny waist with his huge hands.

“T-the best boyfriend in the world!” Hinata yelled, blushing when people laughed at this.

“Alright.” Kageyama stopped the torture, grabbed his sides firmly and pulled him off the tree, settling him back onto his shoulders. Hinata panted and immediately wrapped his arms around his neck for balance.

“T-that was-” he wheezed and leaned with his chin on Kageyama’s head.

“M-mean…” he finished, still catching his breath while laughing people watched them continue their way.

“Nope, that was deserved, you little shrimp,” Kageyama said, lightly scratching Hinata’s arches while he carried him. It was Hinata’s own fault for being ticklish everywhere.

“Hng stop it!” Hinata held tightly onto him and brought his trembling hands to Kageyama’s neck. Kageyama gulped when he proceeded to tickle his exposed neck, and he bent forward, fighting to keep his balance.

“S-stop it Hinata y-you dumbass!” he giggled, but Hinata was now effectively tickling Kageyama’s neck, a satisfied smirk on his face. That’s right, he himself was pretty ticklish as well. Damn!

“That’s what you get for calling me a shrimp!” Hinata said, beaming with confidence now he could pay him back, and for the remainder of their way, a tickle fight continued while Hinata kept his luxurious position on Kageyama’s shoulders.

Still Mad

Originally posted by reigenss

A/N: (2. “I’m still mad at you.” with Kuro/Mahiru!) My first servamp entry! Aahh this anime is so cute. I wasn’t sure about this since I’ve only seen 2 episodes but I really enjoyed writing this after all. I even exceeded over 1000 words so I’ll just make this a long post. Thnx for the prompt tickly~!^^

Summary: Kuro makes yet again a mess of Mahiru’s appartment, causing an anger burst from the Eve that just haaas to be taken care of with tickles<3

Word Count: 1519

“Aahh!” Mahiru let out a long, relieved sigh as he came out of the bathroom after a warm, relaxing shower.

“Kurooo. I’m done, it’s your turn.” He dragged his hand through his wet hair and smiled. But only for a short durance, since the moment his eyes fell on the mess in his room, his bright and relieved expression made place for dark, gloomy grumpiness.

His eyes followed the mess and eventually he glared at the cause of it all: his Servamp who was sprawled on the floor like he often did.

“Showering is a pain,” Kuro mumbled, and Mahiru walked around him so he could see his face. He noticed the comics and magazines he was surrounded with, and he growled in annoyance at the mess.

“You dirty vampire-cat! You’re spreading your dirtiness in my house a-and making a mess and…” Mahiru gasped loudly once he stood right in front of the lazy vampire. A bag of potato chips lay before Kuro, and crumbs were spilled all over the floor. And that while Mahiru just cleaned after his mess earlier today!

That did it. The anger that had been slightly controlled the past few days could now finally find its lovely freedom.

“KURO! How many times have I told you? Don’t. Make. A. Mess!” Mahiru grasped the bag of potato chips with so much violence that a couple of chips flew through the air, polluting his usually neat appartment even more.

“Why are you always angry?” was the muffled reply that came from Kuro since he still had his mouth stuffed with chips.

“Oh I don’t know,” Mahiru snarled sarcastically.

“Maybe because I’m living with the laziest, messiest vampire in the world?! From now on I’m forbidding you from touching anything! You don’t take these -” Mahiru angrily grasped the magazines from the floor and put them away.

“You don’t eat until I permit it-” The potato chips disappeared into the cupboard.

“And you go take a shower, right now!” Mahiru furiously stomped towards the couch and plopped down. He took the remote and tried to watch TV, huffing in anger.

Kuro watched him dryly, still from his position on the floor. Mahiru endured his messy behavior for a while now, so why have such an outburst now? Oh well, he guessed a human could reach his limit after all. Mahiru surely didn’t mean all that. The anger would soon fade away.

As if it needed the most effort in the world, Kuro gathered his strength to lift himself off the floor. He staggered towards the angry Eve and sighed.

“Can I eat something?” he asked in a monotonous voice. Baffled that the Servamp already dared to ask that right after his anger burst, Mahiru gaped at him before he returned to watch the TV, eyes twitching in disbelief.

“No. I’m still mad at you.” Kuro sighed and kept staring down at him. Mahiru noticed, and a blush crept to his cheeks. This was making him uncomfortable. Kuro just stood there and kept staring at him in silence.

