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It’s saapp time: )

bjoo-official - My favorite cousin Dee who makes it their main job to defend my dad when I slander him: “) You’re my meme partner in crime. Like we cant even talk ab a serious topic without creating a meme. It’s just our things:~}. You’re an amazing person even though you refuse to believe that MY very own father put me in charge when I have proof. You hype me up literally everyday to just like, Spam Hansol forcing him to become my friend (whICH I WONT). The only thing I dnt like ab U is that you keep tagging me in VERNON posts an it’s gonna make people believe he’s my bias when my url is pretty much evidence. I’m so glad I went into your ask box. That day :“)

dinosdf - my parent who is very cute and old. They probably have a tank of memes that they breathe from everyday. Memes. Their bias is Chan but :) I was here 1 minute before. :))) As I was saying, Memes. Their biases change like every other day? My biological father is Imp JaeBum but source? They haven’t been with me for tOO long but they already meme alot to me: “) If you ever look at any of our interactions it’s just like, slander. A lot of aggressive slander. Idk what else to say (Memes?) They’re actually really great and down to earth. If you wanted to you could hold a nice conversation with this muffin…for a little while. They’re really understanding and they’ll care a lot for you: “). But you’re the easiest to get blackmail on not to mention they’re a Z*Co stan.

hanbindoors - You awesome person you. Ur just overall amazing and like my main victim for teasing. Your puns just make my day like I used to hate them but now I? Did you drag me into your life style of puns? You all have not heard the most corniest, worst, yet slightly amusing puns unless you’ve heard his. He’s gr8 like a total knockout. You’ve got ur looks, Ur vocals are always amafing, ur personality is bootiful and idk what else or this will end up like a long list of compliments. I still remember how much you liked to talk to my brother and…why? That’s still my question. You’ve been here for a while and you’ll (hopefully) stay and ily :“).

kiaoscen - Y did you choose that url I can never spell it right ORZ anyway. Ur a terrible person you always use to tag me in JungKook posts, and now you tag me in terrible memes why. Ur alright for a person I guess. I mean, you’re entertaining and have a wide variety of interests. But ur a walking meme everything you do is a meme. Shaders? Come on are you serious? You’re really colorful inside and out and you’re basically unpredictable you use the XD and B) face a lot which is the first I’ve seen from people in a long time? You’re really fun to talk to but I’ll never admit it

oldji - Ur an old fart. That’s all. JKJK. In our chat all we’re doing is sending memes and you claim the meme king but ahem I reign with the 1,467 memes currently saved on my phone. You overuse and put the habit of using the B) face onto me. You’re the Carrot form of B). Sometimes I confuse us for the same person because we’re basically similar in our sense of humor (which is terrible OTL). We over use the kkt litle sticker thingies too much but oh well. I still laugh whenever my brother mentions you because I still remember your rivalry….with a 10 year old…Im not judging but 👀👀. Along with the point, Sometimes I just stay up all night for the chance to talk with you (fight me time zones). One day you’re just going to wake up to a load of YoungJi pictures bc U DESERVE IT FOR BEING SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON :))

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maknae line as ice cream flavours? :3

V - Peanut Butter Cup ; Both sweet and salty- it’s the perfect combination to put in an ice cream. It balances out perfectly to make one of the most wonderful nice cream flavors!

Jimin - Cookie Dough ; Very sweet, and a favorite of a lot  of people! He’s got a lot of talent and works hard to be a favorite when in all reality he shouldn’t have to do all that because he’s already so loved!

Jungkook - Vanilla with a caramel swirl ; Specific I know otl– but I think this because he looks like he’s be ordinary and cool and stuff but he’s actually got surprises everywhere with his talent and voice and everything–

Sorry if these seemed a lil short ; u ;

- Darby

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Can you do the reaction of Bts trying to tell you they want a child? Love u 💋💝💓

this is my first reaction request i’m screaming

Of course! I’ll try my best, forgive me if this isn’t good enough OTL


Him: Sweetie, come here. I need to tell you something.

You: Is everything okay? What happened?

