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*opens the shipping gates

international music sensation and human rights revolutionary falls in love with adventuring green cyborg ninja dude

HAS ANYONE READ heliotropic bc it is one of the loveliest fics i have read in a while…..

my heart is warm

“Yamazaki-kun, I’m studying.” Commission for my buddy Mel!!

Thanks, Mel. For killing me with your SouMako headcanon. Every time Makoto is studying with his glasses, Sousuke can’t help but stare and he patiently waits for the perfect time to steal a kiss. Bury me in SouMako Hell. OTL

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Dark Prologue)

Yui: Beyond this point is the demon world, right…..

(If I go on my own I wonder if Shuu-san will be mad. But…)

Yui: Ah…!

(As I thought….I have to go. Being on my own makes me anxious, I want to be by Shuu-san’s side)

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Another assignment I worked on for one of my courses. Again, I know it’s pretty rough (I forgot to count the steps she was taking on both legs so now she looks like she’s limping…) but I think it came out pretty well given the time I had and the stress I was going through.

Anyways, this is a walk cycle for my OC Sunny! It’s not her “official” walk cycle, but I’m sure it’s one of the ones that she uses when she’s not quite as hype as she usually is.

I animated this using TVpaint.

I can’t have been the only one who first thought this was Vlad doing the heart thing with his hands


(also psst I kinda like the sketch better

why do my sketches always look better than the final product why?? OTL)


Credits for original Vlad drawing goes to Prommi


An uplifting cosplay music video, filmed at Katsucon 2014.


OMG such epicness!! Otafest was a blast and such a huge success in my opinion!

On a side note, sorry for being so slow to update, life got pretty intense (moving,end of the school year, etc,etc.) 

But this is the beginning of the summer! MUCH ENJOY ALL THE COSPLAY.

P.S. ( I forgot how to use tumblr forgive me….)


^q^;; who’s that doofus at 0:34

that’s me


ECEE - Edmonton Expo 2013 Costume Showcase 

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