“Are you still mad?” Not even one minute had passed! Deciding to go for the silent treatment, Mahiru kept his lips pressed together, trying his best to ignore the vampire who was awkwardly standing there - staring at him with a dull expression.

“There’s a potato chip in your hair,” Kuro then mumbled, and Mahiru was too late to react. The Servamp had already reached out and took the potato chip that was in his hair on the side of his head, just by his ear.

The Eve squeaked in surprise when cold fingers accidentally brushed the skin of his ear, and he slapped his hand over Kuro’s hand, grabbing it forcefully.

“Dohon’t!” It came out as a giggle, and Kuro watched him in amazement. Mahiru sputtered, let go of his hand and quickly looked away.

“E-eh I mean…” Swallowing, he fumbled with his shirt and felt the embarrassment heat him up.

“Don’t what?” The vampire watched the emotions play on Mahiru’s face. He was blushing, his lips looked like they tried to hide a smile, and he looked just as surprised as he was.

“So you’re not mad anymore if I do this?” Kuro asked after considering the fact that the light touch made his Eve smile and giggle, and he reached out his other hand to brush his other ear.

“No - whaha I said don’t!” Mahiru gasped, and Kuro smirked knowingly. The flustered boy gulped at the sudden mischief that played on the vampire’s face. Kuro casually hopped onto the couch, making the brunet yell out as he tried to escape. He jumped off the couch but was caught before he could run away.

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27 with kurotsuki pleaaaase

Originally posted by justasoulworm

Haikyuu!! (kurotsuki) - 27: “Looks like you’re in trouble.“ omg why haven’t I written for this ship before. *drools* So another drabble’s finished, prepare for some random kurotsuki tickles!;D this drabble takes place during the summer training camp!<3 hope you like it!

“Maaan I’m exhausted!” Tanaka yelled loudly. Tsukishima followed quietly after the others as they descended the hill again after another penalty-run. This training camp truly sucked.

“Dinneeeer!” Hinata’s excited shouts were even more annoying. Wasn’t that boy ever getting tired? Just as they walked past the gymnasium, Tsukishima stopped.

“Tsukki?” Yamaguchi turned around, but he nodded at him and waved his hand.

“You go ahead. I left something in there,” he mumbled, and he went to look for his kneepads. He entered the large hall and noticed them in the distance.

Since everyone was probably out there eating already, he took his time and lazily walked towards them and picked them up while negative thoughts filled his mind. Why was everyone feeling so motivated? He sighed.

“Alright guys, coast is clear!” Tsukishima looked up when a familiar, loud voice was heard outside, and it sounded like a big group of people was nearing the gymnasium. No wayyy.

Not feeling ready for any social interactions, he sped into the storage room, knocked over soms things, stumbled and ended up on the floor, trapped between a pile of mobs. Oh great. The sound of footsteps and mumbling voices slowly filled the gymnasium, and Tsukishima decided to lay there quietly until they would leave.

“So, secret meeting, start!” Lev’s voice sounded excited, and was followed by Yaku’s who complained about him calling it a secret meeting. So that’s why Nekoma would sometimes turn up late for dinner. Tsukishima listened quietly how the guys started to evaluate about the events today.

It sounded like a simple meeting about what they needed to improve as individuals, special strategies Tsukishima wasn’t interested in, and eventually they even talked about the other teams. His ears twitched when he heard his own name.

“That Tsukishima guy.. he’s good but he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself hm?” Tsukishima couldn’t recognize the voice, but it surely annoyed him. He tried to lift himself a little off the floor, but the noise of one of the mobs moving off him was awfully loud.

“What was that?” Tsukishima froze, but Kuroo interrupted and continued the meeting, even cutting off the conversation about him. Phew! Finally after what seemed like ten more minutes, the gang slowly left, complaining how hungry they were. Tsukishima waited until he was surrounded by silence, and he sighed. Finally alone.

“Looks like you’re in trouble.” Ack! Or not! He bolted upright because of the shock, and he looked up to see Nekoma captain Kuroo towering over him.

“How -” with a lump in his throat, Tsukishima blushed heavily as he shook off the mobs.

“I heard you when we came in here. What were you even doing?” Kuroo raised one eyebrow, and Tsukishima averted his eyes nervously.

“N-nothing.” Kuroo didn’t seem to buy it, and he smirked. Tsukishima gasped and backed away on the floor when the tall captain approached him.

