Huddled nervously under the canopy of some unidentified building, watching the rain pitter-pattering metres away from him, Lui can’t help but jump when said building’s door opens, typing rapidly and holding his phone screen out to the person who left, message displayed.『sorry for bothering you but dyou know when the rain will stop』

He typed it too quickly, the words reading too quick and desperate, but there was no taking them back. He just didn’t want to be stranded in the rain for too long. Could the humidity damage him too, or–

Slowly, carefully, he pulls his phone back, adding another line. 『really, sorry. that was too sudden of me. go on ahead.』


The unneeded meaning of start and end
         To the disappearance of this soul
                         Who remembers characters?
                                  From the window of madness, goodbye.

Hello, SF-A2M I K I
                                                                   —Haven’t we met before?

    A passive glance at her fingernails passes the time while she waits for the next bus that is due to arrive at this stop. Taking too much time as usual she has missed her initial metro and now must wait maybe even up to an hour before another vehicle arrives to take her to her home. But there is all the time in the world to be wasted, really. Nothing to do and nowhere to go, she stands and digs her teeth into ridged edges of nails needing to be filed while two heavy bags from an afternoon shopping trip hang in the crook of her elbow.
    The sound of footsteps approaching drives her attention away from poorly treated fingertips while clothing shuffles upon a stranger taking their seat on the bench. Though a stranger in the sense they have never formally met, Hatsune can be sure that she knows very well of this model sitting to her left. 
    ☀ — “Oh! Hello!" However they do not seem to be aware it is they that she calls to. She waves her hand at them in an attempt to catch attention but to no avail. Leaning her body slightly she wonders how to politely approach; are they busy? Perhaps listening to music or simply distracted by their own thoughts. But she clears her throat and calls louder. "Ex..excuse me!”


There’s a new tea house that opened up just a few blocks down AH-Software Co, Ltd and Len hopes to tag someone along with him to go check it out.

Today’s been a little slow. Each second passes by the length of one full minute– at least to him it feels like it. Len’s skeptical about lasting through the third coffee break of the day. To buy him some time to stay awake or to keep himself distracted before he nods off to sleep, he pokes his head inside a neighboring company siding Crypton.

                           “Mikiiiii !!!” he chimes amiably. “Are you on break? Wanna get something to eat?” Food seems to always be on his mind. Trips between AH-Software, Internet Co. and Crypton are becoming a comfortable lifestyle for him as of late. Work is fun, but eating is even more.
                          It gets a little boring always hanging around Crypton’s six.

otoginokuni  asked:

Coming to Bed, Darling? (( mmmMmmMm miki miku sexy times B) jk )))

Hatsune is so tired when she returns to her humble abode
and switches on the light in a moment of blinded exhaustion, 
white vibrancy brighter than the sun itself for a split moment, 
that she honestly believes she’s hallucinating.

                    However, the orbs of light that float in her peripherals and within closed
lids disappear almost instantly and she rubs eyes fervently before blinking twice, focusing on the rather obscurely dressed female sprawled onto her mattress. Nice, red hair. Shiny. Ah, but – who the hell.. ?

                                   " .. Aren’t you .. SF - A2 Miki - san .. ?

                                                        – H - HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE!? “