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So here’s the thing lol. Seven giving a little tease before the real sin happens.. fufufu. @0ikaashi​ was my 707th follower so thanks!


You guys are in denial to think that Seven has abs.. He def has a little belly cause of the way he eats and lives LOL. LIES THAT HE HAS A FLAT STOMACH OR ABS! Unless he has those crazy ass metabolisms…… No that’s insane. He has a belly. You can’t tell me otherwise lol.

How can you see this not happening tho


“I love you!”

Part 1/ Part 2

Unrequited Love


-Lord Mitsuhide helps me up onto his horse.

And as I settle behind him, I thank him for convincing me to go back to Kiyosu. I can’t help but feel a little nervous. I’ve been against Lord Nobunaga’s blade for more times than I can remember… and this time, I might lose my head entirely. 

…yet Lord Mitsuhide tells me that Lord Nobunaga would never hurt me… ever. 

For one reason or another, he sounds so sure. The warm confidence in his voice makes me curious, so I rest my head on his shoulder in hopes of getting a good look at his face. 


Lord Mitsuhide? 

He is just… looking ahead with a pained expression on his face. And I can think of nothing to say, feeling that perhaps, that was something I wasn’t meant to see. 



Text: @nijigendiaries
Art: @arimii

This happened somewhere on Nobunaga’s Main Story, my heart broke into million pieces and since I forgot to screenshot the scene, I asked @nijigendiaries​ to help me with the text as to not lose the context entirely, and she did great!!!
Thank you Alia, I appreciate your help! <3

Waitering lessons with Azusa Part 2
逆巻カナト(CV.梶 裕貴) & 無神アズサ(CV.岸尾だいすけ)
Waitering lessons with Azusa Part 2

Another favourite scene of mine from the tokuten drama cd that I got with the Sofmap bonus of Lunatic Parade. Kanato and Azusa are working as waiters and this scene follows exactly after where the first “Waitering lessons with Azusa” post I made left off, with Azusa continuing to teach an irritated Kanato how to be a waiter. So here’s more of Kanato being 1000% done with everything. I hope you enjoy! ꉂ(′ ॢꇴ ॢ‵๑))

Please do not repost this translation anywhere.

Azusa: Next, you carry the cake you received from the kitchen… to the customer’s table but…. before carrying the cake… it’s good… if you add this.

Kanato: Hey… Azusa… What…. are you doing…?

Azusa: A good luck charm to make it delicious… I’m sprinkling… shichimi togarashi onto it.

Kanato: No, that’s strange, isn’t it? Fresh cream and shichimi togarashi definitely don’t go together, do they not?!

Azusa: Eh? I wonder? But… *munching noises* Mmm… It’s delicious!

Kanato: Hey! Don’t just help yourself to the store’s products! Even though I’m holding myself back!

Azusa: Ah…. I couldn’t resist. Sorry…. Um…. Kanato-san, do you also want to try?

Kanato: I don’t need it! Spicy cake is definitely not tasty.

Azusa: You think? What a waste….

Kanato: That aside, you’re going to teach me various things aren’t you? Could you hurry up and let me finish this?

Azusa: Right… Then, in practice, try carrying…. this cake… to the table.

Kanato: Huh? That’s half-eaten you know.

Azusa: It’s fine. Right now… it’s practice.

Kanato: Ah, is that so.

Azusa: Place this cake… onto the tray…. and then… we need to add the warm coffee. You use a coffee mill… to grind…. the beans. Kanato-san, have a try.

Kanato: No. Since it’s practice, isn’t it fine to just pretend we’ve actually done it?

Azusa: You can’t do that. This… is quite difficult so…. Come on, try it out. Hey, hurry.

Kanato: Tch, I get it. I’ll do it already! Happy now?!

Kanato: Something like this is clearly simple. All you have to do is turn the handle. 

Kanato: Hey…. why does it stop?

Azusa: The coffee beans… might’ve been stuck. You need to turn it… more thoroughly.

Kanato: Tch…. Could you not complain about my actions? Ughhh geez, all of this is such a pain! Please move. Move! Uwaahh!! A-arghhh….

Azusa: A-are you alright?

Kanato: Hey… My apron…. is covered in shichimi togarashi coated cream….

Azusa: Eh? But…. That… was because Kanato-san…. was turning the handle too forcibly…

Kanato: Shut up! Are you saying that I’m the one at fault? It’s because you had to leave such a task to me!

Azusa: Ka-Kanato-san, calm down.

Kanato: Shut up! Shut up! I will not hang around with you any longer! I’m going home!

Azusa: No, you can’t…! Wait…!

花衣の君に酔いて (Hanagoromo no kimi ni yoite)

Chocolat Blanc has announced their latest CD!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

Somewhere in a remote countryside village during the Showa era… 

You, a daughter of a landlord, are in love with an ikebana* master, 月杜 (Tsukito). However, because your parents promised your hand in marriage to a person of their choosing, and thus you were obligated to marry someone else, it was a love that was never to be realized. 

But when your fiancé attempts to forcibly take your virginity, you finally share your feelings with Tsukito, pleading to him that you do not want to get married to such a man. 

In response, Tsukito declares the following: “If you are willing to become my flower, I will shield and shelter you.” 

At Tsukito’s estate, you and Tsukito come to an agreement, and subsequently, you begin to live a life under house arrest. 

Clothed in beautiful kimonos, you begin to be treated as Tsukito’s flower—

*Ikebana = flower arranging. 

CV: あさぎ夕 (Suzuki Yuuto)

Release Date: June 20th, 2017. 


This is the first fanart that I ever post :S :S :S 

I’ve been wanting to fill this page from my “Wreck this Journal” and thought about these lovely hackers (although the image looked better in my mind). Since I wasn’t happy with the original drawing, I decided to scan it and change it up a bit. I’m not very savvy with digital art yet (like, what the heck is that background?) but hopefully I’ll improve!

I’ve read about the rumor that the mystic messenger fandom is dying. I really, really don’t want that to happen. So here’s my little contribution to the fandom.

*The original characters belong to Chertiz.