“Everyone talks about how you’re not motivated, but here you are, trying to listen in on us. And? Learned anything?” Their eyes locked, and Tsukishima felt his cheeks heat up even more. What was with this guy?

“I w-wasn’t…” he tried to crawl away, but his hand slipped over one of the mobs. Kuroo quickly reached out before his delicate body would hit the floor again, catching him around his middle.

Aahh-hahaa!!” Tsukishima let out the most embarrassing giggle ever, and he flailed his arm, smacking Kuroo in the face.

“Ooff!” The captain grabbed his cheek and glared at him.

“What was that for?! I just -” Kuroo then saw the way Tsukishima covered his mouth with his hand, blushing in embarrassment. The captain went over that sound as he watched the flustered guy, and… now he understood.

“Ohoho?” He smirked and teasingly poked at Tsukishima’s slender midriff.

“Ah! D-don’t touch me!” Tsukishima tried to swat away his hand, but Kuroo was already determined to exploit this new knowledge of him.

“Why, Four Eyes? Are you tiiicklish?” he sang, and he chuckled at the way Tsukishima’s face grew all red.

“N-no!” Tsukishima quickly tried to escape, but Kuroo grabbed both his legs and dragged him back towards him, positioning himself between his legs.

“Ohoho I think you are! Come on little guy, tickle tickle!” he chanted, digging his fingers into his sides. Tsukishima burst out in a hysterical giggle fit, squirming and thrashing, hands chasing after the tickling fingers but failing to catch up.

“H-hahahaaha no s-stahahap!” The poor guy didn’t know what was worse. The fact that the Nekoma captain was embarrassing him by tickling him of all things, or the fact that his most embarrassing laughter had come to surface.

“So you can laugh!” Kuroo said excitedly, smiling brighly because of this new discovery. Tsukishima could only answer with more sweet giggles, and his laughter even raised a pitch when Kuroo squeezed his ribs.

The blonde arched his back and thrashed violently, but with his legs trapped around his attacker, he was left pretty helpless.

“NOohoo t-this is stuhuupid! D-dahahamn!” Tsukishima hid his face behind his own arms, howling with laughter. This was so embarrassing. But Kuroo was smirking down at him and loving every single second of this little game.

“Is it? I don’t think so. You probably heard what was said just now hm? You need to enjoy yourself more!” Kuroo then ran his fingers down his tummy, poked a few times before lowering his hand and grabbing his thighs.

“This i-is nohot hehehelping!” Tsukishima arched his back off the floor and hysterically tried to pry off his hands as more breathless giggles filled the room.

“P-pleheheease!” Finally reduced to silent laughter, Tsukishima shook his head heavily and even clenched his legs around Kuroo. The mischievous captain grinned, blushing slightly, and he bent over him.

“Say, you’re pretty cute when you laugh. If you promise me I can tickle you again tomorrow, I will stop.” He returned to poking his stomach, and Tsukishima squeaked adorably.

“T-that’s stuuuhupid!” he laughed, and Kuroo shook his head mockingly.

“Why’s everything stupid? Come on, promise me or I’ll make you piss yourself.” He spider tickled all over his torso with both hands, and Tsukishima squealed, squeezing his arms together and gasping loudly through his laughter.

“AHAhaha I c-cahahan’t!“ he laughed. Kuroo smirked.

“Fine with me too.” He proceeded to tickle him by clawing at his sides and ribs, and the helpless Karasuno player screeched. This was bad. Soon, everyone would come back from dinner for their extra training. He was not ready to be exposed like this.

“A-alriiigihihi-alright! P-please stohohop!” Kuroo slowly stopped his wiggling fingers, and he looked at him with a smug face.

“So I can tickle you tomorrow too?” he asked. Tsukishima tiredly looked up at him, panting and wheezing, a bright blush covering his cheeks. He swallowed and nodded shyly.

“Y-yeah…” He couldn’t stop blushing when he realized what he was getting himself into.

“Deal! Let’s meet here after practice, tomorrow night. I wanna see how ticklish your feet are.” Kuroo ruffled his hair, and Tsukishima froze completely. 

“Be sure to turn up if you don’t want me sharing your little secret with the others!” Kuroo finally got up and moved aside. As he was finally released, Tsukishima stood on shaking legs and before Kuroo could say anything, he fled out of the gymnasium. 

