otho armani stein


I found some old pictures of my guinea pig Otho lurking about my laptop.

I had Otho in Germany–he was about a year old when we moved, and unfortunately the airline flatly refused to let us bring him with us, so I had to ask a very good friend of mine, Jasmin, to take care of him for me. It was only meant to be for about six months, and then my dad was going to bring him back… but things happened, and it turned out we couldn’t arrange to bring Otho back to the States. Jasmin took very good care of him for about a year and a half, and then decided that she wasn’t spending enough time with Otho and his friend–her guinea pig Gabbl–and they both went to live with a younger relative of hers.

It… sort of broke my heart saying goodbye to him. I had a deep connection with Otho, moreso than usual. I still miss him. Sorry. Getting a little emotional looking at these again.

As far as I know, Otho is still alive and happy, though he is an old piggy by now, and not the adorable little yearling guinea piglet seen above.

TL;DR: have some pictures of one of the loves of my life.