otis cole


Almost a year ago I made a Cassie/Cole playlist. Yesterday I finally put it together on Spotify. So better share it before the last night begins… Tbh it probably holds up after too. Enjoy everyone!


Jaebum's Music ~

Hey everybody/AhGaSes! So basically, I’ve acquired an unhealthy obsession and interest with the type of music that Jaebum listens to, so I went ahead and compiled this small list here (it’s under the cut). I’ve included links whenever I could, but some artists don’t have a link because I’m not quite sure which song exactly he listened to. 

Jaebum listens to a lot of soul, r&b, funk, jazz, and some hip hop. If you like those genres, please check these songs out! also because this took me forever TT~TT They’re really good songs uhu. Anyways…he’s a pretty cool guy and he listens to some great music…ugh.

I’ll be updating this list whenever I find any new songs - thanks!! <3

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