Hello! The demo for one of my upcoming otome games/visual novels, Magical Otoge Iris is out.

Story: Iris works as a Purifier, a person who helps spirits move onto the afterlife. This is a story that hopefully has comedy, romance, and heart. At the very least, it will have a lot of puns and glasses jokes.

Download here: https://batensan.itch.io/magical-otoge-iris

Let me know if you enjoyed the game so far! Thank you for playing!

Baba's Joke (featuring Mamoru)
  • Baba:"Hey Mamo, wanna hear a joke?"
  • Mamoru:"Nope."
  • Baba:"Awww, too bad. Hey Ota, wanna hear a joke about Mamo?"
  • Ota:"Sure!"
  • Baba:"What kind of face does Mamo make when he wants to kiss MC?"
  • Ota:"I don't know."
  • Baba:"A Kishi face."
  • (they both burst out laughing)
  • Mamoru:"Soryu! Come shoot them now!
  • (their laughter muffles his yell)
  • Mamoru:"Dammnit!" *he sighs and shrugs* "Well I'm not gettin' up."

Guess who got their hands on this thing!!!! Never thought I’m going to see this in my country!! Went out for lunch with my best friend, and then there were a Korean Food festival going on and I went to take a look on what they were selling, and then at one corner I saw a pile of the infamous “Honey Buddha Chips!” Well its butter chip actually, can’t help myself to try one, in the end I bought three.. LOL.. mystic messenger influence much!!!

British Problems (Luke, KBTBB)
  • MC:"Brush your teeth."
  • Luke:"What? No. Why would I do that?"
  • MC:"Because that's what people do here in Japan; they brush their teeth."
  • Luke:"That's absurd. Teeth don't need to be brushed."
  • MC:"Yes they do. You're a doctor; you should know this."
  • Luke:"Exactly. I'M the doctor, so run along while I decide what's best for my health."
  • MC:"Luke. Honestly. You don't eat properly. You don't sleep properly. This isn't even a fair argument, now brush your teeth."
  • Luke:"No."
  • MC:"Why not!?"
  • Luke:"It makes me feel too American."

On Monday August 1st we’ll be updated the XOXO Droplets demo to include a couple more features. In the new version you’ll be able to decorate the MC’s side image with various accessories and change the background of her smartphone~

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