a totally serious Legion playlist

dedicated to my amici (amicae?) @dholes and @turianosauruswrex

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  1. Caesar’s Legion
  2. Caesar
  3. Legatus Lanius
  4. Vulpes Inculta
  5. Lucius
  6. Antony
  7. Otho
  8. Aurelius
  9. Dead Sea
  10. Picus
  11. Silus
  12. Cursor Lucullus
  13. Malpais Legate
  14. The Burned Man
  15. Ulysses

My Dear Otho.

Haha. Alright…

It’s a 100% self indulgance picture of my one and only OC Otho Umbrous, Dishonored version. I have no idea who would he be except probably very high chaos, crafting bonecharms like crazy and of course he would have the mark, because he’s a damn sorcerer and I have no self control. Also i have some visual ideas for a blood based powers, so yup.

And I have to paint more full figures because it was a struggle.

Cheers <3

Emperor Marcus Salvius Otho (32-69)

I’ve always found him a bit of mystery man. As a youngster he was emperor Nero’s friend and lived a depraved and lecherous life (as was “expected” from the members of this core group). Yet when exiled to Lusitania Otto surprised all and turned out to be a competent and prudent administrator. After the Nero’s and Galba’s deaths he became also an emperor for a brief moment. Defeat at the battle of Bedriacum agains Vitellius though cut his reign short. Otho’s suborditates urged him to fight on because he still had a lot of soldiers at his disposal. Emperor however decided to take his own life in order to end the civil war. Otho’s desicion was respected by his compatriots and panegyrical text of his behaviour have been written by for example Martial and Suetonius. Btw, Latter’s father was at present then Otho committed suicide and historian’s description of emperor’s last moments can be read in web portal Livius

Alltogether an extraordinary career path and a fine example that people can change.


hi, wow, i forgot to post so much art and im sorry

here’s a sibling trio of moths! I feel like I posted Lagos before but I can’t find him anywhere so I’m guessing i didn’t??

They are a bit out of the HK style and more merged with my owN but they’re still in the Hollow Knight universe!

a bit about them under the cut for anyone interested

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