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Same as a roasted piglet. Boys and girls taste about the same when you roast them 8 to 10 years old. The flavor is a shade different when they’re teenagers. The boys are gamier than the girls. Give me the roasted meat of a boy age 14 and a girl age 14 and I can tell the difference when you use a spicy sauce.

Ottis Toole, responding to the question, ‘How does a little boy barbecue taste, Ottis?’

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What do you think about The hand of Death ? Toole, Lucas and one other killer (i forget his names) talk about this "sect", so true story or just "hey guys, i don't kill this bitches, it's the Hand of death "

I think its horseshit tbh. Otis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas are notorious liars, and there is no evidence to back up their claims they provided victims to cults for ritual sacrifice.

Lucas in particular made a statement once about meeting Anton LaVey and participating in a ritual where a young child was murdered as part of a sacrifice to Satan. I think this is a lie for many reasons, primarily because a) LaVeyan Satanists dont believe in ritual sacrifice and dont even consider Satan an entity, b) Lucas was in Florida at the time and cant of been present at this ‘sacrifice’, and c) there is absolutely no proof that this happened other than one statement made by Lucas. So I think its fair to assume that his alleged involvement in a cult is also fictional, or extremely exaggerated.

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Are there any serial killer couples who didn't turn on eachother once caught?

James and Susan Carson, Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole and David and Catherine Birnie are probably the only serial killer couples I know of that didn’t sell each other down the river. Oh, and Fred and Rose West, but that’s because Fred killed himself.