otome gaming

Things that make me happy: 

  • Jihyun Kim’s character being thoroughly fleshed out in his route
  • Jihyun Kim’s character development 
  • Jihyun Kim seeing his flaws and wanting to change them for the better
  • Jihyun Kim seeing that he and Rika’s relationship was not okay
  • Jihyun Kim not beating around the bush to Rika about the true nature of their relationship
  • Jihyun Kim beginning to love himself 
  • And in turn learning to love others as he does himself
  • Jihyun Kim caring unconditionally for the well being of others
  • Cheritz for making Jihyun Kim a good, fleshed out, and understandably troubled, character, who wants to fix his wrongs and change himself for the better
  • Jihyun Kim in general