This is Maa Pehl, she is my Otocyon’s oc (or commonly called Bat Eared Fox)! Cause I love Otocyons… hehe!

Maa Pehl is a cute girl who’s socially awkward, always being alone and getting average grades for most of the time and a lil’ nerdy adorable foxie on video games. She is the sweetest lil’ cutie pie you’ll ever met, she is very polite, respectful and always helpful (if she can overcome her social awkwardness).

I hope you love her! >w<

Cheer up a stranger today!

Just a cute little photo of my European red fox skull (the larger skull) (Vulpes vulpes) and my bat eared fox (Otocyon megalotis)

Please note: All of my skulls in my collection have been legally obtained and are legal to own under UK law. I do not purposefully harm animals for my photos!