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Off To the Races

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Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Smut

Words: 1,912

Something is…wrong…with Namjoon, you realize. 6 months into dating and you’ve become fairly comfortable around each other—the male lounging lazily on your couch as you scuttle around doing chores.

As you pass through your tiny apartment living room, you pause, holding the basket of clothes in your arms tightly against your hip. On the TV is a horse race—something that you’ve never seen Namjoon take interest in before. But…his eyes are glued to the screen, watching without blinking as the race continues—riders bouncing up and down on the backs of their equestrian partners.

For a solid minute you look between Namjoon and the television, wondering just what the hell he’s thinking about or if he’s even watching the program that he’s stopped on at all. Then, finally, you decide to speak up.


Your quiet, questioning voice is enough to break Namjoon out of his thoughts—his eyes flicking over to look at you so quickly that you actually blink in shock. Your boyfriend’s gaze is wide—but his irises are dark. You can immediately tell that he’s been thinking about something…not too innocent.

“Oppa?” you ask again, eyebrows raising in surprise, and Namjoon pushes up from the couch, turning to face you. You spot his hard-on though his sweatpants as he makes his way towards you, and you manage to set your basket of laundry down before Namjoon has you pinned against the wall—his knee rubbing between your thighs.

You remain still—but not scared (you’re far too used to Namjoon’s random moments of dominance by now)—as Namjoon’s fingers circle around your wrist. He drags your arm up the wall until it’s secured above your head, his breath tickling the skin on your neck, and you immediately shiver. You know he’s smirking even without seeing his face. Namjoon always so easily gets under your skin and coaxes your submissive side to the surface—sometimes you really hate it.

“Don’t tell me…you got turned on watching a bunch of guys riding horses? That’s a little strange, baby,” you whisper, smirk tugging at your lips. You feel Namjoon’s movements still, and after a second he leans back—but he’s not angry. Oh no—he loves it when you tease him—because that just edges him on more. Instead he stares at you with your noses only centimeter’s apart, a devious grin overtaking his plush, thick lips.

“No—but…I did get turned on thinking about you on top of me—my cock deep in your pussy as you ride me,” he responds, satisfied with the way your face immediately reddens—your thighs unconsciously tightening around his knee.

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“Don’t forget: you’re the one responsible for this.”

Finally finished the lineart for this! Now I’m afraid the coloured version won’t look as good OTL

I wrote something alongside sketching this, but it’s not done yet and I don’t think it’s really all that great :/
Oh well.


As I said in the prev post, we share A LOT of headcanons.. some of them are ridiculous(?) but possible in our heads hahah. So this one….

Ok, we were discussing what could have happened right after the end of the Greed pair arc arc but before Licht and Lawless are taken to Mahiru’s place… since they both were injured, we figured they took them to the hospital first.

We went a little crazy here(?) and said they might have spent a couple of days at the hospital, cause they had to make sure they were both fine.
So basically, they’re very restless at just beig in their room, so one day Hyde bets on Licht that he can take a baby from the nursery (out of boredom)… and he does xd Licht scolds him but Hyde convinces him to play with the baby for a while by telling him they should name the baby “Michael” [Ah, another headcanon of us that they use the name “Michael” for a lot of stuff. You know, their pet from the game, plushies, animals on the street, etc. xD]. So yeah, they start playing with him… huh and Hyde starts acting as if they were the baby’s parents ww.

Then Crantz comes into the room and finds them playing with a baby :’) So he makes them return the baby and apologize to the nurses.

For the next couple of days, they pay visits to the mother’s room to see their baby Michael~ The mother is ofc confussed at two random boys visiting his child and naming him Michael. So Crantz later has to explain to the parents that their children just became fond of the baby.

YES, I KNOW IT’S RIDICULOUS x'DD We just enjoy putting them through unreal absurd cute situations www I’m gomen

sorry about bad quality but really BS and quick drawing because I’ll probably not have time this week to draw but I wanted to upload at least something? 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @rocoaca!!!!

