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It’s an alternate universe, where Zen is a prince of a strongest kingdom, and MC was adopted as his little sister. But one day, people realized a terrible truth, that MC is a witch. And a witch has to be burned alive, if not, the whole country will be destroyed by her uncontrolled power. But Zen didn’t want to accept this, he didn’t want to let his sister die without doing anything. So he decided to save her, even if it means to stand against his own country, even if it cost him his life, he has to save her.

Or just to die with her without any regrets.


I’ve heard a song called “Sera was never” all day. And it makes me want to draw somethings that cross-over between Mystic Messenger and medieval fantasy world. This song is just sooo wonderful, and I really think about playing Dragon Age right now lol

Other otome games: “Princess, let me look at you. Aaah, you’re beautiful. I’ll drown in your sweet cries as I ravish you all night long…”

Mystic Messenger: “lolololol what’s that? oh look, you’re not getting any sleep tonight because bam! 3am chat featuring sad piano and crippling anxiety with cute emojis o.o ⭐"

Alternative caption: when introverts go to a party and all their friends score but they prefer to stay with their phones.

Ventio Mortis, an otome horror visual novel. For more information, please check out our kickstarter! If you can’t contribute and you still are interested, please reblog this post and help us spread the word! Any and all help is appreciated.

When one has lost all their humanity, what is left of them? Does it truly take a heart to be alive? That does not seem to be the case of one Hollowelle Neaera. Long since considered dead, she roams the Earth, surviving eternally out of spite of those who would hurt her when once she was alive. Ages ago, her heart was broken beyond repair. To exact her ultimate revenge, she cast a spell so grave it cursed her to forever walk the earth as an Abomination, able to pass the curse on to others who have died in great pain. For hundreds of years she has revived fresh corpses to do her bidding – her wards, her bund…

…but as time passes, wards come and go. It’s simply the nature of these things. And when her bund begins bickering in ways that threaten her way of life, she is forced to a crossroad: Continue on and repair the family’s damage, or start anew? The issue is not so simple – she needs these wards to survive comfortably, after all, they catch dinner…

However, when dinner is a tasty carcass, it’s hard not to draw the attention of local authorities when her wards get sloppy. For the first time in centuries, her clan has managed to come in direct sights of a detective, Detective Graham, who will not rest until his case is closed. Will Hollowelle start anew? Will she take care of problems as she always has? Or will this be a new chapter in the undead witch’s story?

ignorance. — saizo&mc

Pairing: Saizo Kirigakure/MC
Fandom: Samurai Love Ballad: Party!
Word count: 650.
Genre: Fluff?
Author notes: A small drabble I wrote a while back. Figured I should post it. Also, @jemchew welcome back, lovely!

When he met her, he understood from her face alone that she was as good as any other commoner: ignorant. She was ignorant in the same ways all privileged people were. Depending on who you asked at Iga, being privileged meant being fortunate enough to live without bloodshed from their own hands; for the most part, anyways.

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  • MC: I wish I had the ability to make guys really nervous.
  • Nico: Holding a really sharp knife to their neck usually does the trick for me.
  • Robert: As a guy, I can confirm that this makes me really nervous.

♡  20/11/17 ♡

It’s Shooting Star Yoosung!!?

Oh my lord I finally drew this boy and coloured him (=´∇`=)

His hair gave me the most hell to be honest,, while colouring his hair, my mind was chanting “banana… banana yoosung… banana” and I don’t even know why I’m like this at this point.

I drew him since he was the first boy I went after in Mystic Messenger ~(⁰▿⁰)~ He’s so cute in Casual story, I miss playing Mystic Messenger tbh,, but then I don’t really miss myself doing 3 AM chats lolol. I have 0 idea if I’ll be doing the others?? Maybe I’ll do Zen next since I did get into his story after Yoosung???


From Sengoku Bushou Collection

Note - Sengoku Bushou Collection is a mini game started in July. You dress up, put perfume, place things like furnitures, ornaments, sweets and books in your room and warlords come and visit! There are about 41 things to place, 9 avatars and 50 situations (4-5 different kinds per warlord) depending on what you are wearing and you are placing.

So The Arcana’s pricing scheme is exploitative and terrible and I’m astonished nobody is talking about it.

The standard response from the developers is that all of the paid content is ‘optional’, but you know what I want out of my romance game? Romance. 90% of which is paid content.

Also, this assumes I don’t want to pay for the game. Except I do! I backed it on kickstarter! I want to give these people my money. But I also don’t want to be bled dry.

This isn’t even getting into how the kickstarter promised backers the game itself as a reward, then reneged on their promise, offering a paltry $10 refund to make up for it (which will buy you a grant total of 1 chapter for 1 character’s route). 

This kind of business practice hurts other kickstarter projects down the road, because it erodes people’s trust in the platform. A lot of indie otome game devs rely on kickstarter. But my experience with The Arcana has sure made me think twice about supporting any other projects.

The worst thing is I like the Arcana. The art is gorgeous, the characters are fun. I supported it on Kickstarter. I told my friends to support it on Kickstarter. But I can no longer turn a blind eye to how Nyx Hydra seems to be willfully exploiting their fans.

UPDATE: So this is what they posted in response to a fan asking them about this on twitter

I’m sorry, but this kind of snark in response to a legitimate question is horribly disrespectful towards your fans.

UPDATE 2: The developers behind The Arcana have released a statement regarding feedback and the way their team is structured. Go check it out. They’re also welcoming responses from fans and have included an email address where you can reach them.