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Hello, my name is Jennifer Cassidy, and I am a current Junior in High School, and I am and have always been an an artist. Currently I am seeking to improve my chances of success in the future, with a four week summer program at the Otis College of Art and Design. The program looked remarkable! And it offered everything I was looking for in an art program, but living two states away, and my parents scraping by just to pay the bills, there is no possibility of furthering my art education without fundraising. Above is one of my pieces, I have had no formal education in art, my school not even having an art class at all; I have the potential to be extraordinary, I just know it, but I need help getting there. If you value beauty in the world, paintings in doctors offices, and hotel rooms, music on the radio, cartoons for your kids; if you marvel at the questions of the universe and believe in a better tomorrow, than please help me create one.


6 initial illustrations of unitard + cover up designs for Cirque-

Dominique chose the 1st one (one of my designs) for my partner and I to make, but as you can see, things change a lot from initial design to reality- I wish I had the final illustration from the end of the project to compare/contrast but things were hectic and I didn’t get a chance to scan it in.

I’m happy to announce my costume along with others from the junior and senior classes from Otis will be in the windows of Nieman Marcus in Beverly Hills from the 14th to the 29th of this month!