Uwah, so many birthdays in November~ haha xD Aaaaah I hope you’re having the greatest of days and get lots of presents! ( ◞・౪・) ♥ Hyde wants to wish you a nice birthday as well, even though you said your Tenshi-chan was cuter than his Tenshi-chan(?) x’DDDD

Sorry I made this really quickly but hope you like it anyway <’33 Sending hugs to you~~ (っ´▽`)っ ♥♥♥

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DO YOU SHIP TAEKOOK??? please do a post like the yoonmin one for taekook if you do plS

well…not really,

BUT uhm

i do like seeing them together 

a lot


they’re adorable

like that

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Soldier Game x Guilty Kiss


Pairing: Park Chanyeol/OC

It is well past midnight when the anticipated click of the door reaches your ears. You hear the visitor’s footsteps as he moves across the living room, closing the space between both of you and you waste no time in aiding him in his efforts by opening the bedroom door, your arms open wide for him. He looks somewhat startled but soon recovers and with large strides covering the remaining distance, engulfs you in a familiar warmth- his warmth.

“I thought you had slept, jagi,” he mumbles against your neck. 

You sigh, letting him hold you for as long as he would. The words I’ve missed you so much slip through your lips and you instantly regret it when he stiffens against you; it doesn’t show on his face, with his smile as wide as it could get, when he pulls you away from him but you can almost feel the guilt stirring within him. 

His arm wraps around your wrist and he pulls you towards the door, shutting your constant Chan, where are we going? Chan, do you know what time it is? Chanyeol, answer me! by pressing his lips against yours and whispering, “On a date." 

And you don’t protest even though you know how sleep-deprived he is and a large part of you wants nothing but to wrap him up in blankets and ask him to sleep for as long as he wishes but you sense his restlessness, the way he is consumed by thoughts of leaving you time and again and how fucking awful he feels about it. And it’s you, too- you want to be selfish for once, you want it to seem like a normal relationship for once and hence, you oblige, letting him put the coat on you and pull you under the star-studded sky. 

You talk. You talk about everything- from his silly escapades with Sehun to your painful appointment with the dentist. And even though your boring stories are a stark contrast against the ones shared by him, he listens and nods and exclaims and sighs wherever required.  

Ah, my poor jagi had to go through that?

You’ll do better, don’t worry. Jagi, fighting!

Maybe if you were a little taller- ow!

His laughter sounds so fresh and pure and real at two in the morning that you can’t help but join him and in an instant, you are gasping for breath- from laughing too much or from his lips on your skin, you are not sure. 

And when you tell him it’s too late and that he needs sleep, he blatantly ignores you and instead asks if you crave ramyun because I certainly do. You sigh and let him tug you along to a place he knows would be open at this time and the next thing you know, your obnoxious slurps have filled the still air and he is grinning from ear to ear because you look happy and he is glad he is the reason for it. 

It’s almost three when you stumble back into your apartment but Chanyeol hasn’t had nearly enough and you once again let him gain control when he collects all your pillows and blankets and prepares a fort for you. He enters the space- way too tiny for his long form- and beckons you to follow and when you do, he doesn’t waste a second in wrapping his arms around you and pulling you as close to him as physically possible. 

And in the silence of the night, words of apology for leaving you by yourself come spilling out because his overworked mind is a mess but you press your lips against his forehead and mutter words of gratefulness and love. His smile dims for a split second, his eyes observing your face for insincerity- not because he doesn’t trust you but because he doesn’t trust himself- and when he is convinced, his smile is back, much brighter this time.  

His breathing evens out faster than yours from how tired he is and you avoid the drowsiness for a bit longer, just to feel him next to you, to memorize the security you feel when he is around- just for a bit longer before you wake up to an empty space tomorrow.

King and Queen of Dorks

Pairing: Eren/Levi
Rating: Teen
Word count: ~800

Because I couldn’t get magickitt‘s picture out of my mind… Also, congrats on the 600+ followers sweetie! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡


Farlan raised an eyebrow at his red-headed companion’s grunt. “What’s wrong, Izzy?”

The girl shook her head and gestured her hand towards a tree. “Take a look, Far.”

Farlan raised an eyebrow and peeked over to where Isabel was pointing at. “Oh wow. That’s so gross.”

