Just another sweet picture of “Hashimoto Shohei” as Kanato from the Diabolik Lovers Stage Play ^.~ I’m quite excited, especially to see Yui Komori!!!

I know it’s considered done by professionals but I have to say that is the best Kanato cosplay I’ve personally seen. And I’m not even a fan of Kanato. Like… Wow xD I also really want that Teddy.

-= Reiyuichan =-

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Click here to support Naive Sprites' Otome Game Fund by Noelle Hyzy
Naïve Sprites is a small otome (female-oriented visual romance novel) company that's currently working on our first product, tentatively titled: "A Very Important Date". Our game is going to be an app based product that uses the in-app purchase model where the reader buys the stor...

We have created a gofundme account to help speed production along for our visual novel game.  We really want to get our game out into your hands as soon as we can, so you can enjoy these guys.

Otome Game Release: August 2015
  • Reine des Fleurs / レンドフルール [PSV, Otomate/IDEA FACTORY, Release: 08/20 ]
  • Romeo VS Juliet All Series Pack / ロミオVSジュリエット 全巻パック [Port: PSP → PSV, Twin Pack, Fandisc, QuinRose UnderGarden, Release: 08/20]
  • Amnesia: Memories [English Release! Port: PSP PC via Steam / PSV via PSNStore, IDEA FACTORY, Release: 08/25 PC & 08/26 PSV]
Grass • Jade • Mint • Jealousy • St Patrick

We couldn’t think of a better title without being too obvious >_< *FAN SELF* x10000

Fresh from the ovennnnnn~!!!! *drum rolls*

We have been Greenlit~!!!

This is a super short and abrupt update but we just want to share this joy with everyone! Ok back to work! Expect a more proper update from us this weekend!

Thanks everyone! We have reached a new milestone!

An Amnesia Memories Beta Beckons
Jenni | USA

If you don’t mind possibly helping Idea Factory International out for a few weeks, you can start playing Amnesia Memories this week. The company has never released a PC version of one of its otome visual novels in English before. To prepare, it’s asking for people to spend three weeks playing Amnesia Memories to make sure everything’s all right.

To sign up, you fill out an application and tell the company about your setup. If you meet the minimum requirements, you could end up being in one of the Amnesia Memories closed beta batches. The first group gets to begin playing on July 29.

Here’s the best part about all of this, though. If you are picked to participate, you get a reward for your contributions. Idea Factory International will give you a Steam key for Amnesia Memories to enjoy when the game launches on August 25.

Don’t feel bad if you aren’t chosen, though. Shin still loves you.

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I started ルームシェア素顔のカレ love days, or Kiss Me on Clover Hill Party version yesterday and already liked it.
Everything is so warm and the boys are so nice.

MC met Soichi and Yusuke in Supermarket and because they seem close, she mistook them for a gay couple. Bunta was not helping at all with his “Affirmative” out of the blue. XD;
When she heard they live in the same house, her mind went ‘Definitely gay’ then continued to address the 2 with ‘the guy and his lover’ or ‘the lively gay couple’ in her head. Until she knows the truth. *pfffff*