Oh God, he was ready to go in hiding for the entire day tomorrow. Blushing and still catching his breath, he skipped his meal and retreated to his room. His heart was racing at the crazy idea of Kuroo tickling him again, and his toes curled in anticipation.

That guy was being so unfair and evil! And the worst of it all was that he was pretty sure this tickle-blackmail thing was about to turn into a neverending loop in which the Nekoma captain had the upperhand. Yep, he was sooo screwed right now…

Deal to Delete!

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A/N: Haikyuu!! (iwaoi / lee Oikawa) - 7: “Delete it. Now.” A drabble-turned-to-longass-fic again, guys! Here’s some teasy Iwa-chan and ticklish Oikawa, thnx for the request non-chan, hope you like it! (lol and happy bday Oikawaaaa I’m having you tickled to death on this beautiful day)

Summary: When it appears Iwaizumi has been collecting embarrassing stuff of Oikawa on his phone, Oikawa has to subject himself to his boyfriend’s merciless tickles in order to have them deleted.

Word Count: 2060

Iwaizumi was on his mission of mischief. He had something to collect, a special mission he had devoted himself to for no particular reason. He sneaked to where Oikawa was resting on the couch, both his eyes, fingers and whole mind fixated on the small screen of his smartphone. He wasn’t suspecting anything, hehe, so cute.

Quietly moving to his side, his hand clutching his own phone, Iwaizumi pressed the record button and he grabbed a handful of Oikawa’s side. His boyfriend (being the ticklish little dork he is) cackled loudly in surprise, dropping his phone and arching his back.

Iwaizumi stopped the recording and slapped a hand over his own mouth, smothering a laugh. That went better than planned.

“Got it!” he hissed into his hand, and he replayed his successful recording. Oikawa’s cackle-sound resounded through the room, and the volleyball captain blushed heavily, his eyes widening.

“I’ll add this to my collection,” Iwaizumi said with a proud grin. Finally after days of collecting these things, he presented his collection of Oikawa-sounds to his flustered boyfriend. Oikawa’s jaw dropped at the sounds of his own voice. Sighs, humming sounds, groans, moans… He had them all.

“Iwa-chan! W-why are you even..?!” His cheeks got a bright red color, and he watched the ace in disbelief. 

“Because I wanted to,“ Iwaizumi said with a simple shrug, and he listened to each sound file with a satisfied smile.

“They could always come in handy,” he said, the smile on his face growing wider as he got to the more embarrassing sounds.

Oikawa couldn’t stop blushing and he shook his head. He had a slight suspicion these days that Iwaizumi might have been up to something, but never would he think he’d do something so stupid and embarrassing.

He felt honored his lover was doing something that involved him only, but the thought of having those sound files exposed to the team or elsewhere… He shivered. He surely wouldn’t…?

“Give here. Delete it, now. All of them.” He tried to sound stern, but his voice shook because of the embarrassment. 

“Why?” Iwaizumi asked, replaying every little sound until that most horrible cackle he recorded just now was heard again. Oikawa cringed at his own sound and tried to reach for the phone, but Iwaizumi held up his finger and made a ‘tsk tsk’-move.

“These are mine, I can do as I like. Unless, you give me what I want.” Iwaizumi suddenly flashed him a mischievous grin.

“A-and that is?” Oikawa could feel his stomach turn at that look his lover was giving him. Iwaizumi knew he already suspected it, since both of them knew his one and only guilty pleasure…

“You have to allow me to tickle you.” Iwaizumi wiggled his fingers slightly, and Oikawa could already feel a shiver run down his spine. 

That’s right, tickling Oikawa Tooru into a helpless puddle of laughs and giggles… not even the best kiss or sex would top that. 

“No way!” Oikawa barked with a red face. Iwaizumi took his precious time tickling him whenever he liked already, torturing him and punishing him for whatever reason until he was one giggly mess. There was no way he’d cooperate willingly in his devilish little games!

“As you wish,” Iwaizumi mumbled, replaying the embarrassing sound over and over. Oikawa covered his ears with his hands and shut his eyes. This guy was going to be the death of him, and they both knew it. 

“Alright okay! You can tickle me, b-but only for one minute!” he yelled, holding up one finger.

“You don’t make up the rules, I do. And I say five,” Iwaizumi said, using his own hand to pull up Oikawa’s other four fingers, and the blushing guy gulped in shock.

