otherwise this wouldnt be in b&w

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platonic joshler showering together to save time ok yes

yes okay good

itd been abt a year since they started traveling together so obvs after all tht time they were,, p comfortable w/ each other u know

but one morning they had both woken up rlyrly late nd they had an interview in lik 20mins so theyre panicking n rushing around trying to get ready so they can b Presentable

so josh is th shower trying to b as quick as he can but its not Good Enough for tyler so ofc tyler just goes nd strips everythin off n gets into th shower w/ josh

josh who is just ?????????? what the fuckening ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

tyler just looks at him in is lik “itll b quicker this way chill" n he just,, starts washing his hair before adding “besides its not like i havent seen u naked dude lol”

so there they are just,,,, showering together in this shitty hotel bathroom

after tht it kinda becomes a thing for them

like it saves time ??? and water ????? why wouldnt they ????????

they also find out a lot of things abt each other they otherwise probs wouldnt of known

like josh brushes his teeth in the shower, which tyler finds Disgusting

“dont u get soap in ur mouth ??”


“but what abt spitting ur toothpaste in th bathtub thts gross”

“how is it any different to spitting in a sink ??”

“it just is okay ur gross”

and much to joshs Horror tyler uses 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner

“oh my go d is tht 2-in-1 shampoo”

“yeh why”

“u heathen get out of my shower”

“i was in here first ?? this is my house ????”

“i said g e t o u t

lets talk abt joshler!!