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Cinema (Jin x Reader Smut)

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Pairing: JinxReader
Genre: Romance / Smut
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 4,269

Summary: At a movie premier you meet your ex / good friend, Jin. As complicated as your relationship with him is, it get even more complicated when he convinces you to ditch your date and spend some time with him.

A/N: This is my first time writing smut and it’s the first time I wrote something pass 2000+ pages fanfiction wise. OTL I hope you guys like it, It was fun writing. If you want more smut or fluff, or anything with the bangtan boys my requests are open. Enjoy!


You laid in bed and tried to assess what had happened in the span of four hours. The taste of liquor on your tongue was something heavy, and floral. You remembered these martini glasses of lavender colored something. He didn’t drink, but you knew when you saw him there you were gonna have to have a few drinks before the night was over. Your plum lipstick was smudged, probably from when you opened the door and his lips locked onto yours. The taste was like opening an old book you’ve read over and over before. No matter how many times you tried to quit Kim Seokjin, you kept coming back to him. That was a book you knew inside out.

At the beginning of the night, you were at a movie premier one of your clients invited you to. You worked in accounting, but it wasn’t surprising when a celebrity or two asked for your services.  Dressed in a navy knee length cocktail dress, black heels, and a black shawl, a few heads turned. The lights from the reporters stung, but you seemed to keep yourself away from their attention. You kept your face towards the door and made sure not to make any kind of eye contact with anyone on the red carpet outside. As you entered the theater, there was a moderate crowd waiting to see the film. Your client, an athlete in his late twenties, was at your side. He asked you if you wanted something and you asked for popcorn and a box of sour patch kids. His hand wanders to your side and squeezes it for a moment before he goes to the concession stand. You grimaced slightly at his pass, but you couldn’t act surprised. How many people ask the person that handles their finances out to a movie? You watched his stance as he sauntered over. You could tell from the way he carried himself he was overconfident and honestly, it was kind of annoying. You recalled how the conversation went when he asked you to the movie. “You’ll love it, no need for you to act so cold. I always give a good time. “  You begrudgingly accepted. You could always leave early if you felt like it. You looked around at the mild wave of people coming in and before you knew it, it was getting packed. Your client was chatting up a few other men you remember seeing on the sport section of the news, still in line. You sighed and checked your watch. Leaving your date waiting was such a turn off.

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Pulling Namjoon’s airport mask having it sling back and smack his face.