Five?! No way,” he squeaked, but Iwaizumi already hovered his finger above the button to replay the sound, and the flustered captain quickly waved his hands and nodded.

“Okay okay! Five is fine, just don’t kill me!” he yelled, his voice already high pitched with panic.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” The ace smiled sweetly and hopped onto the couch, joining him and making him back away nervously.

“Come here. Hands behind your head,” he ordered, cracking his fingers in preparation. Oikawa blinked his eyes and swallowed.

“Do I have to?” he asked while complying nervously. 

“Yeah. Just like that,” Iwaizumi complimented once he was in the desired position, midriff and armpits exposed. Oikawa watched with wide eyes how he set the timer and turned to him with a smug face.

“Ready?” Iwaizumi asked, and Oikawa already flinched before he even started.

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Congrats on 500 followers! 😘😘 Iwaoi 18? Please?

“Call me that one more time, and see what happens.“ with iwaoi! I’ve got 4 more with this sentence so I tried to be a liiiittle bit original. Hope you like it!:)

The credits rolled, and Iwaizumi stretched his arms. He and Oikawa were having a sleepover and just watched The Hobbit, geeez what a long movie. He yawned, looked to his side and gulped.

“Iwa-chaaan!” Oikawa was staring at him with big teary eyes, sniffling.

“You cried?” Iwaizumi asked.

“It’s so beautiful!” Oikawa cried, making his boyfriend bite back a laugh. Nothing really sad even happened in the movie as far as he recalled.

“You cry over this?” Iwaizumi pointed at the screen and he shook his head.

“Man, you really are a pussy. Pussykawa.” Seeing Oikawa’s ‘hurt’ expression made him laugh for real. He knew Oikawa could be emotional, but sometimes it was just too funny for his own good.

“That’s mean Iwa-chan!” he whined, wiping his tears.

“I like the new name. It fits,” Iwaizumi said with a proud smile, and just before he opened his mouth to say it again, Oikawa held up his finger and he squinted his teary eyes. 

“Call me that one more time, and see what happens.” His voice sounded stern, but the emotional look in his eyes that remained made it that the ace couldn’t take him seriously. 

Iwaizumi gave him a defiant smirk, and his lips actually acted faster than his brains had wanted them to.

“Puuussykawa.” Shit. He even used a mocking, teasing tone. And now he was too late to escape. Oikawa already swung one leg over him and straddled his lap. With both hands he grabbed his shirt, dipped his head and he started to rub his snotty, teary face all over it.

“Meaniemeaniemeanie!” he cried out, and Iwaizumi let out a shocked laugh.

“Hey! W-wait! Ahah wha-” It wasn’t that his shirt was just getting drenched with Oikawa-fluids, but Oikawa rubbing his face against his chest somehow tickled really bad.

“S-stop that! That tickles dammit!” A laugh escaped his lips and he squirmed. Oikawa removed his face from his shirt and looked at him, his whiny expression slowly fading in a most evil smirk.

Tickles? Oooh Iwa-chan, who’s the pussy here, hmhm?” Oikawa wiggled his fingers against his ticklish boyfriend’s ribcage, and Iwaizumi jerked and his hands desperately tried to push his teasy boyfriend off.

“HAHA! No stop it!” With Oikawa on his lap he found it hard to move, and with the tickles weakening him he could do nothing but squirm and laugh uncontrollably.

“Stop? Nahh, you see? I am crying, maybe you should just join me!” Oikawa giggled and suddenly dug his fingers into his sides, squeezing them until he bounced a little because of Iwaizumi’s wild reaction that nearly knocked him off his lap.

“AHAHA t-thahat’s crazeehee!” Iwaizumi gasped through his hysterical laughter. Join him? Like, tickle him to tears? God no!

“Stohohohop I c-cahahan’t!” Oikawa ignored his giggling lover’s pleas, and he avoided Iwaizumi’s grabby hands and forced his hands under his shirt. He scribbled his fingers on his bare tummy, and continued this until Iwaizumi shook heavily while an unstoppable giggle fit took control over him.

“So ticklish…” Oikawa’s own tears had already dried up by now, and with an evil smile on his face he changed from lightly wiggling his fingers to clawing and squeezing his sides. 

“EEheheehe!” Iwaizumi’s laughter changed to a higher pitch, and he kicked his feet hysterically. The feeling of Oikawa’s fingers running all over his bare torso like spiders was unbearable.

