otherwise this would have taken forever

That ADHD feel when it takes you more time to prepare for completing a task, then the time you spend on the task. 

My mom used to comment on how it took me forever to get ready to study. I would have to have all of my books around me a certain way, i had to sit in a certain spot, i had to have my headphones on, sometimes a heavy blanket around me. Food or drink had to be taken into consideration. As well as temperature and comfort. It’s a process to get into your least distractible state. I had to commit to doing it correctly otherwise i wouldn’t do it at all. 

“Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time.”

He spent the past 5 years decorating the spaces around him, drawing on the walls, backstage, doing cartoons and sharing fans work. But more than that he spent it decorating our time, putting words to feelings that we related to, providing a soundtrack to the journey each one of us has taken over the last 5 years, leaving us songs that will forever be linked to what we were thinking or feeling at those moments in time. 

However it ended, he spent that time making this more beautiful for all of us than it ever would have been otherwise and that will never not be special.