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The Crossroads- Update #Really-getting-there-now

Sorry for being so quiet on updates. Been knuckling down to try and get as much work done as possible.

I think I may actually get it done in the month! :D

I’ve nearly done all the CGs. I decided on 3 for each LI, so 6 in total. Only one of the endings for each guy will get a CG (the true love end). It’s not as many as I wanted, but at least it’s some.

Script is coming on really well-


The game contains 3,252 dialogue blocks, containing 34,535 words and 179,246 characters, for an average of 10.6 words and 55 characters per block.

I only have to write the two variations of Chapter 11 and the four endings, then I’m done!!! (I wrote the bad ending today).

Really starting to come together now. It’s exciting :D

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Wew last guy from Mystic Messenger, V! He is one of my favorites, I had this concept in mind for a while. I made him look like Victor from Yuri on Ice on purpose. I heard about their appearance similiarities, so I won’t be bothered if people mention this lol.

Not sure how to draw his expression. Looking badass or sad? I end up drawing him almost facepalming( ̄□ ̄;)I couldn’t find the meaning behind cyan flowers, but this color fit him so well. If categorized with blue, he seeks the impossible. Painful, yet holding onto it. 

***Note*** Do not repost on social media where you can simply reblog the original (facebook, tumblr). Please don’t forget the right credits! I noticed some reposted art get more feedback than my original post (T⌓T)
Of course I can’t get ahold of everything, but every little help and consideration is appreciated!

Previous Mystic Messenger character art:


  • Jumin: Asshole Admits To Being Asshole In Supreme Asshole Move
  • Yoosung: All Kidding Aside, Area Man Really Needs Counseling
  • Jaehee: Woman Can't Wait To Get Home And Take Off Uncomfortable Persona
  • 707: Laughter Now Exclusively Used To Mask Feelings
  • ZEN: Narcissist Mentally Undresses Self
  • Rika: I Shouldn't Be Alive But I Am
  • V: Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure
  • Unknown: Man Too Exhausted To Repress Both Anger And Sadness
  • Vanderwood: This Shit Again
  • MC: Somebody Should Do Something About All The Problems

I don’t really like it since it isn’t done well but oh well. I will just submit it. Teen Haneul/Ha-neul Choi and Ha-yun/Hayun Choi based on request. They are cousin (but born on the same day). You can see their child version in my MMAU page. //A\

The other RFA members still questioning whether they accidentally switched children since their personality don’t add up with the dads. LOL.

Re sharing Saeyoung being a derp: