Kyohei Rikudoh season 2 and Epilogue CGs My watermark is there for a reason! Please no removing it. OMG MY HUSBAND THOUGH! His Epilogue came out yesterday so I had no idea what the CG looked like but OMGGGGG IM FDANGIRLING SO FUCKING HARD RIGHT NOW GAHHHH!!!

Meet the MC

Meet Tsubasa Fujimoto*, a 19-year old university student with a practical, hard-working nature who has been thrown into a new, unwanted life filled with supernatural phenomena.

During a weekend visit your mother revealed to you your true nature as a homunculus – an artificial human made through alchemy – and you have been wondering if you truly exist ever since. Your new sorceress powers are overwhelming and undesired, but you are determined to gain control of them.

*Name will be changable.

So just what is a homunculus? Here’s a little info on them for you:

It is exceedingly rare that a homunculus is ever successfully created, as it is an extremely complex and dangerous process. Because of this there have only been a few of them ever created.

Homunculi are alchemically created artificial humans. More often than not they are a physical and biological copy of their creator, although it is not completely uncommon for the alchemist to attempt to recreate a dead loved one. Because of the low success rate of creating homunculi, not much is known about their nature. It is unknown if they harbor any additional abilities or traits outside of the person they were meant to represent.

  - An excerpt from Professor Sapienti’s book: Beyond Humanity 

Dark Fate Yuma Maniac 01 Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01

-Scene: A Bedroom In Merz’s House-

Yui: (――Yuma-kun seems to be a bit off)

Yuma: … … … …

Yui: (He’s just sitting there on the sofa, staring off into space… …is something wrong?)

(Is he under the weather? Perhaps the scrapes back in the human world haven’t healed yet… …)

Yuma-kun, are you alright?

Yuma: … …Yeah.

Yui: Are you sure?

Yuma: … …Yeah.

Yui: (He’s been acting like this for a while now. Yes he’s replying, but it seems like his mind is elsewhere)

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We’ve been Greenlit! And it’s all thanks to you!

We can’t believe it! Everyone here at Trainwreck Studios is absolutely floored by your support!

What does this mean for us?

It means we get to be on Steam! That’s incredible!

What does this mean for you?

Well that depends! Did you back the Kickstarter and are entitled to a PC copy of the game? If so, it means you’ll also be entitled to a Steam key along with a DRM-Free copy of the game!

If not: it means you’ll be able to purchase the game on Steam! Woah! Fancy! We’re just like Activision!

Other than that, it means business as usual. We’ll still be releasing on Android and OUYA. We are going to be pursuing GOG and Desura for possible alternatives if you’re not a big fan of Digital Rights Management.

But most importantly:

We can’t believe we had enough people who both enjoyed our game’s concept, demo, art, writing, etc. AND rallied together to actually show enough interest in our game to help us get Greenlit!

I said it before and I’ll say it again on all our behalfs, Every vote matters. Even if you forgot about your vote, it was sitting in our vote box for the entire campaign, mattering even when you weren’t thinking about it. And every singular vote came together to make this dream come true!

That’s incredible!

So thank you to everyone! All of you! The Kickstarter backers, the Greenlight voters, the survey takers, the followers, the askers, everyone! 

If I could thank all of you personally, I would. And will to anyone who hits us up on our ask box!

Thank you all so much. We’re all ecstatic. Everything’s falling into place for our debut game! Thank you!

-Wilson Taylor, Maia Gross and Travis Tohill

Amnesia: Memories Walkthrough: Ukyo’s Good Ending "Hold on to what’s important”

You unlock Ukyo after getting all the other good endings I think, at least that’s what happened for me since I don’t have all the normal ones. You know what else unlocks? 5 more bad endings! YATTA! (≖͞_≖̥) I tried to get as many as I could, though most of them seem to be pretty straightforward. “Don’t go near wells” “… There’s a well over there, MY THAT IS ONE MIGHTY WELL I’LL HAVE TO INSPECT IT CLOSER”  (눈_눈)

Little explanation:

Like the others (exept Toma) Ukyo doesn’t have a gauge for doubt. Only affection, trust and suspicion. Same as Toma the effect of your choice usually happens pretty much instantly. Suspicion is maxed from the start and it never changes, no need to worry about that. There are times when you have to choose between getting affection or trust, might be important for the good ending. I went with affection and got the good ending, I’ll check later if it matters and update the guide.

Edit: So I replayed and chose all the trust answers when it was trust vs affection and still got the good ending, so you can just choose whichever option you prefer!

/ = no change

+ t = trust, + a = affection

bold = choice for the happy ending

italic = bad ending


Date 1/8

[Orion / | A bug… | Who are you?

I can’t remember anything | Nothing looks familiar /

! Just check everything in order

I don’t mind meeting other people / | Let’s hurry

Let’s hurry and look | I’m a little scared… / ] Same as Ikki and Kent’s route

Because I’d be limited, right? / | There’s no way I’d get that /

I don’t / | Um… /

Okay / | I can’t just accept that… /

I’ll pass / | Yes BAD ED: Ah, it’s no good…

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Next up in the Voltage Inc General Election series: Metro PD: Close to You!