“I know, right? They’re so disgustingly adorable, it sickens me,” she said with a smile.

“Yup. Totally ew-worthy,” Farlan snickered.

The duo hid themselves behind the tree to see Levi and Eren sitting next to each other on a flower patch in a hidden area of the park. They were seemingly oblivious to Levi’s childhood friends watching them as they snuggled up against each other.

They weren’t having a conversation of any sort, but they were comfortable around with each other that no words were needed as they enjoyed the other’s company.

Eren was leaning against Levi as the raven man ran his pale fingers through the brunet’s hair. The pastel boy let out a sigh of content as he pressed himself more into Levi.

It was a rare day off for the two of them and they decided to visit the local park after lunch to walk around and hold hands (Levi was such a romantic, even if he vehemently denies it).

They almost passed by the flower patch, but Eren insisted that they take a break and rest near the flowers. And being weak to Eren’s green and gold eyes, Levi couldn’t say no to his precious boyfriend.

The raven man continued to thread his fingers through the brunet’s hair, noting that it was getting a bit long. Getting an idea, he shifted his weight so he could balance himself properly while not falling over as his other hand reached for Eren’s hair.

“Lee, what’re you doing?” Eren absentmindedly asked, not at all bothered by Levi’s attention on his hair as he plucked some of the flowers from the patch and arranged them in a circle.

“Braiding you hair, what else? It’s kinda getting long.”

“You dork; you don’t even have elastics to tie them up.” Even though Levi couldn’t actually see it, he could hear the smile in Eren’s voice. “And is it? Maybe I should get it cut,” he said as he tied the flower stems together.

Giving up on the very loose braids, Levi shimmied so he could hug Eren from behind and rested his head on the brunet’s shoulder. “Whatever you like, love. Maybe you can dye your hair? I saw you looking at those hair inspiration posts the other day.”

Being so close, Levi could feel Eren’s movement as his angel turned to face Levi with a big smile on his face. “That’s a great idea! There are so many different colours and ideas I want to do,” he said, his smile widening even more if that was possible.

Taking the opportunity, Levi tilted his head forward to place a kiss on the tip of Eren’s nose. “And you’ll look great in anything. It’s you after all.”

Eren giggled as he returned the kiss with one on Levi’s brow. “Dork.”

“Punk,” Levi corrected and placed a chaste kiss on the corner of Eren’s lips.

Eren dropped the flowers he was preoccupied with as he maneuvered himself onto Levi’s lap. He reached behind Levi’s head and pulled him closer to kiss him fully on the lips.

Levi smirked as he felt little nips on his lips asking for entry. Placing his hands on Eren’s sides, he slowly reached down to the hem of the orange knit top. He rubbed little circles on the barely-covered thighs before allowing the whimpering brunet access.

Every time he was with Eren, he wished time would slow down so he could savor the moments he had with the brunet. Especially as he watched Eren’s eyelids slowly open to reveal those gems once their passionate kiss was over. The little pout that formed on Eren’s lips made Levi reach down and gently tugged them with his teeth, loving the little whine that escaped from the brunet.

Cupping Eren’s face, he gave him another chaste kiss. “So, love,” even though they had been together for many months, Eren’s heart still skips a beat every time Levi calls him that, “What were you doing there?”

Eren snapped out of his daze when he registered the question. The brunet smiled as he turned a little from his spot on Levi’s lap to grab the circle of flowers and placed it on Levi’s head. “There! A flower crown for the King of Dorks.”

Levi blinked a few times before smirking. “Well, if I’m going to be King of Dorks,” he said as he plucked a flower from the patch and tucking it behind Eren’s ear, “I’m going to need a Queen of Dorks, don’t I?” he asked with a smirk.

Eren giggled as he placed his hands on Levi’s face and reached up to nuzzle his nose with Levi’s. “I guess so.”

The sound of Levi’s chuckle was loud enough for his peeping friends to hear. Smiling, the two backed away from their hiding spot and walked away.

Isabel giggled as she looked up to the sky. “They’re so obnoxiously in love.”

Farlan chuckled as he reached for her hand and squeezed it. “Yeah, they are.”