Me when I realized that I have to go back to school soon


The theme for January’s BarkBox is ‘Ice Age’, so Otis got to open the box wearing his new dinosaur costume. Otis looks forward to the delivery every month, and this month did not disappoint. Two fun new toys, including a BarkBox exclusive Adorable Snowman. Otis really likes the treats too, especially the wild salmon jerky. After the excitement was over, Otis was ready for a little ice age hibernation.

Crimson and Ebony Suffering

Rosa Evergreen the youngest female mafia boss was beating herself up. She had been caught moving to do one of her jobs and now she was strung up with metal cuffs by her wrists her feet dangling a couple feet off the ground in some old abandoned place she assumed. She’s been gone for Hel only knows how long and she was wondering if anyone even knew she was missing.. She wondered how her crew and friends where doing while she’s been beaten and tortured in this dark dank place. Angel, Vance, Alex, the twins, her little sister Desi, her best friends Otis, Greedsie, Toby. The trolls she managed to befriend. Hell even Vertoria and Aiden/ Ghosty. Even though she doesn’t know them well. She still wonders how they are doing. There was a loud clank and bang before heavy footsteps thudded down to where she was strung up. Her torturer had returned.