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As I said in the prev post, we share A LOT of headcanons.. some of them are ridiculous(?) but possible in our heads hahah. So this one….

Ok, we were discussing what could have happened right after the end of the Greed pair arc arc but before Licht and Lawless are taken to Mahiru’s place… since they both were injured, we figured they took them to the hospital first.

We went a little crazy here(?) and said they might have spent a couple of days at the hospital, cause they had to make sure they were both fine.
So basically, they’re very restless at just beig in their room, so one day Hyde bets on Licht that he can take a baby from the nursery (out of boredom)… and he does xd Licht scolds him but Hyde convinces him to play with the baby for a while by telling him they should name the baby “Michael” [Ah, another headcanon of us that they use the name “Michael” for a lot of stuff. You know, their pet from the game, plushies, animals on the street, etc. xD]. So yeah, they start playing with him… huh and Hyde starts acting as if they were the baby’s parents ww.

Then Crantz comes into the room and finds them playing with a baby :’) So he makes them return the baby and apologize to the nurses.

For the next couple of days, they pay visits to the mother’s room to see their baby Michael~ The mother is ofc confussed at two random boys visiting his child and naming him Michael. So Crantz later has to explain to the parents that their children just became fond of the baby.

YES, I KNOW IT’S RIDICULOUS x'DD We just enjoy putting them through unreal absurd cute situations www I’m gomen

Otayuri Week 2017, Day 6: Pair Skate or Rivalry

I decided to give art a try and go back to my drawing days. Some traditional art with watercolors for today’s prompt (I haven’t consistently drawn or painted in years and it shows, please forgive me). No matter how much anatomy knowledge I’ve absorbed from college, I couldn’t do Otabek’s jaw justice OTL. I googled pair skating pics and selected this pose because I loved it. I sort of like how it turned out. Just sort of. But especially Yuri’s face.

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Haikyuu!! | Shiratorizawa Academy Volleyball Team


For the Wall Erwin event by shingeki-wall

(A thousand apologies to the admins who gave me a generous extension OTL)

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Hey, um, could you do some h/cs with Lucci having a super shy s/o, please?

aaaaaaaaaaa of course!!

Disclaimer tho: I don’t know if he’d be super likely to date a shy person! He could equate shyness with weakness, and to him being weak is the absolute worst a person could be, so if you can prove that shyness can coexist with strength, that’s when he’ll be on board with it!

Lucci with a shy s/o:

  • Lucci… he’s not the most affectionate person so you’re pretty safe on that front as far as him doing anything in public. Basically your embarrassment is for his amusement only.
  • However he acts super possessive when other people interact with you in an overly familiar way so he’ll get more physically clingy if you start blushing a lot.
  • Okay so, Lucci is a pretty sadistic dude. You can bet that probably he’d get a kick out of making you feel even more shy.
  • Because of him kinda lacking the chops for lots of affectionate behavior, the stuff he does do would probably catch you off guard by virtue of how uncommon it is.
  • It could be anything from a compliment outta nowhere to a kabedon
  • When you do get all shy though, he’s likely to make a comment or two about it to make you feel even more bashful about the whole thing and then smirk about it.

Episode 4 is HEAVEN XD

Here comes Bakugou Princess and his unbreakable horse ♥ 

Bonus with Prince Charming Sero Hanta! Nice catch by the way Sero-kun~

Bakugou arm rest on his “dear horse” after the catch like the most natural thing ever!

I scream my throat out after this episode yesterday, currently rewatching for the 10th time ‘cause how I can ever have enough of this pair OTL 

So I decided that I should do some gifs with infinite loop like these I can look at them forever XD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @rocoaca!!!!

Uwah, so many birthdays in November~ haha xD Aaaaah I hope you’re having the greatest of days and get lots of presents! ( ◞・౪・) ♥ Hyde wants to wish you a nice birthday as well, even though you said your Tenshi-chan was cuter than his Tenshi-chan(?) x’DDDD

Sorry I made this really quickly but hope you like it anyway <’33 Sending hugs to you~~ (っ´▽`)っ ♥♥♥

Off To the Races

A/N: I opened requests in Feburary……………It’s October and I still have 5 left after this one. I’m so sorry for the wait OTL;;;;

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Smut

Words: 1,912

Something is…wrong…with Namjoon, you realize. 6 months into dating and you’ve become fairly comfortable around each other—the male lounging lazily on your couch as you scuttle around doing chores.

As you pass through your tiny apartment living room, you pause, holding the basket of clothes in your arms tightly against your hip. On the TV is a horse race—something that you’ve never seen Namjoon take interest in before. But…his eyes are glued to the screen, watching without blinking as the race continues—riders bouncing up and down on the backs of their equestrian partners.

For a solid minute you look between Namjoon and the television, wondering just what the hell he’s thinking about or if he’s even watching the program that he’s stopped on at all. Then, finally, you decide to speak up.


Your quiet, questioning voice is enough to break Namjoon out of his thoughts—his eyes flicking over to look at you so quickly that you actually blink in shock. Your boyfriend’s gaze is wide—but his irises are dark. You can immediately tell that he’s been thinking about something…not too innocent.

“Oppa?” you ask again, eyebrows raising in surprise, and Namjoon pushes up from the couch, turning to face you. You spot his hard-on though his sweatpants as he makes his way towards you, and you manage to set your basket of laundry down before Namjoon has you pinned against the wall—his knee rubbing between your thighs.

You remain still—but not scared (you’re far too used to Namjoon’s random moments of dominance by now)—as Namjoon’s fingers circle around your wrist. He drags your arm up the wall until it’s secured above your head, his breath tickling the skin on your neck, and you immediately shiver. You know he’s smirking even without seeing his face. Namjoon always so easily gets under your skin and coaxes your submissive side to the surface—sometimes you really hate it.

“Don’t tell me…you got turned on watching a bunch of guys riding horses? That’s a little strange, baby,” you whisper, smirk tugging at your lips. You feel Namjoon’s movements still, and after a second he leans back—but he’s not angry. Oh no—he loves it when you tease him—because that just edges him on more. Instead he stares at you with your noses only centimeter’s apart, a devious grin overtaking his plush, thick lips.

“No—but…I did get turned on thinking about you on top of me—my cock deep in your pussy as you ride me,” he responds, satisfied with the way your face immediately reddens—your thighs unconsciously tightening around his knee.

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sorry about bad quality but really BS and quick drawing because I’ll probably not have time this week to draw but I wanted to upload at least something? 

Soldier Game x Guilty Kiss


“Don’t forget: you’re the one responsible for this.”

Finally finished the lineart for this! Now I’m afraid the coloured version won’t look as good OTL

I wrote something alongside sketching this, but it’s not done yet and I don’t think it’s really all that great :/
Oh well.

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DO YOU SHIP TAEKOOK??? please do a post like the yoonmin one for taekook if you do plS

well…not really,

BUT uhm

i do like seeing them together 

a lot


they’re adorable

like that

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I wanted something low-stress to do some style exploration on so i did a mock VN with Suga !! ٩̋(ˊ•͈ ꇴ •͈ˋ)و Because I really love flower Suga !! plz imagine whoever you like to be the one talking to him!

The BG is a paint-over of an image marked as reusable on google.