Him: Jagi, I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and… I love you… And I think it’s time we have child.

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Him: Ahem- So, jagi, you know… There’s something on my mind and I think… I think I need to tell you?

You: Yoongi, what is it? Just spill it out, it’ll be fine.

Him: Just that, you know, I think we should kinda, like, have a baby or something? If you don’t mind?

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Him: Jagiyaaaaaaah, my beautiful and perfect Jagi, can I talk to you for a second?”

You: ~rolls eyes~ “Oh, what is it, sweetie? What do you want now?

Him: “……….a baby! Haha, isn’t that great?!

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Him: Y/N. I have something very important to tell you.

You: What is it? Just tell me, Namjoon.

Him: *takes deep breath* I want a child, Y/N. With you… Please?

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Him: Jagi, I love you, did you know that?

You: I love you too, Jimin.

Him: “No, you don’t get it, I love you too much.”

You: Hmmm, okay… Is there something you need to tell me?

Him: …….What to do you think about kids? ~smiles suggestively~

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Him: Hey, babe. How are you?

You: Fine, I guess. And you?

Him: I’m good. What do you think of kids?

You: They’re okay, why?

Him: I want one.

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Him: Jagi? Can I talk to you?

You: Sure, what is it?

Him: So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and… Well, I think is time we have another baby in the house. Besides me, of course. If you know what I mean.

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So, here you go! I really hope you like this, I had so much fun doing it! Thank you so much for requesting this, it means a lot to me :D OTL

Gifs are not mine.

Yet again, this damn crown doesn’t look good on ANY OF MY DRAGONS.

also thanks to my clan lore it doesn’t make sense for anyone to wear one except for one guy AND IT’S TOO BIG ON HIS HEAD.

So how about another flash giveaway? With the way things are going I might end up doing one of these every festival this year. OTL  (and I voted for the crowns too! WHY FLIGHT RISING. WHY DO YOU HATE ME)


-Likes don’t count

-reblog once with your username and ID to enter

-if you reblog more than once you’re disqualified

- ends tomorrow, 7/28 at 22:00 FR time

Good luck!

There was a wedding prompt for aruani week but it turned into something different… everyone’s just really competitive about catching the bouquet haha and I don’t really know what i’m doing i’m just so glad i finished this ヽ(;▽;)ノ

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BokuAka 18 (for that writting thingy)

Alright… I have to confess ; v; The first plot I had for this got longer than I had hoped for and I’m not sure when I’ll get done OTL… So, not wanting to make you wait any longer I deiceded to leave that idea aside and attempt to write something smaller. Luckily! I was not only able to write something smaller, but also much happier as well! o v o I hope you enjoy it~

Waking up with amnesia au:

    Keiji sat nervously on a hard surfaced chair by the hospital bed, fingers pulling at the loose strings of the oversized sweater he wore and frequently stole from Kōtarō when winter came along. It had been a little over a day since the love of his life had fallen from the roof of their home while trying to save their pet owl that had got caught in their Christmas lights. The man had hit his head on the ground hard due to his fall, knocking him out and leaving a really nasty bruise on the side of his head.

    Keiji had already been notified that there wasn’t any life threatening damage and to give Kōtarō time. The man would wake up on his own or when his body felt ready. The only information that made Keiji’s stomach twist and turn was the fact that there was a change that Kōtarō might suffer from some memory loss issues. Yet, that would be unknown until the sleeping man woke up from his slumber.

    Keep reading

    Jongdae Next Door...,,Waeeeeeyoo???”

    kpop-o-saurus​ said: “Since you are taking requests: Irritatingly charming next door neighbor Chen scenario? I just want something sassy and fluffy with Chen, smut optional.” 

    Teehihihi one Chen-Chen scenario coming right up, sweetheart! I had fun with this, I like it when people send me requests buwhahaha. Oh Chen-Chen, I love you but you’re such a troll sometimes…Two can play that game though hihihi. Sorry, it’s a bit long! Also, I kept hearing his laughter while writing this ^^; Enjoy~

    Jongdae Next Door

    The gods hated you. It was that simple. Not only did you jolt awake because your alarm clock decided to die on you this morning, it also caused you to graciously fall off your bed, the bed frame adding more injury to your rude awakening by stubbing your toe. (Yes, the bed frame stubbed your toe, not the other way around, damnit!) 

