otherworldly fashion

Gather out of star-dust,
And splinters of hail,
One handful of dream-dust,
Not for sale.
― Langston Hughes

41. Ghost/Living Person

Warnings: Character death 

Betwixt Twilights

Like everyFriday evening before this, Alfred found himself on the last bus to innerMontana where his parents lived. The journey took about thirty minutes and there were barely any regulars on the late bus. Even the bus driver donned a new face each time.

After being picked up from his stop, Alfred would shimmy into the unforgiving seats, slot his earphones in and entertain himself by people watching. He liked to think the late bus ran through an alternate dimension where the population consisted only of sleepy travellers, their brains pickled with caffeine. And after downing yet another sugar-free, salted caramel cappuccino with extra foam, Alfred supposed he fit in with the drowsy bus world pretty well. 

The only regular Alfred had encountered thus far was a stern-faced man. He’d uninventively named the man ‘Brows’ on account of his desperately-in-need-of-plucking eyebrows. Whether the over pronounced eyebrows were a personal choice or an unfortunate genetic hand-me-down, Alfred didn’t know. He’d never spoke to Brows; the man didn’t even get on the bus. Alfred would only pass by him as he stood, impatient, at one of the bus-stops. He was always there, always waiting. And so very cute.

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