“Staring into a full-length mirror as the kimono is wrapped and tucked around her, Komomo – who is barely 150 cm (4 ft 11 in) tall – whips thin silk cords down from where they’re draped over another mirror. She hands some to the dresser and ties some around her middle herself.“

- by Dalje.com

“Komomo, a geiko (geisha), looks at herself in the mirror at home while a dresser helps her get ready to go to evening appointments in the Miyagawa district of Kyoto, Japan. Kichi, her dresser, holds the shoulders of the kimono to line them up properly, then pulls down the collar to reveal the nape of her neck, traditionally thought sexy in Japan. A dark red sash follows, then a pad tied in place over her stomach.“

- by Dalje.com


Erikae of Fukue san: dressing stage

At the day of erikae, or literally “changing of the collar”, a maiko turns into a geiko in only one night. Fukue san transformed into a geiko with a help of her protectors - a kimono dresser and a mother of her okiya, Kawayoshi. They dressed her in a formal black kimono, golden obi and a wig shaped in Taka Shimada hairstyle.



Debut of maiko Mametarou, 25.02.2014

Mametarou as a new maiko of Ninben okiya was led through Gion Kobu by her kimono dresser and her “big sister” geiko Mameryou. They visited all tea houses and shops to present newest member of the community. For this occassion, Mametarou is dressed the most formally - black antique kimono, golden obi, kanzashi made of tortoise shell, two silver bira bira kanzashi in the front and silver miokuri kanzashi (these prongs) on the back


The day of Sayaka’s erikae and Satsuki’s misedashi - by WATASHAJI - BLOG. Click for more photos and the whole blog post!

Sayaka and Satsuki are tied by official “sisterhood” relationship. They both live in the same okiya in Gion Kobu - Tsurui san, they also debuted (Sayaka after her maiko career) on the same day!
The kimono dresser (otokoshi) helped them to look flawless on this special day.