    Originally posted by tagebuchdesherzen

    After receiving a good scolding from your manager, you went to waste seven hours of your life on a job that sucked the youth and energy from you. And if that wasn’t enough, the sky decided it would be fun to rain down on you, because hey- why the heck not? 

    You arrived spent and wet from head to toe in your apartment, thinking that finally this horrible day was going to be over, until you heard voices coming from the hallway as you stepped out of the elevator. 

    Oh no, you thought to yourself, not today, please? Not now… You whined in your mind, fully aware at how terrible you looked, and how absolutely not terrible your neighbors probably looked. You gulped at seeing a large group of guys huddle near your apartment door, blocking the hallway. There were about nine of them, talking and laughing and you cursed to yourself. 

    EXO was popular, yes. EXO was talented, also yes. EXO was handsome, hell to the yes! But why did EXO have to live right next door from you? Well, technically, only three people lived next to you, the rest of them lived a floor above you. Now that you thought about it, they usually went upstairs, so why on the day that your makeup was smeared, and you looked like you just drowned in the fountain outside of the courtyard, did they decide to come visit their three members here? 

    It wasn’t so much EXO as a whole that you minded, they were loud when they got together, sure, but there was one particular member, one of the three that lived next to you, that you really weren’t in the mood to see. It wasn’t that you disliked him per se, it was just- there was something about him that threw you off each time and you resented him for it. 

    Maybe if I slip by real quick, they won’t notice me, you thought, unwilling to deal with them at the moment. Knowing that your plan would probably fail, you went in anyways, walking quickly and as quietly as possible. 

    What was I thinking? Of course they’d notice me! you grunted. 

    “Oh? Y/N! Hey, how are you?” the boys greeted amicably. 

    “Eh? Y/N is here?” an annoyingly cheerful voice sounded. “Wah~ hi, Y/N!” came the equally cheerful greeting, followed by happy laughter. 

    Chen paused a moment when his eyes traveled your body, making you blush involuntarily. “Whoa, you look rough. Are you okay?” 

    “I’m fine,” you muttered, feeling cranky. Was he trying to insult you? “I just want to get home and forget that this day happened, so yeah, excuse me,” you cut him off, not at all in the mood for a conversation today. 

    “Oh…well, if that’s the case, why don’t you come inside with me? I know a way or two to make you forget about anything you want,” he wiggled his eyebrows, smile wide while the other members went inside. He leaned on the doorframe of your apartment door while you searched for your keys, unwilling to look up at him out of fear that he’ll notice you blushing. 

    “Yeah, yeah, I bet you do,” you mumbled, finally finding your keys and fitted them in the lock. “I bet that the next thing you’ll say is that you know a lot of ways to warm me up as well, huh? Considering that I look cold,” you replied sarcastically, taken aback when you realized how close he stood to you. 

    “Well, now that you mention it, you’re shivering, Y/N… You know, you don’t have to come over at my place- I can come to you, instead,” he said, chuckling that signature laugh that made your stomach feel funny. 

    “With all due respect, Chen- I’d sooner run through the whole apartment in my underwear than that we would end up alone in a confined space together,” you replied sharply to throw him off, opening your door. 

    “Oh, Y/N, why do you have to hurt me so? The cold must be freezing your heart! Here, let me hug you back to your warm self!” he opened his arms and approached you, laughing loudly when you pushed him away. 

    Goodnight, Chen!” you said, slamming the door behind you. 

    The next day, you found out to your horror, that the gods still hated you- in fact you were pretty sure that they downright loathed you. Having gone through a repeat performance, you found yourself wet and tired all over again, but luckily, this time, you didn’t see EXO huddled around your door. Heaving a sigh of relief you walked towards your apartment door as quietly as you could since you knew that Chen had the nasty habit of suddenly-

    “Hi, Y/N! I thought I heard you strutting around in the hallway!” 