“Do I see a tear?” Oikawa sang when the first tears pricked in Iwaizumi’s eyes. 

“Fu-fahahaack youu!” Iwaizumi inhaled sharply and tried his best to hold back his laughter, resulting in silent muffled giggles.

“Trying to be a toughie aren’t you?” Oikawa leaned in and blew a raspberry on his neck. Iwaizumi squealed and arched his back, hands flying up to grab his merciless boyfriend’s shoulders in a useless attempt to fight him off.

“Hehehehe no-nahahaa T-Tooohohoru!” Iwaizumi helplessly threw his head back, but Oikawa was relentless. 

“Not thahaaat!” Iwaizumi’s lips parted in shock when he felt Oikawa nibble his neck, and the sensation of two hands squeezing him around his waist caught him completely off guard.

Tears spilled from his eyes and he laughed loudly and freely despite his embarrassment.

“P-plehease stahap! No mohooore!” He stomped his feet and his arms hung weakly beside his body. Oikawa watched the tears stream down the ace’s face and watched him with a satisfied smile.

“There. Now we’re both crying pussies, right?” Oikawa stilled his fingers and planted a sweet kiss on Iwaizumi’s hot, sweaty forehead. The poor guy could only pant and wheeze, and he nodded weakly, giving in. Next time, he would definitely think twice before making fun of Oikawa Tooru.

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Do you have any Servamp headcanons? idk if you read the manga or just watch the anime but can you do some of the characters that you are familiar with? Thanks!

Heyy nonnieee! Currently only caught up with the anime (so only these four cuties + Sakuya), but sure I could give a few headcanons and this is actually partly collaborated with @tickly-writing​ since we were in the middle of our typical crazytalks when I got this, I hope you like themm^^ 

Btw @ticklyfandoms also has some awesome headcanons (and fics for this fandom) you should check them out!

» Mahiru and Kuro are pretty well-matched when it comes to tickling, with both of them being quite equally ticklish. 

» The one to initiate tickle fights is often the playful Eve himself, with enough reason to do so: lazy Kuro, messy Kuro, sleepy Kuro, everything can be solved with tickles!

» BUT when the vampire drops his laziness and retaliates, he’d better run because Kuro can easily outmatch him in a tickle fight if he’s using his energy well, and he won’t be merciful.

» Kuro doesn’t always do this though, since he doesn’t hate the sensation of being tickled. He’ll mostly just curl up like a cat and giggle sweetly, accepting the tickles while lazily squirming and fighting back with little effort.     

» Living together with the Eve and watching him, Kuro knows very well about Mahiru’s most ticklish places; how getting his tummy tickled makes him squeal like a baby, or just a gentle flick across his ear with his finger will have him squeaak

» Little discoveries about Mahiru’s ticklish body make Kuro happy. Sometimes even without the Eve initiating a tickle fight, he just can’t help but give in to the urge and tickle him first. One time he found out how squeezing his waist could make him collapse and his body go numb like a ragdoll. He was very amused.

» When in cat form, Kuro will occasionally curl up on Mahiru’s stomach or crawl in his neck. Just by doing this, he can already make him giggle in the most adorable way.

» Misono! He is such a ticklish baby, especially his sides, underarms and legs. He’s one to act really pissed about it, but secretly he also enjoys it since you get only tickled by people that are close to you!

» Lily is a mischievous and playful little bastard. He loves to tickle his Eve and get him all flustered, and Misono will have these adorable and hilarious violent laughing outbursts while he jerks around and thrashes hysterically. 

» Misono’s servamp himself is only ticklish on his neck, waist and feet, and by faaaar not as ticklish as Misono himself. He rarely gets tickled too, since the poor Eve can’t handle being tickled, let alone fight back. 

» In his close friendship with Sakuya, Mahiru gets caught up in brutal tickle fights on regular basis, with Sakuya always being the winner. Poor Mahiru is just too ticklish for his own good! 

» While Sakuya is most ticklish on his feet (not that easy to reach), Mahiru’s body is one big tickle spot and each and every area of his body is just hyper ticklish.

» Mahiru’s first tickle fight victory: MISONO. The poor richie gets sooo flustered when he’s tickled that he’s unable to fight back, so when Mahiru realizes this he tickles the guy until he screams, and he himself roars with victorious laughter afterwards. Finally someone he can defeat!