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Saeyoung 17 ^^

Had a brain-fart. Have you ever had times where you understand the words, but can’t understand the meaning? TBH I’m still not sure if this is right but oh well lol

I don’t know how to do this headcanon thing, what was I thinking hahahahaaa;;;;; OTL

Why can I only think of canon stuffs tho…

17. Soft spot headcanon

  • Ice cream

Saeyoung has always loved eating ice cream, especially if it’s with someone he cares about. Even if he’s busy, entice him with ice cream and he’ll slow down and take a break with you. Even if he doesn’t have enough time to take a break, he just loves it if you sit beside him while he works, eating a popsicle together. Even more so if you’re feeding him while he works <3 (Actually, he loves it when you feed him, but he loves it more when he gets to feed you <3<3)

  • Being called by his name

He loves it when you call his real name, Saeyoung. Of course, he likes being called by pet names, like “oppa” or “honey” or “babe,” but “Saeyoung” is his favorite. If you call him Saeyoung in a whiny, pouty, begging voice, he’ll crumble fairly quickly.

  • His family and friends

Whatever his family wants, he’ll do it. If you mess with his people, then he’ll hunt you down to the ends of the earth. He has a bad habit of losing his cool when they are in danger though.

  • Cats and memes

Well yea. Gotta pet all the cats. Considers all pets friends, but especially cats. Doggos are ok too, but he feels they’re too friendly and dependant. Can’t relate lol. Doesn’t condone the consumption of either cats or dogs tho. Donates money regularly to animal shelters. Those sad animal shelter commercials always get him to tear up.


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side


✧・゚: * a (mostly extensive) 2 year seventeen timeline * :゚・✧
[views + wins accurate as of 170531]


Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss) 

“I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine. It’s just a scratch. I’ll live.”

A kiss to make it better. ;) They sparred for a couple of hours and Keith got distracted causing Shiro to land a hit. Shiro apologized profusely. Keith thought he was being dramatic. So, I’m back drawing these two idiots. :D | Redbubble


Hyde just likes playing the tsundere… He’s trying to be dramatic this time to spice things up…. drama nerd (  ఠωఠ)

Don’t give up, Hyde, keep on the stupid love confessions~~

I don’t…. think I even have to mention where the song is from, right…? xDD Based on a post @pocket-luv101​ shared some time ago <’3

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Tsukiyama Shuu (月山 習) - Gourmet

“We are just bags of meat. The weak bow down and the strong devour them. Rather, if you compared them to all living things, it’s humans who have shaved away the most lives. We are different than them.”