    …appearing… You sighed softly. “Hello, Chen,” you greeted, looking for your keys. 

    “So, I see you’ve started to shower outside nowadays. How’s that working out for you?” he asked cheekily, eyes roaming up and down your body again. You flushed and continued searching for your keys. 

    “Yeah, it’s really refreshing, you should try it out sometime,” was your witty reply and he laughed again. God, not his laughter! Why did you always feel like melting a little inside when he laughed? 

    “Maybe I will- provided that you’ll join me, of course,” he purred and you pursed your lips together, still looking for your darned keys. Cold realization slammed against your chest as the memory floated into your mind. When you were stumbling out of your apartment this morning, you had forgotten your keys on the kitchen counter. You slammed your forehead against the door, leaning against it while groaning. 

    “Something wrong?” Chen asked, eyebrow arched. 

    “I left my keys inside my apartment,” you groan out of frustration. “I locked myself out!” You huffed in irritation at your own stupidity and leaned against the door, sliding down on the floor. 

    “Oh?” Chen looked like he was going to comfort you, until a devious smile played on his lips. “Aw, geez, Y/N, that’s a real shame… You know, I’d invite you inside to get warm and dry, but I’m sure you’d rather walk around in your underwear, right? Oh well,” he sighed teasingly, watching you as he did so. You bit your lip, letting out another groan. 

    “You’re seriously not going to let me inside?” you shot out instead, trying to make him feel guilty. “You’re going to let a girl perish in the hallway?” 

    “Well, like I said, I’d love for you to come inside! In fact, I’m willing to forget everything you said yesterday and let you in right now- provided that I get to ask you for a bunch of favors,” he smirked, feeling proud of his negotiations, thinking that you couldn’t refuse. 

    Oh boy, was he wrong. 

    “You know what, you’re right. A girl has got to stand by her words,” you stated, looking around the hallway with flushed cheeks. Before you changed your mind, you started undressing yourself, Chen’s eyes widening like saucers. 

    Y/N?! W-what are you doing?!” he exclaimed in shock, looking around frantically to make sure no one was watching before he took off his vest and draped it around you, pulling you inside of his apartment. “Are you crazy? Someone might’ve seen you!” 

    You blinked at his reaction, since that wasn’t the reaction you’d expected from him. You fell silent, feeling embarrassed as he looked at you, appearing to be genuinely upset. 

    “Not to mention that you could catch a cold! You’re already wet and you’re taking off your clothes where the airconditioning is so cold?” he shook his head, looking like he was about to scold you more until he saw you shivering. He clacked his tongue and led you to the couch. “Wait here.” 

    You sat down, pulling his vest tighter around you, liking how it smelled. Chen returned a few moments later with warm blankets and dry baggy clothes. “Here, these should warm you up,” he said, taking care of you, still shaking his head. The both of you sat in silence, until you pursed your lips together. 

    “So, is this the way you had in mind to warm me up yesterday?” you asked tentatively, Chen chuckling softly. 

    “Of course! What else did you have in mind?” you heard the teasing tone in his voice and you flushed bright red again. 

    “That’s…surprisingly gentlemanly of you,” you answered with a shy smile. 

    “Well that’s because I totally am a gentleman, Y/N,” he answered, looking warmly at you. “However, should you decide to prance around in your underwear right here and now, I wouldn’t necessarily stop you,” he added and laughed when you jabbed him in the stomach. You bit your lip and looked at him. 

    “What if-,” you paused, swallowing. “What if I decided to prance around in my underwear in your bedroom?” you asked ever so softly. Chen’s smile faded from his face, mouth slightly agape as he looked at you. 

    The next morning, you awake in his strong arms, nuzzled warmly and sleepily in his embrace. You feel him kiss your hair. 

    “Good morning, jagiya,” he whispered, wrapping you tighter in blankets. “Your way of getting warmer is definitely better than mine,” he said, laughing that laugh you so loved to hear. “We should do that more often.” 

    “Shut up,” you cooed, nuzzling against him more with a smile. Maybe the gods didn’t hate you that much…